Bridal & Honeymoon Lingerie Wishlist: Loadsa Gifts

Loadsa Gifts bridal lingerie - Rosa Euterpe Bra
Roza Euterpe Bra – £28.79

Time for an announcement! You might have gathered from a couple of hints and mentions I’ve dropped here and there, but I’m getting married this year, eek! In fact, I had a wedding dress fitting yesterday, accompanied by Char and my sister (two of my bridesmaids), which prompted me that I have lots of wedding lingerie related ideas and posts to share!

I’m planning to discuss some lingerie “solutions” – i.e. bras that work under strapless or backless wedding dresses, basques for different cup and band sizes, and shapewear for fitted dresses – but I’ve also been slowly gathering links to items of more pretty lingerie, the honeymoon pieces, let’s say. A couple of these posts will be reviews to show how well these solutions pieces work for my large cup, small band size; others will simply be “oh-my-goodness-how-beautiful-is-this” style wishlists.

Up first, I’m focusing in on one particular bridal lingerie retailer: Loadsa Gifts, i.e.. one of the “ooh so pretty” ones!

I should give you a quick run down first of what I’m looking at for our wedding day. Without revealing too much about my dress, I’m actually going quite controversial and (shock, horror!) not planning to wear a bra. I did however get one bra that would work with my dress, but thanks to the shaping and boning without the bodice, I actually don’t need it. Review of that bra coming soon though!

I’ve gone back and forth over whether to have a suspender belt and stockings under my dress too, but the wedding is at the end of May, so I don’t need them for warmth, plus I think it would end up being more hassle than it’s worth, fiddling with various levels of lingerie under a dress.

Loadsa Gifts - STM Modern Love Teddy
STM Modern Love Teddy – £29.99

So basically, I’m going to wearing knickers under my dress, and that’s it! For a lingerie blogger, I’m shocking myself. It means I’m on the lookout for a really pretty pair of knickers. If that’s going to be all the lingerie I need, it’s going to be something I really love.

I am however planning to make the most of bridal lingerie though – it’s the only chance I’ll have to do so. As such, I’m planning to have a lingerie set and robe for getting ready in the morning (plus ones for my lovely bridesmaids too, it’s the least I can do!). And on top of that, I’m planning to purchase more white lingerie sets as honeymoon lingerie. I’ve showed Ben a couple of prospective ideas and he’s pulled faces  at many of them – we have very different lingerie tastes! – so in reality, these are all for me, but that’s what lingerie is for me anyway.

So while I might only need a pair of knickers and a garter for my leg for the day, I want more than just this. And fortunately, I’ve discovered a veritable wealth of bridal lingerie retailers and designers out there.

All of the pieces in this post are from Loadsa Gift’s bridal selection – they’re pieces that are not only gorgeous (I’m really appreciating the combination of delicate lace with white fabric), but they’re budget friendly too, mostly between £20 and £40. Seriously, I could spend hundreds on bridal lingerie I’ve seen around the internet, but with this selection, I wouldn’t need to! And considering how much we’re already spending on the wedding, having these options is a massive vote in their favour in my books.

And while I’m here, I’ll just add that Loadsa Gifts don’t just offer bridal lingerie – they have a big selection of other gorgeous lingerie, I’m just highlighting my favourite pieces of bridal lingerie here!

Loadsa Gifts bridal lingerie - Roza Nefretete bra
Roza Nefretete bra – £22.99 & Briefs – £15.99
Loadsa Gifts bridal lingerie - STM Eyelash Lace Romper
STM Eyelash Lace Romper – £37.99
Loadsa Gifts bridal lingerie - Sweetheart Corset by Gracya
Sweetheart Corset by Gracya – £58.99
Loadsa Gifts - Kalisi Soft Cup bra
Kalisi Soft Cup bra – £25.99
Loadsa Gifts - Beauty night Maggie Dressing Gown
Beauty Night Maggie Dressing Gown – £29.99
Loadsa Gifts bridal lingerie - Roza Euterpe Suspender
Roza Euterpe Suspender – £21.99

This is a collaborative post.


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