Bluebella Abigail Pyjamas & 5 Other Alternatives to Bridesmaids Robes

While I knew that I always wanted a special robe for getting ready on my wedding day, I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes. In fact, while my bridesmaids would have all looked absolutely gorgeous in flowing robes, for most of them, it’s not their kind of thing. My sister, for example, is far more comfortable in a fluffy dressing gown or comfy pyjamas, especially when other people are around – as there are wont to be during the morning getting ready session for her big sister’s wedding!

As such, I decided to choose something other than a robe as a gift for my lovely bridesmaids to get ready the morning of my wedding day. Figleaves were really kind and offered to gift us my choice of loungewear for the lovely ladies in my life, and these Bluebella Abigail pyjamas were my top choice.

Figleaves Bluebella Abigail Bridesmaids pyjamas

The Eva Lingerie Kimono and Bluebella Abigail pyjamas (via Figleaves – £28) were gifted for the purpose of this blog.

Wedding photos via Jemma King Photography.

Bluebella Abigail Pyjamas

My bridesmaids were a tricky bunch of people to dress, with a variety of skin tones, hair colours, shapes and sizes – not that I’d have them any other way! I’d already decided on button up blouses to make sure that they wouldn’t have to mess up their hair or make up by pulling the tops over their heads, and these Abigail pyjamas by Bluebella ended up being a very good option. While the redheads of the group aren’t always into pink, this blush shade was neutral enough to suit them all.

Figleaves Bluebella Abigail Bridesmaids pyjamas

Ben’s sister decided she was more comfortable wearing the top part of the pyjamas with black leggings, which I was, of course, more than happy for her to do – I had warned them all that the shorts were…pretty short! There’s also a long sleeved trouser version of these too if you’re wanting them for cooler weather or your bridesmaids prefer more coverage.

The only problem I noticed with these PJs is that they creased very easily. I presented them folded in gift bags, but within a short space of time, they were already looking a little creased. It’s not a huge issue, but if you’re looking for no creases for photos, it’s something to bear in mind.

Eva Lingerie Bohemian Kimono

Eva Lingerie Bohemian Kimono

I’ve already shared my bridal robe for getting ready on the day, but I thought I’d throw a quick paragraph or so into this post about it since you’re seeing it alongside the bridesmaids’ pyjamas and because, just look how pretty!!

Eva Lingerie gifted me this for the big day and I was so thrilled with it. It was long enough to feel comfortable in without having to worry I was flashing anyone, but also very lightweight – perfect for the hot summer’s day we experienced. On top of that, the watercolour design is so unique. I loved that it had a white background, so it felt a little bit bridal, but the bright colours splashed across it injected some personality into the look.

Figleaves Bluebella Abigail Bridesmaids pyjamas

5 Alternatives to Bridesmaids & Bridal Robes

Not every bridal party will want robes to get ready in – they’re just not everyone’s style and I totally appreciate that. Fortunately, we’ve got a few more options up our sleeve if your bridesmaids or you yourself want something different for your big day. Here are a few ideas, featuring some favourites:

Merino Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit would be absolutely ideal for a winter or Christmas wedding. With long sleeves and legs, a rich burgundy shade and a cosy merino fabric, this will keep your bridesmaids cosy and warm while you prep.
I can’t tell for definite, but I assume this is also a step-in option from the back view on the site which shows a keyhole neckline with a button that can be undone – good for steering well clear of your wedding-ready hair and make up when changing into the wedding outfit!

Buy here for £84 (reduced from £120).

Figleaves Merino Jumpsuit - Alternative to Bridesmaids Robes
Figleaves Hummingbird Hidden Support Chemise - Alternative to Bridesmaids Robes

Floral Chemise

If it’s spring or summer, a floral option will never go amiss, and a chemise makes a nice twist on the traditional bridal or bridesmaid robe. This sleek slip ensures that everyone will stay cool, even in the most exciting moments (the big dress reveal!).
Even better, this floral option has a hidden inner support, so your girls can be both comfortable and supported while getting ready, while looking very cute indeed.

Buy this here for £35.

Plaid Nightshirt

For a chilled and casual bridal party who prefer to stay comfy and cosy, a plaid nightshirt is an excellent loungewear option. It can be worn alone, with a pair of thick socks, or layered up with leggings or comfy trousers. The button front makes it perfect for, again, avoiding hair and make up mishaps, while providing more coverage if that’s what your lovely ladies prefer.

Buy this here for £14.50 (reduced from £29).

Cyberjammies Fiona Mix Check Nightshirt - alternatives to bridesmaids robes
Calvin Klein Woven Cotton Joggers - Alternative bridesmaids robes

Lounge Pants

To give your bridesmaids a bit of freedom over what to wear while getting ready, comfy lounge pants are a fantastic idea. This allows them to stay chilled, wear something that matches, but also throw on whatever feels most comfortable for them personally on the top. Go floral, like these, for something cute, or pick slouchy, grey lounge pants for a cool and casual vibe.

Buy these here for £20 (reduced from £40).

Lace Teddy or Playsuit

A teddy or playsuit is another wonderful idea for something step in – not ruining the hair and make up again – while still looking cute and on trend. This one, embellished with lace, adds a bit of something special for wedding glamour, but you can choose playsuits in options ranging from fluffy and cosy to sheer and lacey, if that’s what your girls want!

Buy this here for £35.

Figleaves Eliza Side Lace Teddy - Bridesmaid Robes Alternatives

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