We’re having a baby!

We have exciting news …


Big cup little cup is having a baby!


Yes, all your dreams are coming true before your very eyes. Sian and I have finally found a way to procreate, and are currently gestating the most perfect blog-baby in our shared womb (I feel the need to add here: of joy. Shared womb of joy.)

I wish this were the truth, it’d be pretty cool and, scientifically, very exciting, but actually the news is of the far more literal variety. We have a Guest Cup cooking up a sproglet as we speak! After the lovely Helen whet our appetite for maternity lingerie in her guest cup, we discovered the veritable UNDERWORLD of untold trials, tribulations; excitements and idiosyncrasies of the pre-, post- and during- pregnancy boobs. And, specifically, their lingerie needs.

So may we introduce, with great fanfare, applaud, and anticipation: our Maternity Columnist!

Eve will be keeping us up to date on all the big and small developments during her nine-month (exact time period TBC) gestation period and beyond. We’re so excited to have her on board during this exciting time for all involved (NB: yes, this does mean we are officially adopting her spawn as the first BCLC Baby: Baby Cup) and hope that her regular features will be useful to any expected Mummies out there. She’ll be posting general updates, features and reviewing a heck of a lot of lingerie for you lot! If you’re interesting in throwing questions her way, we may even throw in a bit of a question-and-answer post in there as well.

But enough of us, here’s Eve to introduce herself and her mini-me!


Hello, I’m Eve, Charley’s big sister who is only going to get bigger over the next few months. I have undergone a lot of education recently regarding the world of lingerie and poorly-fitting bras since this blog has started. However, I am terrible repeat offender and must make Charley repeatedly hang her head in shame. My main concerns when buying lingerie are comfort, practicality, cost and comfort. Prior to becoming pregnant I only had one bra that properly fitted (unsurprisingly chosen for me by my fabulous sister) and only got the matching underwear as it was in the sale and the shop assistant said she couldn’t sell them alone so threw them in for free!

Pre-pregnancy Charley assures me I was a 28-30 C, although I couldn’t breathe in any of the size 28 bands, and that doesn’t tick my ‘comfort’ box (even if it does technically fit!). So I definitely fall into the family trait of ‘little cup’.

Mini-me is due to appear in the autumn and so far my breasts have already gone through quite a few changes. One of the earliest signs of pregnancy I had was sore, tender breasts, followed by them growing. By about 6 weeks I couldn’t fit into my one ‘properly fitting’ bra and had resorted to my old reliable black non-wired comfy. By 10 weeks, I was bursting out of that. They were sore, they were lumpy, they were growing and they seemed to have a life of their own!

I’ll be breast feeding when mini-me appears, and so will be looking for bras that not only are very comfortable during this changeable time, but also that are practical and easy to use. And, if pushed, I could see if it is possible to have a pretty bra that fulfils both those criteria as well…

Now, I’m just looking forward to trying some new bras!

Big Cup Little Cup Maternity columnistWelcome to the BCLC team Eve!!


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