Before starting our own blog, we read a lot of other lingerie blogs. Now that we’ve been writing here a while, we read A LOT of other lingerie blogs. The community of lingerie bloggers is amazing and bring so much more to the plate than we ever can.

Here is a (non-exhaustive!) list of those, both big, little and in-between cups, lingerie industry focused, and more, including the bra sizes they review:

Active & Frequently Updated Lingerie Blogs

Abracabra – lingerie news & reviews (30E/32D).

All’s Fair in Love & Lingerie – lingerie designer & reviews (32C/32D).

Becky’s Boudoir – lingerie reviews including maternity (30H).

Big Cup Little Cup – us! Lingerie reviews, wishlists, bra fitting guides, industry commentary, some maternity (28GG/30G and 30D).

Comic Girls Need Bras – lingerie reviews (30G/30GG).

Esty Lingerie – lingerie guides & reviews (30DD/32D).

Everyday Boudoir – German language lingerie commentary.

Fairy Boobmother – bra fitting advice & reviews (34J/36HH).

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust – plus size fashion & lingerie reviews (34HH/36H).

Fun Sized Fashion Blog – lingerie reviews (30D).

H Cup Chronicles – lingerie reviews (30HH/30J).

Hedora Helix – editorial style lingerie reviews and discussions (30F).

Hourglassy – lingerie guides and reviews.

Hugs for your Jugs – bra “science”, bra fit & reviews (26GG/26H/28G/28GG).

Kisses from the Moon – lingerie reviews (34D).

Knickerbocker Stories – lingerie design & industry commentary.

Kurvendiskussionen – German language lingerie blog.

Lace & Haze – lingerie reviews (28F/28FF).

Le Salon de Frivolities – lingerie reviews (34E/36DD/36E).

Lingerie Blog – lingerie industry, new releases, collection spotlights.

Lingerie Briefs – lingerie industry, new releases, collection spotlights.

Lingerie Detective – lingerie reviews (36DD/36E).

Lingerie Insight – lingerie industry news.

Lingerie La Femme – lingerie industry, new releases, collection spotlights.

Lingeriepedia – lingerie industry news.

Lucy Corsetry – corset reviews.

Mademoiselle K – fashion & lingerie reviews (28G/28GG/30F).

Miskie Dwie – Polish language lingerie reviews & guides.

Morning Madonna – editorial style lingerie reviews (32B).

My Fashion Insider – lingerie and fashion reviews (28FF).

Postgusset – lingerie reviews post-reductions (30G/GG).

Scarlet’s Letter – lingerie & sex blogger, lingerie reviews

Sweet Nothings NYC – lingerie guides, editorials & reviews (32H).

The Breast Life – lingerie & bra fit guides, curated lingerie posts.

The Daily Waist – corset reviews.

The Full Figured Chest – lingerie commentary & reviews (36H).

The Lace Appeal – lingerie reviews & commentary.

The Lingerie Addict – lingerie & industry commentary, guides & reviews.

The Lingerie Journal – lingerie news.

The Lingerie Raven – lingerie reviews (32B).

The Musings of Renzilla – lingerie reviews (30E/32DD).

Two Cakes on a Plate – lingerie reviews (32GG).

Inactive & infrequently updated lingerie blogs

(but still full of useful posts and reviews!)

An Enhanced Experience
Ante Ocularis
Bras & Body Image
Bras I Hate & Love
Bra Nightmares
Curvy Wordy
Dreams & Underthings
Frills & Freckles
If the Bra Fits
Kupista Asiaa
Le Curvy Kitten
Les Gros Bonnets
Lingerie List
Lingerie Talk
My Thoughts on Bras
Obsessed with Breasts
Pleasure with Curves
Rolls & Curves
The Changing Room Diaries
The Holy Brail
The Lingerie Lesbian
The Petite Collegiate
Thin & Curvy
Undercover Lingerista
Undie Gamer
Venusian Glow
Voluptuously Thin
Warning Curves Ahead
Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed
Write Me Bad Checks

Lingerie Company Blogs

A Sophisticated Pair
Dessus Dessous
Parfait Lingerie

If you have a lingerie blog and/or lingerie company and would like to be added to our list, please drop us an email at

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  1. December 3, 2013 / 8:14 pm

    Thank you so much for including me on your blogroll! Big Cup Little Cup looks great and I’m really looking forward to reading about your lingerie adventures!

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