5 Lingerie Pieces I Would Buy Right Now (if I wasn’t pregnant…)

I’ve been on something of a lingerie spending ban lately. This is probably a good thing, as I know that I already have far too much lingerie and have been planning to clear it out properly for a long time – I don’t get the chance to wear half of it, and there are pieces I’m hanging onto “just because”. In fact, I made this a bit of a goal earlier for my year – my “new beginning” as prompted by the Lingerie of the Month Instagram account is to declutter my lingerie as much as possible, read more about this here.

But my lingerie spending and acquiring ban has been more of a necessity than because I actually really wanted to do this. I’m always going to fall back on the excuse that I’m a lingerie blogger, so I do need to get new lingerie to review, but in reality, I just really really like lingerie and want to buy it all. But pregnancy put a big, fat stopper in all that.

While I have, of course, had to acquire new pieces lately, these have definitely been more functional than because I just liked them. That’s not to say I don’t like them! My Royce Lingerie Blossom bra is SO comfortable and my Cake Maternity one is very pretty. Pregnancy has given me the opportunity to try out not only nursing styles that are new to me, but also brands that were inaccessible to me before based on my size – my increasing band size has meant I’ve been able to very feasibly wear 32 and 34 bands where I wouldn’t have been able to do so comfortably before.

But as with going cold turkey on anything, pregnancy has resulted in cravings of more than just the food kind for me. I’ve found myself longingly scrolling through lingerie stores lusting after so much of it. This isn’t a big change from the usual, but what’s different here is that the restriction has made the longing even harder. I don’t know what will fit me from one week to the next right now – just a couple of weeks ago, I jumped from comfortably wearing 30 and 32 bands to needing a 34 band as a little someone expanded her reach into my ribcage – let alone what will fit me when I start breastfeeding or afterwards.

I could buy new lingerie to fit me now, but to be honest, I’m only feeling comfortable in non-wired and non-structured bras right now. I also don’t want to invest in something that I can’t wear in a matter of weeks.
And I could also buy new lingerie to fit me in a few months, but I’d be going on guesswork there of where my bra size and shape will end up. So that’s a no-go too.

So instead, it’s window shopping time! Basically, as with all my wishlists on the blog, I’m posting them here so I can pretend I’ve bought these items, when in reality, they’re still sat on their shelves in warehouses or left unmade. Is it weird that I’m feeling sorry for these garments now?!

Harlow & Fox - Aurora High Neck Bralette

Harlow & Fox Aurora High Neck Bralette Overlay

Excuse while I sit over here sobbing about not being able to buy basically this whole collection right now. If I weren’t pregnant, this full bust bralette overlay would have been on its way to my door as soon as it launched on the site.

This collection is a collaboration between Harlow & Fox, who were the creator of my gorgeous wedding lingerie, and Karolina Laskowska, a designer who I’ve admired from afar without owning anything from for far too long.
This lace bandeau bralette overlay is a unique design in full bust luxury lingerie and would make for an absolutely stunning piece in any lingerie collection.

Agent Provocateur Haylie set

Ever since I saw this on Silk and Thorns on Instagram, I was totally sold. The issue is, again, sizing. This goes up to an E cup, but even in a 36E, it’s a looong way from my current 34H, and will probably be even further away once I’ve given birth as my ribcage decreases and my cup size increases – I’m imagining I’ll end up somewhere around a 32J at this point, but who even knows right now?!

Despite the size issues and even though I don’t tend to buy AP – I’ve had a couple of items before and found the quality pretty low, even if the designs are gorgeous – this is the set on this list I’ve been closest to buying. The bra is currently reduced to £72 from £145 and I’m worried about passing that up…but I’m restraining myself, for now!

Agent Provocateur Haylie set
Panache Quinn Rose Gold

Panache Quinn in Rose Gold

Can I even call myself a millennial without being tempted by something rose gold?! In honesty, it’s the soft and dreamy ballet inspired elements of this set that are calling my name, with the smooth satin on the bridge of the bra and the briefs, edged with a delicate lace.

On top of that it’s available up to a K cup so will feasibly fit me after birth – win! Again, I don’t know what that post-birth size will be, so the waiting game begins. Panache has always been a favourite fuller bust brand for me but one I haven’t bought from lately, so I think it’s about due its turn back in my lingerie drawer again!

Bravissimo Maya Bra

I’m hoping that the fact we have two bandeau/crop top styles that cater for a fuller bust on this list means it’s a thing that’s happening now – Sweet Nothings says it is, so please please let this trend continue!

Strangely enough, though I’ve visited a Bravissimo store and love their measuring, I’ve never actually owned a Bravissimo own brand bra itself! Considering that this one goes up to a J cup, I think it’s one I’ll be investing in, even if that is in a few months time – wait for, Maya!

Bravissimo Maya Bra
Playful Promises Emelda DD-G Set

Playful Promises Emelda DD-G Set

This is the set I’ve been lusting over from this list the longest, and I think you can see why just from that image – it’s SO gorgeous! I love the rich emerald green design, the bold black detailing, the vertically seamed sheer cups…literally, the perfect bra! It probably also helps that it’s modelled on the always gorgeous Miss Deadly Red.

Playful Promises’ DD+ range has been slowly expanding over the past couple of years and I’m super excited to see this one is, in fact, available all the way in an A-D cup style, the featured DD-G, to Curve, which incorporates up to a 42 band. With their very polished website, fantastic images and well thought out designs, I think it’s easy to forget that, at the end of the day, Playful Promises are in fact a small, independent business, so this size range is one to be impressed with.


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