5 Halloween Lingerie Inspired Ideas

Are we a bit early for Halloween? The leaves started changing colour, the air temperature got a bit chilly, and suddenly we were all over this autumn and Halloween thing like it was going out of style. Which it isn’t. Is it just me or are people going crazy for Halloween even more so than usual this year?

Halloween costumes are really awesome, but we wanted to take it one step further and think about Halloween lingerie. The pieces that you can wear as a hidden nod to Halloween under your clothes – we’re thinking those of you that can’t get away with wearing Halloween inspired outfits to work if you have to be all serious – or for layering up with your usual clothes. Or just for wearing around the house or the bedroom – whatever floats your Halloween boat.

It quite likely that even more Halloween lingerie will be launching over the next month (so should we update this list at some point?!) but it seems that Etsy is a pure treasure trove of Halloween inspired lingerie – it took a lot of willpower to keep this list to 5 items. And even more willpower not to order vast amounts of handcrafted spooky goodies.

So here’s our pick of a few of the best Halloween inspired lingerie looks for 2017:

Jack O Lantern Roller Derby Pumpkin Pants

Jack O Lantern Roller Derby Pumpkin Hot Pants

Neither of us do Roller Derby, but we definitely would for these Jack O’Lantern Hot Pants. The best thing about these is that you could totally get away with these for partywear. Yes, they’d be maybe somewhat risque and not appropriate for a kids’ Halloween party, but with fishnet tights as pictured, you’ve got a Halloween inspired outfit rather than a costume for a grown up party.

Boohoo Cobweb Spider Web Halloween bodysuit

Spider Web Bodysuit

This cobweb bodysuit is fab. And what’s even more fab is the fact that it’s not only available in Boohoo’s mainline in sizes 8 to 16, they also have it in the plus size collection in sizes 16 to 24 and the petite range in 4 to 14. Imagine this with a high waisted skirt, layered over a longline bra, or simply worn alone.

SLIMED Overbust Ghostbusters Corset

SLIMED Overbust Ghostbusters Corset

Because who doesn’t want a Ghostbusters corset?! You could go all out Morticia Adams with a black satin wasp waisted corset, or you could pick one that’s splattered with slime and emblazened with the iconic Ghostbusters logo. We know what we’d do.

Morticia Adams Lace Flouncy Sleeved Bodysuit

Morticia Adams Lace Flouncy Sleeved Bodysuit

An option for those that do want to take the Morticia Adams route, there’s a lot of choice out there around this time of year. This flouncy sleeved bodysuit just screams gothic horror with a touch of class. Pair with a velvet skirt to take this look out on the town or take it one step further with…

Regal Rose Spider Web Body Chain Harness

Regal Rose Spider Web Body Chain Harness

Technically not a lingerie item, but here at Big Cup Little Cup, we like to use body chains as lingerie accessories. This makes a great layering piece for any of your Halloween lingerie needs and desires.

Pumpkin Tassle Pasties

Pumpkin Tassle Pasties

Okay, just one last bonus item: Pumpkin Tassel Pasties! Just because we came across these while scrolling down Etsy and couldn’t not include them.


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  1. September 29, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    OMG, I love the Jack-o’-lantern pants! 😀 The spider web bodysuit is really nice too. 🙂

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