Bluebella MORE Iana Bodysuit Review: 32FF

Bluebella MORE Iana Bodysuit review

When I heard a couple of months ago that Bluebella were releasing a “MORE” range, with cup sizes running up from a DD to a G, I just knew I had to get myself a piece of that. I’ve been a fan of their designs for a long time but never taken the plunge to purchase as I was very wary that the pieces wouldn’t be a good fit on me since they mostly just went up a D or DD cup or were sized generically (ie. small, medium and large). So I was ridiculously excited when Bluebella got in touch to let us know a bit more about their extended range and to ask if I’d like to give a set a go – of course I said yes!
The only problem was choosing a piece – I’m a big fan of all of them! Initially I’d been planning to buy the Aura bra, even before I was offered a piece to review, simply because of the strappy band detail that I love the look of. I ruled it out though as it looked like the cups were fairly shallow so might not fit my more projected shape quite as well. Then I spotted the Asteria with strappy back detail, something I’m even more of a fan of! (Take a look at 2 Cakes on a Plate’s review of that here and Sweet Nothings’ here!) The Lucia is pretty but didn’t stand out massively to me, and the Delta had some lovely detail like the cage back, but didn’t appeal to me as much. In the end, I decided I wanted to try something a little more daring: a bodysuit. I’ve been a fan of these for a LONG time, but again, hadn’t taken the plunge as I hadn’t seen one I really liked in my size range, designed to suit larger breasts and a smaller frame. So I decided to choose the Bluebella Iana MORE Body.
Technically though, this isn’t ideally my size – read the size section below to find out more, but the MORE range sadly only starts at a 32. Nevertheless, I’m not one to let this put me off, and it’s much closer than the size small/medium or 32DDs as my other options from other brands!

Bluebella Iana MORE bodysuit review Bluebella Iana MORE bodysuit review Bluebella Iana MORE bodysuit review

Appearance & Shape

The Iana bodysuit is designed to be super flattering with its colours. The white strips at the side are designed to draw the eye inwards to the centre black panel. I love the monochrome look, but also the fact that it’s ever so slightly more interesting as the elastics on the openings and the bow at the gore are a lovely burgundy red. The red band elastic shows through at the top of the body, which I really like.
The most obvious design feature of this bodysuit is the “double” cups. Underneath, you have a 3 part seamed cup in a thin white non-stretch fabric. This makes up the main support bra part of the body. This is overlayed with the black stretch piece which is darted. The elastics from each of these cups then joins at the gold ring on the shoulder. It adds a bit of strappiness to the design without going over the top. The doubling up of the cup is a fantastic feature, not only in looks but also for a larger cup size as you have the added support of a “proper” cup underneath, which almost blends into my skin, with the overlay as a more dainty and delicate piece.
The other big design feature is the large cut out back – yes please! This is the part that sold this bodysuit to me completely as I love exposed backs. I love that the contrast zig zag stitching is visible around the openings too.
The bra fastens with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes – these are lovely because they’re gold, although slightly difficult to fasten and undo for some reason! The straps are adjustable up to the ring which sits on the front of my shoulder, so they’re almost completely adjustable. And to match in with the gold rings and sliders is a lovely little gold “Bluebella” tag along the bottom of the open back.

Bluebella Iana MORE bodysuit review Bluebella Iana MORE bodysuit review Bluebella MORE Iana Bodysuit review

Size, fit & comfort

I took the Iana MORE body in a 32FF. This is a sister size to my usual 28GG or 30G, but the 32 was the smallest band size. I know it’s not ideal, but it’s closer in sizing than many other bodies I’ve seen, and I wanted to encourage brands to give the DD+ options more of a go.
The band is definitely too big for me – I have it fastened on the tightest hooks and it’s still riding up. I’ve worn the straps slightly less tightened than ideal so that the band doesn’t pull any higher up.
The cups however are quite a good fit. It’s difficult to see with the black stretch overlay how well the cups fit, but they’re very nearly there – I just get a little wrinkling in the upper cup section which I would say is probably more due to the fact that I don’t have the straps tightened quite enough as I’m trying to stop the band riding up. If the band were slightly smaller (ie. if it was a 28 or 30), I think it would be an overall much better fit.
The rest of the body is a good fit, but not ideal still. It’s always a slight worry when ordering a bodysuit in bra sizes as not everyone’s band size matches up to the rest of the body size. For example, someone might wear a 28 band bra but have 42in hips – their underbust is very small in comparison to the lower half of their body! Luckily, the leg elastic on this bodysuit fit me well, but the waist and underbust sections were too large. I’ve got a very classic hourglass shape in that I’m both top heavy and bottom heavy with a narrow section in the middle, and apparently my underbust is smaller than the usual for my hip size (as I’ve discovered by trying to get a corset to fit both well!). If there was an option for a 28 or 30 band in this piece, I might find it too small in the legs/hips, but a better fit on my waist and underbust.
You can see the not-quite-right fit in these photos in the slight bunching of the mesh coming out from the band on the body, and the gaping I get at the cut out waist section. Fortunately, it’s not a big problem as a bodysuit is not exactly everyday wear material and more for show!
I find it very comfortable to wear, and I have to add that the materials used are soft and delicate – it feels much more expensive to me than it is at £40. I would have placed it with higher brands on sight and touch!
The only real gripe I have with the bodysuit is the fact that it doesn’t have an opening at the crotch – annoying! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’d like to be able to wear it for longer periods of time and under normal clothing, but I wouldn’t want to have to strip right down to use the toilet all the time (TMI?! Sorry!). Poppers on the gusset would be really handy for this, although I do understand that they are sometimes not quite as comfortable or as pretty!

Bluebella Iana MORE bodysuit review

The Bluebella Iana MORE Body is available to buy at Bluebella’s site for £40. The Iana is also available as a bra, brief and thong. The set is available in sizes 32-28 DD-G, and sizes 8 to 18.
Overall, I was really impressed by my first taste of Bluebella – we also spotted more at Moda (more to come!) and are excited about the coming seasons, can’t wait to try more!



  1. March 17, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    I love how the bodysuit fits on top, it’s an unusual fabric and color combo! It reminds me a bit of Sailor Moon, for some reason! 🙂

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  2. Martin
    May 17, 2017 / 10:10 am

    Very cute bodysuit. It must be very comfy!

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