5 Independent UK Lingerie Brands to Watch in 2019

Here at BCLC, we very much try to support local brands where we can. Of course, there are designers across the globe who create absolutely astounding pieces – and we share these as often as we can too – but today we wanted to focus closer to home and highlight a few UK lingerie brands that have caught our eye lately and look set to have a fantastic 2019.

And this is really just a teeny, tiny snippet of the wonderful independent British lingerie brands you can find out there! Throughout the year, we’ll continue to spotlight more brands so we can hopefully introduce you to more of them, including others from around the world too. After all, we do have an ever-growing spreadsheet of lingerie brands that we love (honestly, it’s HUGE) that we really need to do something with!

Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton Abrielle - British Independent Lingerie brands

Katherine Hamilton originally launched as Bosom Galore and have now evolved into the gorgeous and sophisticated Katherine Hamilton. They design luxury lingerie for fuller busts, with a size range beginning at 26 bands (something of an enigma in the industry!) and running from DD-HH cups.
I was really lucky to work with them as a remote fit model, testing out their styles in the early days (here’s the Bosom Galore version of the red Classique and here’s the black Sophia), so I can fully attest to the high quality and gorgeous designs of their styles.
Last year’s ballet inspired Abbie collection in a dusky, romantic lace had me heart-eying all over the shop, but I didn’t get the chance to invest in it. But what’s really caught my eye this year is the new Abrielle collection. It combines delicate French embroidery with a light coloured tulle to create a tattoo effect that’s totally on trend while still retaining a distinct luxe feel.

Beija London

Beija London Rose Bra

Finding a lingerie brand that caters for a good selection of the market while designing to the different needs of those size ranges can be really tricky. But fortunately, they do exist – Beija London has a unique sizing system of 3 categories: X, Y and Z. X is for smaller busts – they are wireless and generically (S, M & L) sized; Y is for medium busts with B to D cups; Z is designed for DD+ and runs up to a G with more support. The designs for each category are similar in each collection but have unique features such as different fabrics, linings and seams, so that they’ll fit their own size range properly.
Not only do they offer this selection of bras designed specifically for certain size ranges, they also offer swimwear. I’m excited to see how their modern and inclusive designs develop in 2019, and hopefully we’ll see that size range expand too!

Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates Wren bra - British independent lingerie brands

Lara Intimates launched in 2017, and they’ve been making a big splash ever since – their Crop Top is one of Char’s most worn and loved lingerie pieces, and the past year has seen a big, new leap for Lara Intimates in expanding their size range. You can now shop their sustainable, modern designs in 26-36 A-I sizes – a huge step for a relatively new brand.
What we love most about Lara Intimates is their commitment to sustainability with zero waste and the fact that they use reclaimed fabric from the fashion industry, meaning small and limited lines of certain styles. We’re excited to support this brand further in 2019 and are excited to see where they go.

Freolic London

Freolic London Anne Pink Lace Body - UK lingerie brands

Freolic is a luxury lingerie brand with their atelier based in London and a fantastic commitment to providing the best lingerie possible, incorporating fair working environments, responsibly sourced fabrics (including unique serial numbers so the provenance of your garment can be traced – how cool is that?!) and, frankly gorgeous designs.
They’ve been popping up here, there and everywhere on our social feeds lately and we’re looking forward to watching their development over 2019.

Adina Reay

Adina Reay Vivian - UK lingerie brands to watch in 2019

And finally, we’ve got another small luxury lingerie brand that we’ve become smitten with over the years, and who look set to steal our hearts even more in 2019. Adina Reay design full bust luxury lingerie that doesn’t necessarily look “full bust”. Their Pru in duck egg is one of my favourite sets ever.
Their collections have got better and better with every season, constantly making tweaks to their styles and sizing so that they improve every time. And this year looks to be their best yet, with the Vivian set (above) soon to launch which includes a pretty invisible tulle, creative strapping and delicate embroidered lace.


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  1. August 8, 2019 / 9:05 am

    Loved the Jane Range from Freolic London, very luxurious indeed

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