30+ Ballet Inspired Lingerie Looks

Ellesmere Rosa Skirt - ballet inspired lingerie

Ellesmere Rosa Circle Skirt

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been gathering all sorts of different inspirational lingerie looks. I guess the new year just inspired us to keep an eye out on pieces we love and for brands that are new to us.

During this (ongoing!) process, I noticed that I was picking out lingerie with a very particular style – things that were frilly, floaty and ethereal; made out of dreamy blush tulle, shimmering ribbons, baby pink jersey and with glimmering rose gold details; pieces that were styled romantically in a very feminine and “ladylike” kind of way with dusky rose tones. I realised they were all, in my mind, very ballet and ballerina inspired.

Like many little girls, I practised ballet from the age of around 3 to 13. I gave it up only in favour of gymnastics (because I was jealous of my sister doing that!) and because I had no time for school work. But ballet styles left my heart and I’m always fond of picking out tulle styles, dresses and skirts that emulate tutus and dainty ballerina skirts.

And fortunately, those pale powder and petal pink shades are currently popular in lingerie. The delicate embroidery and tulles of lingerie is a common sight in a ballet performance. They’re popping up everywhere, as are the shapes popular in ballet. The leotards used for ballet practice really lend themselves to the bodysuits of lingerie that I’m so fond of, so it’s a really easy jump to tie the aesthetic back.

So today I’ve picked out a section of some of my favourite ballet inspired lingerie garments from around the world, including bodies and bras; skirts and suspenders. I’ve discovered a lot of new-to-me brands and designers recently so I’m showcasing a few of these here. I may well have overdone it with the number of items I picked, but I couldn’t help myself – they’re too pretty!

I would buy pretty much every item on this list if I could afford it – I love ballet inspired lingerie THAT much – but if anyone could please get me the Ellesmere Rosa skirt and the Studio Pia Bella bra, I would be eternally grateful, please and thank you! Oh and that Miss Lala Presents Chocolate Box set *swoon*!

Have you noticed any ballet inspired lingerie looks recently? And what are your favourites?






  1. AEnn
    March 2, 2018 / 9:09 am

    Somewhat similar to the Harlow & Fox bra is Avocado’s Antique Lace bra. I’m not sure if it qualifies as ballet inspired, since I don’t really follow ballet, but the aesthetic seems similar.

    • merlin
      March 13, 2018 / 5:44 pm

      I think it does. The aesthetic doesn’t really have any strict guidelines, I would say anything that looks delicate and feminine, maybe some lace or ruffles, and light pastels is often ballet like.

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