Ewa Michalak Review: Biustonosz (70D) & CHP Cappuccino (65DD)

Sian has been a big advocate for the Polish brand Ewa Michalak for a while now; they’re renowned for creating great designs for larger busted ladies, and giving some serious cleavage game. Head over to Sian’s post to read more about their clever grading that helps with the larger sizes. Or stick around here for a fairly standard little cup review…

I picked a couple of bras out of the mix; firstly, never to miss a lovely bit stretch, black lace—the CHP Cappuccino half-cup padded. I’m also always on the look-out for nude bras that don’t show under white tops on me, but are a little more interesting that the standard beige, t-shirt style fare. The Biustonosz 3D Satine (now out of stock, but the Biustonosz PL Triumf appears to be the updated version)  ticked all the boxes, and so it just had to go in the order as well.


Both of these bras give a beautiful shape. I find that, for me, the shape of the cups project further than in other bras. The Cappuccino has more padding in the bottom of the cup, but this is removable. The cups have a half cup shape with a very pushed up effect, but the gore is slightly lower than on a simple half cup. It’s a style that really suits my body—I quite often get gaping on top with padded bras, but this fits perfectly. When off, it’s easy to see the specific shape of this bra; the cup practically caves inwards, pushing the cups to meet in the middle. That’s not to say it’s uncomfortable when on—the fabric is gentle enough, and the the cup itself is fairly spongy and malleable. This is achieved (I think!) by the panels used in the design. Since I started dressmaking, I’m seeing panels and darts everywhere, but after some detective work through my lingerie draw, my EW bras seems to be my only padded bras which make use of panels! There is one large panel which takes up about half of the cup, and then two smaller ‘triangle’ panels that sit next to one another, taking up the rest of the cup towards the gore. I think this is what helps to create that push-up effect, without the need for huge amounts of padding in the bottom of the cup. It’s certainly helps to create a much more natural looking cleavage.

I absolutely love the colours and design of this bra. The beige covered with black lace almost creates the illusion that it’s a soft cup made of only lace. I adore that the beige sections peek out either side of the gore, and I even like the additional bow and little gem circle which details the gore itself. In general, I’m not a fan of a blingy gore, but this is pretty subtle and delicate in appearance.

IMG_2664 IMG_2656 IMG_2659

The beige bra has a slightly different, although still a padded half-cup. The panelling I mentioned for the Cappuccino is still there, but in a slightly different formation. Two panels make up the cup itself, with a strip that runs along the top of the cups. Again, it helps to create the ‘push in’, but also means the cups curve inwards slightly at the top. I have no bad things to say about this design—the beige fits me even better than the Cappuccino—but because of this I probably wouldn’t recommend it for people with fuller on top boobs. In contrast to the Cappuccino, the beige also has a slightly difference method of padding. Instead of one little cushion which sits at the bottom of the cups, this one has an insert which reaches almost 3/4 of the way up the cup, and is graded itself—starting off thicker at the bottom, and getting gradually thinner. Again, it’s easily removable, and I actually get on really well with this style of padding!

The colour is really gorgeous—although ‘just a beige’, it has a lovely rosy hue to it, and the lace covering is  so pretty and delicate. I think it can look a little granny-ish off, but on it doesn’t look so at all. The gore is decorated with another little bow, and three little amber beads dangling off a thread. No bling in sight!

IMG_2697 IMG_2693 IMG_2686


Because I tend to vary in British sizes, let alone the Polish equivalents, I decided to order the bras in difference sizes: the Cappuccino in a 65DD (around a British 30DD), and the beige in a 70D (British 32D). I definitely feel more comfortable in the beige when wearing these for a full day; I always get a little uncomfortable in the Cappuccino later in the day, one of those sigh of relief bras when it finally comes off before bed! Having said that, though, that feeling does seem to creep up on me all of a sudden—for the most part, it’s an extremely comfortable bra. Obviously just a band size too small for me! The cups on top are also very nearly on the large size for me. I clearly size in at a 70D in this brand: I know for next time!

IMG_2668 IMG_2665 IMG_2669 IMG_2662

I do prefer the look and the shape that the Cappuccino gives, but for me the beige has the edge in terms of fit and comfort. This could, admittedly, be because of the closed top design I mentioned earlier. Having the cups curve inward over the top could be covering a multitude of sins—namely, that the cups might not be fitting as well as I think they are, but that I just can’t see to tell! What I do know for sure though is that the band fits perfectly and is super comfortable. Both bras also have fully adjustable straps and three sets of hooks.

IMG_2703 IMG_2702

What I do love about my Ewa Michalak bras is that innovative panelling design and the fabrics used for their padded cups. They’re cotton-lined for comfort, and the cups have a spongy feel to them which seem to move with your body.

Have you tried Ewa Michalak? Us lingerie bloggers seem to the love Polish trend, and I certainly think they’re worthwhile for fuller busted ladies who fall foul of grading issues! I’m really happy to have a couple as part of my collection, and think they’re probably worth the international delivery! What do you think?



  1. Emma
    December 15, 2015 / 5:34 pm

    Hi Charley! Thanks for the review, very informative 🙂 I wondered how you found the wires on the bras – the cappuccino doesn’t look particularly narrow to me but the other one looks a little more so? It’s just because I’ve heard A LOT about EM and the reason they’re mainly touted is for large cups with a lot of projection needing narrow wires (as you refer to when you mention the grading :-)) – so I just wondered if there was a particular reason you were curious to try them? I wear a 30E/F and have never really thought of EM as an option, mainly because I need average to wide width wires and have average/shallow boobs rather than projected. However I’m now wondering if I’m missing out so am curious to understand reasons for trying them outside of the very large cup/projected/narrow wires demographic :-)….Hope you don’t mind me asking 🙂 Thanks!

    • admin
      December 23, 2015 / 9:20 am

      Hi Emma! Not at all. The main reason I was curious was because I’ve heard SO MUCH from Sian about them! And (this probably isn’t the best of reasons, but oh well) I’m also a sucker for brands when I see them using diverse body shapes to model their lingerie. In terms of the wiring, I don’t find them too narrow at all. I tend toward to shallow end of the spectrum too, and don’t have a problem. You’re right, the beige is slightly narrower, and the cappuccino has a bit more width to the wiring, but there isn’t much in it. Hope that answers your question. Happy Christmas!

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