5 Spookily Stunning Mimi Holliday Halloween Sets

Over the years, I’ve signed up for countless email subscriptions – so much so that I’ve actually been making an effort to unsubscribe daily (yep, that’s right – I’m unsubscribing from 5-10 subscriptions per day and still not getting anywhere!). But there are certain names that hit my inbox that I most definitely can’t leave unread. Mimi Holliday is one of these.

I got in from work and spotted a Mimi Holliday email entitled “Halloween” in my inbox, and all plans for the evening were thrown aside in favour of online lingerie shopping. Mimi Holliday is probably one of my top 5 lingerie brands in terms of aesthetics. They’re one of the brands that are more on the expensive side of the affordable lingerie brands scale, but one I will always save my money for. I actually have a review coming up for them (keep your eyes peeled, it’s a good one!), but today I’m just sharing 5 of my favourite Halloween sets from Mimi Holliday in the hopes that by sharing them, it will appease my need to buy them (spoiler: it won’t!).

And by the way, I spotted that Mimi Holliday not only have a discount code available on their site for 25% off currently (VAL25), but they’re also running a Halloween competition where you have to spot the pumpkins to win your favourite set. I’m all over this!

If you’re struggling to part with your hard-earned money to afford a piece of Mimi, there are a few places that offer the brand at a discounted price. Check out The Outnet for a huge collection, and Figleaves often have select pieces on sale as do ASOS.

Firecracker set Mimi Holliday

Firecracker Set

The name may be a little directed at Bonfire Night, but this set has got us thinking of devil costumes for Halloween! It’s available in a front tie bra and bow back thong. Find this set here.

Guess Who Mimi Holliday

Guess Who

This is the set that, personally, has me hooked. I just can’t shake off those glamorous 1920s art deco vibes from the embroidery, plus I love a bra with shoulder detailing. I totally get the vintage Cluedo, sitting by the fireplace smoking a cigar, feel from this set.

This set is available as a shoulder bra, high waisted knickers and suspender set. Find it here.

Hide and Seek Mimi Holliday

Hide and Seek

Another with devillish vibes, but angel-like lace – what a contrast!

This collection is oh-so-versatile, available in every combination you could want: shoulder bra, padded super plunge, mesh-back knickers, classic knickers, thong, suspender and, of course, Mimi’s iconic star back knickers. I’m still desperate for a pair of these! This set is available here and also at ASOS and Figleaves.

Eye Spy body Mimi Holliday

Eye Spy

Pictured above is just the Eye Spy body, but this collection also gives you the option of a comfort bra, padded super plunge bra, seamless knickers, high waisted knickers and thong.

The decadent French Leavers lace on this is gorgeous and oh-so-gothic. I can imagine this body worn with a full black skirt and sky high heels to a sophisticated Halloween party as well as a piece of lingerie.

Chase the Ace set Mimi Holliday

Chase the Ace

Inspired by casinos, ever-shuffling packs of cards, Jokes, Queens and Kings, this is a set not to be overlooked.

This set has a maxi bra which offers larger cup sizes (yes, mine included!!), a non padded balcony bra, a padded super plunge bra, high waisted knickers, normal knickers AND a thong – pretty much every option you could want! It’s available here at Mimi Holliday but click here to find it at ASOS too.


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