UK Lingerie Awards Sneak Preview

If you hadn’t already figured out from our over-enthusiastic tweets, we won the Curvy Kate blogger video competition!! We are ridiculously grateful for all the support that we had from all of you, especially for such a new blog, so thank you all so much!

The big prize was tickets to the UK Lingerie Awards 2013 in London. Since we live in rural North Yorkshire and we only had a few days to arrange our travel, accommodation and outfits, we were super busy at the start of this week! We’ll soon do a full round up of the Awards, but we had the best time, meeting a number of familiar faces from the lingerie community and a few famous ones too (Danny from McFly!). So this is just a quick sneak preview of our hair (done by Pimps and Pin Ups as part of our Curvy Kate prize) and outfits. And again, one more big thank you from us for all of you making it possible for us!!


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