Avocado Caprice Review 65G

Avocado Caprice 65G ReviewA few months ago, I started talking to Avocado about their bras and their company. They’ve recently updated their website to have English descriptions and their prices in Euros as well as the Polish Zloty. I’ve heard a lot about Polish bra websites such as Ewa Michalak and Avocado, but this was my first experience with one, and I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed. They were happy for me to do some reviews for my blog so only asked for my size according to their size chart and what kind of styles I preferred, agreeing to send me some samples from their new range. I received the Caprice in the balconette H* style (as opposed to the balconette A style with the lower gore) and the Reglisse*, both in a 65G. Today I’m just reviewing the Caprice, and the Reglisse review is to come 🙂

Avocado Caprice 65G ReviewAppearance/Shape

When I first opened the package and saw this bra, I wasn’t convinced. My initial thoughts upon seeing it were: ‘Granny’. It was beige and a bit lacy, and just that. But when I put it on, I realised that I actually really like it, even more so than the Reglisse which I had initially preferred. Yes, it is still a bit Granny, but it is pretty. I love the lines along the bottom of the cup and the shape it gives – natural but uplifted. It is pretty transparent (hence the strategic blurring in the images!), and is actually perfect to go underneath looser fitting sheer blouses. It’s actually the first proper beige bra I own, so in the past I’ve had to stick a vest top or camisole underneath see-through clothing! Having said this though, I think I would have preferred the A style Caprice with the lower gore – I just find that a bit prettier since it has bows and a more dainty look.

Avocado Caprice 65G Review

Sizing, fit and comfort

I asked for the bras from Avocado in a 65G, which technically translates to around a 30F in UK sizing, although, as we’ll find out, it doesn’t really work that way. I chose this according to the size chart at Avocado here. You’re asked to first measure your underbust tightly in cm; mine is 69.5cm (around 27.5in) – controversially, you then subtract 5, bringing my first number to 64.5, the nearest band size to which is 65. Some people assume that European sizes work like UK ones tend to do, with the band size equalling your bust measurement, but this is clearly not so, as the 65 band is not equivalent to 30in. The conversion of 65cm is actually about 25.5in, therefore, not a 30 band.

Anyway, with that sizing misconception out the way, I’ll continue! So I picked a 65G with my overbust measurement being around 94cm (37in). I found the band on the Caprice to be just about right – I can currently wear it comfortably on the loosest hook, occasionally on the middle one. It’s not as tight as I would like, but I wouldn’t say that I needed to size down in the band.

It fastens with 3 sets of 2 hooks as most bands do in this size. It is pretty comfortable; the lace edging doesn’t bother me at all. The straps are fully adjustable, but I’m wearing them as loose as they can go – not sure why this is as I normally have them in the middle.

It’s not a bra that gives cleavage, but is very supportive. As I said before, perfect for going underneath sheer clothing as it disappears and gives a nice shape. The only issue I have with it is the higher gore – I tend to prefer lower ones due to rib and sternum pain I often suffer with. In general I prefer plunges for this reason, but it’s still comfortable.

Avocado Caprice 65G Review

The Caprice is available in 60-65 E-L, 70 D-L, 75 D-K, 80 C-J, 85 C-H, 90 C-G, 95 C-F (band sizes approximately 28-42). European sizes do not include double letters (DD, FF), so cup sizes will not usually be what you usually take, so you need to use the size chart when ordering from Avocado – I found it worked pretty well for me, but you may also want to read reviews around your size to make sure. The Caprice costs €57.25 which is around £47.



  1. susan stephenson
    January 12, 2014 / 10:08 am

    i have only bought polish clothes ( in Poland) & they have all been beautifully made with a lot of detail to the sewing. Care has been given to their production, definitely not thrown together.

  2. Iveta
    January 28, 2014 / 5:08 am

    Loved to read your review yesterday and received my order of the same bra from Avocado today: ) I agree that despite its beige-ness it is a lovely bra. I also got the black Greta, which is A style and have to say that I love that one even more than this one. Reason? The H style cup is cut more horizontally across the upper part of the cup. So if your breast tissue is soft and somewhat jiggly, the A styling comfortably encloses the tissue with the more diagonal line. I am also very impressed with Avocado – the quality is great (both materials and workmanship), their customer service is very good and the pricing is much more approachable than for example Empreinte. For comparison: I wear 32F in Empreinte and took 75F in Avocado. I followed their sizing advice, took the measurements exactly as instructed on their website and was pleasantly surprised how accurate the size and fit of the bras were.
    Thank you for a great review and informative pics.

  3. January 28, 2014 / 7:04 am

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous beige bra! Everything from Avocado is so pretty; I need to bite the bullet, figure out my size, and place an order!

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