10 Etsy Lingerie Designers I’ve Found Recently

Nearly 18 months ago now, we shared a “Non-Exhaustive” guide to lingerie on Etsy. Since then we’ve come across many, many gorgeous lingerie designers on Etsy. Like we said back then, it’s an absolute treasure trove and my first port of call whenever there’s a specific piece of lingerie I’m looking for, whether it’s something unusual or bespoke.

It would be impossible to list every Etsy lingerie store we’ve come across and loved in a single post – that’s why our last list was non-exhaustive! We’d planned to keep you up to date with favourites, but have only just got round to sharing another part of this, so here are 10 lingerie designers we’ve recently come across on Etsy – 10 of the many! – and loved, so we wanted to share them with you.

Do you have any favourites we can add to our list?

Laureline Larcher

Laureline Larcher - top lingerie designers on Etsy
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Laureline Larcher is a French lingerie atelier with all pieces handmade in a workshop in Lyon. The dark, monochrome aesthetic is both sophisticated and daring. Delicate sheer and lace materials combine with thick braided harness straps and cage details. We particularly love the asymmetric bra detailing.

Lirika Matoshi 

Lirika Matoshi - top lingerie designers on Etsy
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Lirika Matoshi is a New York based designer who creates embellished clothing, lingerie and hosiery. This is true fairytale lingerie – the embellishments are generous and so carefully placed to create a complete work of art on top of daringly combined colours and gorgeous ombre fishnets. While some pieces are a little pricier (and it’s easy to see why), there are options for a smaller budget too.
I’m SO in love with those mermaid fishnets.

Betti Bones

Betti Bones - top lingerie designers on Etsy
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Betti Bones is a handmade, hand-painted and printed lingerie designer based in Bulgaria. The thing that really strikes me about this lingerie is that it looks sweet, comfortable and fun – designed with that in mind. The cute and on trend printed knickers really stand out from this collection.

Martha Lace

Martha Lace - top lingerie designers on Etsy
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Martha Lace is run by a UK based lingerie designer, Marta, originally Italian but now based in London. Her designs are completely bespoke to a customer’s measurements, and consist of handmade lingerie that’s on trend with fishnet, velvet and multitudes of stylish bralettes.

LenaLena Lingerie

LenaLena Lingerie - top lingerie designers on Etsy
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LenaLena Lingerie’s designs incorporate vintage-inspired patterns for comfort and charm with modern fabrics for a sense of playfulness and attitude. Careful use of straps and perfectly placed cut outs make this collection

Rapture & Repent

Rapture & Repent - lingerie designers on Etsy

Rapture & Repent describes itself as lingerie fetishwear and is designed and handmade in Montreal. Their generous use of straps, zippers and hardware will really appeal to those interested in bondage style lingerie, but it’s the use of PVC and vinyl on garters and suspenders that make them truly unique.

Apilat Lingerie

Apilat Lingerie - bridal lingerie Etsy
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Apilat Lingerie is a bridal lingerie atelier based in Kiev, Ukraine out of a small studio that uses specialised designers and seamstresses. These delicate, floaty designs have caught my eye time and time again as I’ve searched for bridal lingerie on Etsy, so much so that I’ve saved them to my favourites multiple times by accident!

Sandmaiden Sleepwear

Sandmaiden Sleepwear - Etsy loungewear designer
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Sandmaiden Sleepwear are a Washington based lounge and sleepwear designer who create beautiful garments out of natural fibres. Their designs look comfortable and cosy while still being fashion-forward and romantic. I’m determined to try something from them soon!

BarelyThere Intimates

BarelyThere Intimates - Etsy lingerie designs
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BarelyThere Intimates is an Israel based lingerie designer. The designs are perfectly on trend, beautifully photographed and fun. We particularly love the contrasting bold red and black set as well as the delicate lace and thin strapped champagne set.

Sandra Castel

Sandra Castel - new lingerie designers on Etsy
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Sandra Castel is a new lingerie designer based in Paris. As a recent graduate specialised in lingerie corsetry, her designs are enchanting and refined. Each piece is made to order by the designer herself.




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