Avocado Lingerie Skin Review: 65G

Avocado Lingerie Skin review in cappuccino - 65G

Back in May, we talked to Avocado Lingerie about reviewing some of their new summer styles. Life then got super busy (noticing a theme here?!) as the sets arrived, then I got married, went away on minimoon, then got pregnant. In fact, these photos were literally taken on the day we found out! It’s funny to look back now as I wasn’t particularly happy with the photos at the time and had planned to retake them, but within a week or so, I was already feeling those early pregnancy effects and never got round to it before I outgrew this bra. I’m seriously hoping that, at some point, I’ll end up back at my original size because this bra is wonderful. Read on to find out more!

Avocado Lingerie sent me the Skin bra in cappuccino (279zl – ~£55) in a size 65G and the Skin bikini brief in cappuccino (95zl – ~£20) in a size medium.

Avocado Lingerie Skin review in cappuccino - 65G Avocado Lingerie Skin review in cappuccino - 65G

Shape & Appearance

First things first, the look of this bra is pretty unusual in a full busted style, but SO beautiful. Secondly, it’s VERY sheer on me – hence the strategically placed flowers in these photos! As I said, I wasn’t particularly happy with the photos as I don’t think they show off the set to its full potential, but nevertheless, they’re all I’ve got right now!

The bra is described as a HCQ style on their site – a cross between a balconette and half cup, as it has more coverage, but has a rounded shape with a gentle uplift, but still quite natural. I would agree with this as the main body of the cup fits me like a half cup would, with a low cut across the breast, and the gore sits level with the top of this part of the cup. The “under” cup is split into 3 parts, like a normal balconette, then you’ve then got an additional layer of sheer cup which rises up onto the shoulder which makes the bra feel more secure than a half cup normally would. The effect of the layering is wonderful, very on trend and, as I said, unusual for full bust styles, so I really enjoy this. The bra is designed with clean, sleek lines – the seams create definition, but the sheerness is smooth and sexy.

There are two “nude” colourways for this bra at the moment: beige and cappuccino. Char received the beige (review to come!) and I received the cappuccino. I’d say the cappuccino works more as a dusky beige with slight shimmery grey undertones that works far better for my skin than an orange beige does. I found myself wearing it over and over again in early summer (before my size changed!) as it worked really well under lightweight and more see-through tops – excellent for that heatwave we had this year! Wen has also reviewed this set here and it looks fantastic against her skin tone too. It makes a wonderful basic that holds more interest than a basic T shirt bra, but could also be shown off because of the fun and modern design.

Due to the wider section of sheer fabric on the shoulder, the straps on this bra are part adjustable, and it fastens at the back with 3 sets of 2 rows of hook and eyes.

Avocado Lingerie Skin review in cappuccino - 65G

Size, fit and comfort

I received the Avocado Lingerie Skin bra in a size 65G which is my usual size in Avocado. The description says that if you’re in between their sizes to go down a size for this bra, and I’d say that makes sense since I have also successfully worn a 65H from Avocado too.

I would say this is most likely due to the half cup style being quite deep (excellent for most of us!) and the upper cup layer needing breast tissue to fill that space. For me, this is an excellent fit as I need fairly deep cups that have an open top and room for a fuller on top shape. You can see on me that I’m completely filling the cups and that the fabric lays flat against me everywhere, however in Char’s upcoming review, you’ll see how it isn’t such a good fit for her shallower, fuller on bottom shape. I also found the wires to be narrow enough at the sides to provide enough shaping for me – quite typical of Polish fuller bust brands and something I often look for (or at least, I did until I got pregnant – the first place I noticed I was struggling with bras was the wires at the sides!).

I tend to go for a 65 band in Avocado rather than a 60, even though the 65 technically equates to a 30 band, and (at least at this time!) I was wearing a 28 band. I haven’t actually tried a 60 band from Avocado as I went by their size chart on my first go with them and found it to work very well, so I would recommend this to anyone new to the brand.

I also received the matching bikini briefs with this bra and find them to be a comfortable, boy short style fit. These aren’t necessarily all that “flattering” on my wider hips, but they stay in place very well and fit well. Having a matching pair of “nude for me” briefs is also a major plus!


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