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I’m Char – not your average Bra Blogger. This whole magical escapade began one dark and stormy night, in an isolated cottage in the middle of the Peak District (don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into an axe-murderer story). After some wine and cider, Sian and I got round to our usual favourite game – talk about things our respective boys will moan about us talking about. This evening’s delight: underwear! To cut a long story short, Sian ended up wrestling my clothes off me, and tying me up in her 28-backed-bra (which, I insisted, would not fit. Fo Sho. I’d been a 34 back for as long as I could remember – all hail the M&S sizing system … aka whatever bra I fit into in M & S. That is also on sale). Lo and behold – it fit! Well, it fit my back, with the cups hovering about a metre away from my actual boobs.
So Sian converted me into a disciple for her bra-related-rampage. Always a sucker for a good cause and healthy dose of activism, I signed on all guns blazing, once a suitably hilarious pun had been created for the title of this blog. I’m not a fashion blogger – I’m just a regular girl, looking for a regular bra, and asking it to love me (please get the Nottinghill reference here, otherwise that’s just going to be plain darn embarrassing). So we shall negotiate the perilous world of underwear for you – suss out the shit, get down and dirty with the measurements, and review a whole load of undies – all for your reading pleasure.
So hello, readers. My name is Char, and I’m a 34B. Or so I thought …


I’m Sian and I’m the big cup to Char’s little cup. As you’ve probably already gathered Big Cup Little Cup Lingerie Blogfrom her, this blog is a documentation of my changing the world, one bra at a time. I’ve been blogging over at Rebel Angel, my personal style blog, for 3 years, reviewing the occasional lingerie pieces here and there, but my obsession with it has gone way beyond what can fit onto my little blog. And what better way to solve that than by setting up another blog, one which covers all aspects of lingerie from the big cups to the small cups.
So you’ll be seeing a lot of me, literally. Sometimes I will be lacking in clothing so I can prove to you just how important a well fitting bra is. And to start that off, here’s my story. Little do my readers know that once upon a time I was fitted into a 34D. Bra bloggers and connoisseurs will immediately look at that picture of me and scream, because now I know that there is no way you will ever be getting me into a 34D again. A couple of years ago, I was told I was a 30F and I’ve never looked back. In fact, it became clear that I wasn’t even a 30 band, more of a 28 (or possibly 26 back in those days!). I now generally wear a 28GG, 30G if a 28 band isn’t available or occasionally a 28H.
My mission here is to get as many people as possible into the right fitting bra for them and give advice to those with smaller backs and bigger busts just like me. It’s way more common than you think – I promise! There will be a lot of reviews and we will be going stealthily undercover in the underworld of lingerie all for the sake of a well fitting bra.
And there’ll be a few guides along the way to help you understand what properly fitted bras and bra sizes look like, you’ll soon find out that in the world of properly fitted bras, a 28GG and 30D really aren’t uncommon at all.