Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia Set review

Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review

While Big Cup Little Cup started as a primarily a bra fit blog, over time, we’ve moved into reviewing more and more elements of loungewear and lingerie. It’s only natural that looking at pretty underwear all day long, we’re going to get obsessed with it!

Thanks to this newfound obsession, I’ve started looking for more nightwear that makes me feel good as well as being comfortable. I do still hang on to my comfy and cozy pyjamas, but I like a bit of luxury too so I can pretend that I’m lounging around like a lady of leisure (when I’m actually more likely frantically trying to cook tea while writing six million blog posts).

So this was my first Black Friday purchase of 2017: the Isabella Cami & Short Insignia set from Bluebella. It’s £38 at full price, but I paid £30.40 with the Black Friday discount of 20% off.

Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review

The set is made from a soft silky satin in a cool midnight blue. The colour isn’t quite navy, nor is it royal blue. Instead it’s a shimmering shade somewhere in between that would look perfect against any skin tone.

The Isabella Cami top has a plunging V neckline at the front with an illusion lace section below. From the product photos, I’d thought this would lie more flat against my chest, maybe with an elasticated piece under the bust to help it stay in place. In fact, it’s actually attached immediately behind the V neck so that it floats wherever the top sits on me. I was sad it didn’t sit closer to my body, but I still really like the look of it.

The back of the top features wide straps that cross in a X with a back that drops to the lower-mid back. Overall, the design of the top means that it’s sultry in a way that doesn’t reveal all.

Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review

I chose the set in a size 10 to ensure that it fit both my bust and my hips. I think I probably could have done with the top in a size 8 (surprisingly for my bust!) as it does end up sliding down at the front and revealing a little more than I was expecting, but the loose flow around my body means it’s very comfortable to wear, which is really what I want in my loungewear.

The shorts sit fairly low on the hips with an elasticated waistband. They’re definitely more on the side of hot pants than shorts. There is a triangle of lace that matches the lace panel in the top on either side of the shorts. I really like this feature which elevates a simple pair of satin shorts to something a bit more special.

The fit of the shorts is good and I’m happy with these in a 10. Because they sit quite low on the hips, a smaller size would probably cause the elastic to dig in a little on me.

Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review

I think this set is fantastic value for what it is. It appeals to the desire I have for more luxurious loungewear without being expensive. The details make it clear that this is a set that’s manufactured on a larger scale such as overlocked seams and the way the elasticated waistband is sewn on the shorts, but this is what I’d expect for a set of this price. The lace isn’t the most delicate and finely woven out there, but it’s not cheap or scratchy, so I really appreciate that for a set that cost me only £30.

I’ve ended up wearing this very frequently, even though the temperatures have been below frozen pretty much every day since I’ve bought it. It’s lovely to wear against the skin, is easy to throw on, looks pretty and makes me feel good – what more could you want from your loungewear? The only complaint I have is that it creases easily, and I’m not one to iron or steam my loungewear (…or any of my clothes, really).

If you’re interested in seeing more Bluebella night and loungewear reviews, Char reviewed the Bluebella Hallie set last year here.

The Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia set is available to buy directly through Bluebella in sizes 8 to 18 for £38.

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Bluebella Isabella Cami & Short Insignia review


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