Brand Spotlight: Sofia Luzon’s Ostara Bridal Collection

Sofia Luzon Ostara Bridal Collection

In November last year, a new designer made waves in the lingerie world: Sofia Luzon. The brand came to our attention on Instagram, where we find a lot of new brands nowadays, and since then, I’ve found myself lusting longingly over the sets on their website.

Sofia Luzon is run by Sofia herself, and every piece is designed and handmade in Barcelona. Sofia studied Art History then continued her studies into pattern design with a focus on lingerie and corsetry which is where her passions lie. Her first collection came out of a desire to find new shapes and styles that are ethically made with a high quality of craftsmanship and only the finest materials. This really shines through in all their social media and garment descriptions.

Being a small atelier, Sofia Luzon is able to oversee every single piece that is manufactured. Rather than producing large scale collections, they curate a small selection of exquisitely designed garments in small runs. They believe in quality over quantity, and follow the slow fashion ethos rather than fast fashion. These are pieces that are made to last rather than become a disposable piece.

This is most evident in their choices of material which are sourced carefully from manufacturers they trust. For example, the gorgeous laces that are key to Sofia Luzon’s designs are created, with some processes by hand, in French workshops. These laces are far more expensive than the cheaper lace that makes up fast fashion lingerie pieces, but are limited edition and unique – you won’t find laces like these elsewhere! In addition to that, Sofia Luzon’s hardware is 24K gold; their silk satin is produced in Europe; their elastics are produced in local Spanish factories. I love that every source of origin can be traced in their garments. This is true couture in lingerie for me.

It was again on their Instagram where I found out that Sofia Luzon would soon be launching a new collection – a bridal collection! Excellent timing considering my current state of obsession with anything even a tiny bit white/ivory and lacey that could potentially work for me – I’ve recently talked wedding knickers, shared a wedding lingerie “outfit” and tried out a low back solution bra (stay tuned for more bridal lingerie!). I got in touch to find out some more details as I knew I just had to share more about this collection from such a talented new designer.

Sofia Luzon Ostara Bridal Collection Sofia Luzon Ostara Bridal Collection

Sofia is clearly more than a little bit passionate about this new collection, in fact, she’s even taken the time to give the bridal collection a name with a detailed backstory that explains the inspiration behind each piece and the materials that have gone into it. We even bonded over our love of all things ancient and Classic – my own degree!

The Sofia Luzon Ostara bridal collection is named after ancient Germanic goddess, Ostara, who is associated with spring and Easter, after her other name “Eostre”, which links her to Eos, Greek goddess of the dawn. They represent new life, the awakening of life after a long night, the resurgence of natural forces, and, perhaps most importantly for a lingerie collection, a powerful female entity. The materials are meant to appeal to the awakening of the senses – Ostara is also connected to love and sex. Soft flowing silk satin lies beside tactile artisanal lace; powerful gold plated hardware aside delicate fluid fabrics.

The Ostara collection will be available for purchase on the Sofia Luzon website from the 2nd April, tying in with the resurgence of spring theme and just in time for those summer weddings. The designs are available in two colours of lace: pure pearly white and an understated shade of pale blue, inspired by the forget-me-nots of spring, and perfect for that Something Blue I keep talking about.

The collection encompasses three underwired bras – a lace and tulle bra, a demi-cup foam bra with lace overlay, and a foam and satin bra with strap detailing; two soft cup bras – a bandeau and a halterneck lace bra; high waisted knickers, a thong, a low waist brief and two styles of regular briefs. There are also accessories including a satin suspender belt, two styles of garters and a stunning silk robe with lace applique. Some of the designs are unlike any already out there – in particular, the suspender belt with the straps going from the side of the hip to the front of the thigh really stands out to me as something special.

Sofia Luzon Ostara Bridal Collection

Every piece of the collection can be made to order, both in your choice of lace colour (even with the ability to combine the colours in one piece to create a unique garment to you) and in terms of sizing. The standard size selection for bras is 28C to 32DD for bras, but the sister sizes of any of these can easily be made at no extra cost, and for an additional cost, a custom cup size can be created. For briefs, the size range is XS to XXL, again with custom sizes outside this range at an additional fee.

In terms of price, the underwired bras will cost 130-152€, the soft bras are 90-105€ and the briefs range from 50 to 64€. The silk robe is the most expensive piece, at around 275€.

This is a collection that’s both ethereal and grounded. It’s minimalist but exquisitely detailed when you look closer. I look forward to seeing more of this in the future from Sofia Luzon. Head over to their site from 2nd April to buy the Ostara Bridal collection here.

Sofia Luzon Ostara Bridal Collection




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