Avocado Chamade Review: 70C

I’m not sure if Avocados are still the in thing for the hipsters of late 2017, but in the lingerie world, we’re still in love with Avocados. Sian has reviewed many Big Cup options from Avocado, including the Reglisse, Caprice, and her own review of Chamade in 65G.

Avocado is often described as a large bust brand, but I’m here to say that it works BEAUTIFULLY for the little cups as well! Especially, the Chamade style.

The Avocado Chamade bra is available in sizes 60 to 95, C to L, however some sizes are upon request only. It costs 66.92E (around £58) and the Charade briefs are 24.92E (around £21) and available in sizes XS to XXL.It’s also available in red, aqua, and a gorgeous cassis—which now I’ve got my eye on!

Shape & Appearance

The Chamade in black is a truly lovely, simple, but sexy soft cup. What I most admire about the design here is how understated it is; so often I find myself saying things like: ‘I just wish there wasn’t that extra fake gemstone on the gore’; ‘I mean, does it really need that coset style lacing up the sides?!’, or ‘It’s OVER bow-ed!’

The Chamade knows it’s beautiful and classic and doesn’t try to hard to scream about it’s sexiness. Made from a sheer, black lace on the cups that is mirrored in panel on the back, the fabric provides the perfect amount of detail. I really love how this style subtly integrates a second colour: you’ve never even notice unless you look closely! The sheer black lace on top is lined underneath with a nude, mesh fabric, which gives a great of comfort, and also lends a lovely Champagne-sheen to the overall impression. It’s almost invisible on the skin, but adds just a little coverage, so that this bra is more easily work under tighter tops.

The Chamade is a true balcony style, with a lovely straight neckline and high gore. For me, that provides a really lovely, natural shaping. For some (like Sian, in her review of the same style) it can give a brilliant Marie Antoinette like cleavage; but if you’re a little cup like me, I’d say this is the perfect fit for a natural but faintly supported look.

It also features three sets of two hooks and eyes, and semi-adjustable straps, with the front half of the strap given over to that lovely black lace. Although I’d normally promote fully adjustable straps, I think the continuity of the lace from cup to strap, here, is a fantastic detail. It’s utterly stylish and absolutely classy. I appreciate the lack of metal fixtures on this style, when so many bras seem to be overloaded with elements: each part of the design, here, progresses effortlessly to the next. The only detail on the gore is a simple metal disk with the ‘A’ logo embossed: much better than a bow, in my opinion!

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

I’m not particularly knowledgable about the conversion from English to Polish sizes, but I can say for certain that this style and size fits perfectly for me. In general, I size in at an English 30D; although I measure in band size at 28, I find 30 bands to be far more comfortable, and so usually opt for that size. Occasionally, I might find myself in a 32C or (rarely!!) in a 28DD, but more often than not, it’s 30D for me. What I do struggle with is finding soft cup bras that properly fit and are comfortable. More often that not, I find soft cups in a D to be too big, becoming wrinkly or gaping.

The Chamade, however, fits like a dream. I think some of this is down to the balcony style, which often fits me better than a full cup. The low, straight neckline finishes at just the right point to fit and to flatter (flatter, not flatten—key difference there!)

It may also be the fact that the wiring is somewhat narrower than British brands; they hit at just the right point on me, and make for a really comfortable wear through the whole day.

And so if you’re little cup that struggles to find soft cup bras to fit, I would really recommend checking out the Chamade from Avocado. It is the only soft cup that I opt to wear frequently, giving me as good a fit and comfort as my favourite moulded styles. And that’s before we even get on to how gorgeous a piece it is! For a soft cup balcony style bra, I don’t think it can be beaten.


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  1. December 7, 2017 / 5:31 pm

    I live in the country of Avocados and yet I never had a chance to review them – way too expensive :'(

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