Big Cup Valentine Gift Guide

Like Charley, I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day that much – I know, aren’t we terrible lingerie bloggers?! Maybe I’ll pretend it’s the whole “well, why don’t we just show our love for each other every day?” but in reality it’s more of the fact that it’s another commercial occasion to spend a lot of money that we’d rather be saving at this point in our lives.
However, that doesn’t stop my eyes being bombarded with honestly stunning imagery of beautiful love themed lingerie for the big day, and we all know that I’m more than a little susceptible to a good piece of advertising. Well, if the lingerie is that beautiful, it doesn’t even need to be good advertising – literally, just a picture of a gorgeous babydoll or garter belt will have looking!
What’s so great about BCLC is that Charley and I are two very different people – sometimes we’ll both lust over the same items (such as the elusive French Knickers), whereas other times we’ll choose entirely different pieces to love and hate. On top of that, we’re both dramatically different cup sizes. So we decided to do a couple of separate wishlists to cover a range of tastes and styles, and hopefully my point of view will also cover a few attainable pieces for a larger cup size too, although I can’t make any promises – the heart wants and all that.


Viola Longline Bra – £189

A brand we both wholeheartedly agree on is Harlow & Fox. The eyelash lace on this longline, the delicate colours and the wider straps are what draw me in on this piece. It’s available starting at a 30 band up to a 38, from D to G. I mean, it’s technically a sister size for me in this to a 30G, but that’s a size I take half of the time anyway, so that’s fine with me!

Agent Provocateur slip

Agent Provocateur Luna Slip – £195

The wonderful thing about pieces like slips is that you don’t need to be a particular bra size to fit them – you could be a big or a little cup for this! You might have to size up a little to make sure everything is where it should be, but with the body skimming bodice of this one, that’s not a problem at all.

Curvy Kate Kitty Babydoll

Curvy Kate Kitty Babydoll – £42

In my Christmas lust list, I lusted over the Buttress & Snatch Black Swan babydoll – sadly, that isn’t available in my size (although I have been hearing rumours of a size expansion, yes please!). But for now, I’ve found something that’s just as pretty and very similar in style: the Curvy Kate Kitty Babydoll. Starting at a 30 band and going all the way up to a J cup, it’s definitely a winner for us big cups!

minnie knickers

Buttress & Snatch Minnie Knickers – £28

Speaking of Buttress & Snatch…we’re focusing in on the knickers here, okay?! Because that’s the other awesome thing – knickers will quite often fit whereas their bra counterpart won’t. And luckily I have a bra that will match these too! They may not be stereotypically Valentines-y, but they’re red, that’s all I need!

Bordelle_Magdalena_Bodice Bra

Bordelle Magdalena Lace Bodice Bra via Full Disclosure: £270

So this is a little pricey (but as is almost every item on this list, sigh!) but LOOK how beautiful! Bordelle’s sizing is a little strange in that this is available in S, M and L, but looking at their size chart, I’m wondering if a big cup like me could get away with a large in this. The band is adjustable with up to 15cm of difference due to the strap like nature of the back, which fastens with a zip – not only is it pretty from the front, it’s striking from the back!

Effie Butterworth Tap Pants

Effie Butterworth ‘Rebecca’ 1930s style bow tap knickers – £90

Another “party in the back” choice – you know I’m already addicted to everything tap pants/French knickers inspired! Effie Butterworth is actually a local to us company that we hope to visit sometime soon, and it’s right up our street too (get it?! That was terrible, I know…). 

All Undone Mai Bra

All Undone Mai Bra – £79

I’ve loved All Undone since their launch as they create gorgeous simplistic but stand out looks in their lingerie – there are no frills or over the top details, just nice, clean shapes. Even better, they start at a 28 band and go up to a GG cup.

Biustonosz SM Walentynka


Ewa Michalak Biustonosz SM Walentynka – 169zl (around £29)

Ewa Michalak are an old affordable favourite of mine, with a frankly outstanding size range. This bra is one of their unpadded and unlined style particularly for larger busts, and if I’m not mistaken, “Walentynka” is Polish for Valentine?! Sadly, this is an older style so there aren’t many sizes left…except mine is one of those, tempting!

Retro Folie Galaxy Corset

Retro Folie Galaxy Corset – ~£227

I have some serious love for Retro Folie’s choice of fabrics in their corsets, and this one has to be my current favourite. Also the corset shape is beautiful!


FL*SH Men’s “I’ve Got A Gun” boxers: €20.50

BONUS! Men’s Valentines idea! I came across these when looking for inspiration for this post and just couldn’t resist not including them XD


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  1. January 26, 2016 / 10:40 am

    What a stunning array of lingerie! I’m currently brain-storming design ideas for a Valentine’s lingerie set, and this has definitely given me a few ideas… 😉

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