Avocado Reglisse Review: 65G

Avocado Reglisse review 65G

A couple of years ago (wow! I can’t believe it was that long!), I received a couple of bras from Avocado to try out. I reviewed the Caprice bra back in January 2014 and loved it. It was a regular staple in my bra-drobe for everyday wear, not just for under clothing when I needed something skin toned. It was a comfortable fit while looking pretty. Sadly, I outgrew it a little more recently so it got pushed to the bottom of the drawer.
I received the Reglisse* to review at the same time as the Caprice. It struck me as the prettier of the two at the time so became my favourite on sight alone. Unfortunately though, it was too narrow in the wires and too deep in the cups for me to get on with. I kept trying it on as I loved it so much that I want to be able to wear it, but I was getting wrinkling and empty spaces at the front of the cup and finding the wire sitting on tissue at the side. I tried a couple of times to sell it, but weirdly had no takers, and I couldn’t bear to donate it. It was only about a month ago when I found it at the bottom of my drawer again and decided to try it….so this is the story of a bra that didn’t fit….then did.

Avocado Reglisse review 65G Avocado Reglisse review 65G

Appearance & Shape

Avocado are a Polish luxury lingerie brand, although their prices are significantly less for a luxury brand than most UK ones – for example, this bra cost 249zl (around £45) when new; it’s now on sale for 199zl (around £35). The designs and fabrics used though do give off more of a luxury appearance than your standard brand, so you’re getting good value for them.
As I said, it was the look of this bra that had me head over heels immediately. It features an opaque black lower cup in a strong laminated type fabric, with a sheer section on top made of Swiss tulle with Art Deco style cut outs and edging. I hadn’t seen anything else like it before and haven’t seen much similar since. Aside from the upper cup, the bra has very little other detailing, keeping it fairly simple. The frame and band of the bra are made up of black fabric, with the underarm bridge and gore being mesh, and the band being stretchy and opaque. I also have to add that the band fabric is really soft and really lovely against the skin – it’s got to be my favourite fabric in a bra I own – weird thing to say, I know, but true.
I find it gives a slightly more natural shape with a bit of a point than my Avocado Caprice, and less of a pushed up shape. It is described as a “demi” cup, which I take to mean a balconette – it’s got a higher gore than my Caprice but the cups aren’t full coverage.
The straps attach to the upper cup and are fully adjustable, however I find that I barely need any adjustment in this bra and keep the straps quite long personally. It fastens at the back with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes, and I find it sits fairly low on the back compared to other bras.

Avocado Reglisse review 65G Avocado Reglisse review 65G

Size, fit & comfort

I was sent this bra in a 65G. At the time I was mostly wearing 28FF or 30F bras, with the occasional 28G or 30FF. Nowadays, I more consistently wear a 28GG and would be hard pushed to fit into a 28G, let alone a 28FF! The 65G is Polish sizing, so should be equivalent to a 30F, however I found my Caprice to fit more like a 28G and would tout the Reglisse as being in between a 28G and 28GG, with more depth than you would usually find in these sizes.
When I first tried this bra, I found that it was much too narrow in the wires and too deep in the apex of the cup. A good scoop and swoop would pull everything into the cup but it would start wrinkling at the apex and in the top cup section quickly until it was no longer comfortable.
HOWEVER, I recently re-tried the bra as I was clearing out my bra drawer, all ready to finally give it up and donate it, only to realise that…well, it fit! The wires on this bra are the most narrow ones I’ve ever come across – holding it against others I own, it’s a good centrimetre narrower than even my most narrow Polish ones!
I’ve discovered recently that my wider wired bras are becoming more uncomfortable than they used to be and I’m getting a “flat” area between where the wire sits and breast tissue starts, so I’m wondering if my tissue has somehow managed to get narrower as my size has got bigger – counter intuitive, but apparently what’s actually happened! I’m wondering if it’s the elusive “tissue migration” – this is apparently when you’ve worn badly fitting bras for long enough that breast tissue ends up pushed into the wrong place, ie. more under the arms. Wearing a correct fitting bra and scooping and swooping properly can apparently over time bring this tissue back to where it should be. So I’m wondering if instead of it sitting under my arms, it’s now been pushed back forward and is the reason I now need a bigger size as I have more depth in my breast tissue.
Anyway – I still get a little wrinkling in the upper cup (more so on my smaller side), but aside from that, this is now a really good fit. And I’m so pleased that I finally get to enjoy this bra!! I only just get away with the top edge as it’s close to digging in on my more full on top shape, but luckily it’s okay. I find it really comfortable to wear.

The Reglisse is available to buy at Avocado, now in limited sizes as it is an older style.

Here are a few other similar style black bras with cut out detailing like this:



  1. Heather
    June 22, 2018 / 7:40 am

    I just made a connection with this bra recently. I was in a shop and passed by the confection area and saw the name of the bra on a package…of licorice! Being Canadian, all packaging is bilingual in English and French, so I assumed that Reglisse was licorice in French. I came back to find this post and sure enough, this bra is black…like licorice. So this bra is Avocado Licorice! HA! 🙂

    • admin
      June 25, 2018 / 7:57 am

      Ooh that’s so interesting – I didn’t even think what the translation might be! I can totally see the connection between the colour and liquorice though! Thanks for stopping by to let us know about that 🙂

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