Bluebella MORE Calypso Bra & Harness Brief Review: 30G

Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12

Hey, do you remember a couple of years ago when Bluebella launched a DD+ range called MORE? I reviewed their Iana bodysuit from that initial collection in a 32FF and lusted over several more of their pieces.

And guess what? They’ve released a new collection of MORE DD+ bras…starting at a 30 band!

I’d describe Bluebella as a medium-sized lingerie brand – they’re not up there with the giants like Freya and Panache, but they’re not quite an independent. They’ve become more well-known and renowned over the past couple of years after featuring in major publications and being stocked at sites like ASOS. And that’s why I love that they’ve been able to expand into DD+ sizes initially, then dropped into sub-32 bands too now. It’s amazing to see a brand progress like this, and may it continue!

I was offered a piece from the new Bluebella MORE collection to review at the end of last year, and like last time, I had a hard time deciding which one to go for, particularly as the names were all Classics inspired – that’s what I have my degree in! The Artemis with its delicate eyelash lace almost won me over; the Aphrodite with its wide strapping was making puppy dog eyes at me, but I felt it would be less wearable than the others in the long run; and the Persephone really had me hooked with its sophisticated simplicity – she was also the topic of my dissertation and is the name I want to call my daughter one day (my other half disagrees, I’ll win him over ;D).

In the end, it was the Calypso bra I went for, and I surprised myself because it was the briefs that made the decision for me – the gorgeous harness briefs! The bra is available at Bluebella in sizes 30-38 DD-G for £38. The harness brief is also available at Bluebella in sizes 8-18 for £24.

(And I may still go back for that Persephone yet…)

Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12 Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12 Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12

Shape & Appearance

The Bluebella MORE Calypso bra is beautifully sophisticated, with lace motif detailing that peeks above the top edge of the cup set upon champagne satin foam cups. The bra is a true balcony style, with very low cut cups that skim the apex of the breast, level with the top of the gore which has a keyhole cut out. All the edges are lined in bold black, framing the cups and giving them the illusion of not being there at all on certain skin tones, like my own at this time of year. I have to say, in certain lights it looks very similar to bras like their Nova and Emerson which I most definitely wouldn’t be able to get away with otherwise.

The details on this bra give it a more expensive look than its pretty reasonable (for a full bust unique design especially) price – the straps join the bra with modern square gold hardware rather than the usual ring. The hooks and eyes are also made from matching metal, and the band has big cut outs to give it that “gateway” back look – I’ve always loved bras with this design!

The foam cups are made up of three parts with two vertical seams. These seams are actually quite well hidden under the floral lace motif, so much so that I just had to go find the bra to check it wasn’t just moulded cups! They give me a really quite pushed up look for a “cakes on a plate” style cleavage.

The straps are a little wider than the average and are part way adjustable, with the same square hardware at the mid-way point on the straps. The bra fastens with 3 sets of 3 hooks at the back.

Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12


The Calypso harness briefs are where things get really interesting, so I’m giving them their own subtitle! I’ve never owned a harness brief but have been intrigued by them for a long time. I picked this set especially so I could give them a go.

The front of the brief is made of the same champagne coloured satin with another floral lace motif to match the ones on the bra. They have a very skimpy cut at the front, where 3 straps join the front to the back. The back is also super interesting, made out of mesh but with a large peek cut out, joined at the top with a gold metal square hardware.

Then finally, the big detail: the harness! This is detachable which I was really glad to find out – since I like to be able to wear the vast majority of my lingerie day-to-day and not just in the bedroom, I like to know that it’s easy to do so, and going to the bathroom in a harness was a major concern for me! Apparently the harness can also be attached to the bra, but I haven’t tried this. The strap around the neck is adjustable, as is the strap down the front with a (you guessed it!) gold square slider. I really like how the details tie together across the whole of this set.

Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12 Bluebella MORE DD+ Calypso bra & harness briefs review: 30G and size 12

Size, fit & comfort

I chose the Calypso bra in a size 30G, which is one of my current usual sizes – I’ll get a 28GG where available, but this was the largest cup size, smallest band size available, and I’m pretty happy with that size.

I’m currently fastening the bras on the loosest hooks and finding that comfortable, so I wouldn’t say I need a 28 band in it.

I would say I could potentially do with a cup size larger though, as the gore doesn’t completely sit flat against my breastbone in this bra. This may be due to the fact that the cups are definitely on the shallow side, meaning that my more projected breasts are pushing it out a little, and because the band isn’t all that firm on me. I don’t find this highly noticeable though, nor is it uncomfortable in any way. I think I might have got the gore to lie more flat in a 30GG though if it were available.

I find that the wires are a little on the wide side for me, but again, not uncomfortably so. In fact, I find this bra surprisingly comfortable – I keep reaching for it to wear on a daily basis! While this isn’t exactly an everyday bra, and you can tell from the way it’s designed more for boudoir wear with the very low and shallow cups, I have been wearing it under clothes on normal day too.

I initially asked for the briefs in a size 10 then changed to a size 12 at last minute, and I’m glad I did. These are a good fit for me in the size 12, and I don’t think I could have gone smaller. The straps at the hips don’t have a lot of stretch, so while they sit pretty nicely on my hips, they don’t stretch outwards much for removal or pulling on. Otherwise, they fit very well. I found that I had to shorten the harness quite a bit, but luckily the strap had plenty of room to be shortened or lengthened so should fit a variety of body lengths.

Overall, I’m pretty enamoured with this set and with Bluebella’s MORE DD+ range overall – can you tell?!



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  1. Dom
    February 23, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Wow such a sophisticated sexy set, you look gorgeous in it.

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