Avocado Chamade Review: 65G & 65H

Avocado Chamade Review: 65H

Isn’t this just the perfect bra for Spring? The weather’s starting to turn sunny again (we shan’t discuss the snow we had earlier in the week…), the daffodils are out and I’m pretty certain the tulips are soon to follow so a bit more colour is due back in my underwear drawer at the moment! Avocado, a gorgeous luxury lingerie brand in Poland, sent Char and I a couple of styles of their latest lines to try out, and this is the first of those. Char got this bra in black and will be reviewing it soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

I’ve reviewed Avocado’s Reglisse and Caprice on the blog before and was a big fan of them then, in fact, the Caprice became a staple for me for a good couple of years. I’ve always loved Avocado’s designs which are pretty and often a little innovative – at least, some of the styles push the boundaries of other larger cup brands out there, which is always lovely to see!

Avocado Chamade Review: 65G Avocado Chamade Review: 65G

Shape & Appearance

The Avocado Chamade bra is gorgeous – not only is it made out of blush tulle contrasted with aqua blue French lace, but it also has a beautiful shape. It’s a true balcony style bra with a straight neckline and a high gore, which gives a lovely pushed up cleavage effect – a true “cakes on a plate” one – and a Marie Antoinette feel.
The cup is made up of two pieces with a vertical seam – this is their HC (half-cup) style. I always like vertical seams the most in bras and I think they look really pretty.
The bra is made up of two materials – the contrast between these gives a really lovely effect. The blush colour would work as nude on some skin tones with the look of transparency through the blue lace, but even if not acting as a nude, it still looks gorgeous. The blue lace continues up onto the straps which are half-adjustable, and there’s also a section of blue lace on the band near the hooks too. It’s these small details that really make it a luxury bra for me.
The band fastens with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. The bra also has a small detail of a charm with Avocado’s logo on at the gore which I think a lot of people might prefer to the usual bow on most bras.

Avocado Chamade Review: 65G

Avocado Chamade Review: 65H

Size, fit & comfort

I received the Avocado Chamade bra in both a 65G and a 65H to see which one fits best. Strangely enough, both bras actually fit me! The one I’m wearing in all these pictures is the 65G except for the last photo above which is the 65H. You can tell that it sits higher up in the cup, but I don’t experience any digging or cutting in in the 65G, so I don’t have an issue wearing that. I can swap between them during different times of the month (which is a nice option to have!) or depending on what style I’m feeling that day – I get a lot more of a push up look from the 65G and a more natural look from a 65H. The open top edge of the cup might be the main reason I can fit both as I’m more of an even to full on top shape – it might not fit a full on bottom shape quite as well.

I’ll focus the rest of this section on how the 65G fits me as it’s the one that I reach for most. 65G seems to be my standard Avocado size, although I do find that my older ones are a little on the small side now, so it’s possible that their bra cups (or at least this one) are on the larger side as I normally wear a 28GG or 30G and this should, in terms of cup progression at least, should be equivalent to a 30F. Following their size chart though brings me out right between a 65G and 65H, so I’d recommend using that to find your Avocado size.

In my old Avocado bras, I found the wires super narrow – especially the Reglisse which I didn’t wear for a while as they were actually too narrow for me at one point. I don’t find that the wires in this bra are as narrow as the older styles, but they are narrower than most British brands for me. They’re a good width for me and hit at just about the right place.

I received the classic briefs to match in a size small – these fit well and have the same pretty colour scheme and matching charm.

The Avocado Chamade bra is available in sizes 60 to 95, C to L, however some sizes are upon request only. It costs 66.92E (around £58) and the Charade briefs are 24.92E (around £21) and available in sizes XS to XXL. It is also available in red too and Char’s black review will be live soon!
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  1. Dom
    July 7, 2017 / 10:33 am

    Sophisticated and sexy bra, you look amazing in it.

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