Bridal Trousseau: Vivisence Jasmine 32G & Eva Lingerie Bohemian Kimono

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

It’s time for another bridal trousseau lingerie review, and again, I’m being counterintuitive by sharing a lingerie look from after the wedding before sharing my actual bridal lingerie! I thought I might as well get on with the reviews though while I’m very very patiently (not!) awaiting the final edits of our wedding day photos including my bridal lingerie.

Although today you’re actually getting a closer look at the robe I wore for getting ready! I’d planned to wait to share it, but I ended up wearing it so much on our minimoon in the Cotswolds that it ended up in this set of photos #sorrynotsorry. So let’s start by looking at that before we move onto the bra underneath.

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Eva Lingerie Bohemian Chic Kimono review

First things first, you should know that I’ve been a bit obsessed with robes lately. I feel like they make the perfect finishing touch for loungewear, considering that we live in North Yorkshire and it’s usually just a little bit too chilly to lounge around in just lingerie all day. In addition to that, I’ve been digging into the depths of the indie lingerie designers of the web to find pretty and unusual robes for wedding-getting-ready (I feel this needs  a better name?!). I have a list as long as my arm – no, longer! – of beautiful robes that I still want to buy and wear for our proper honeymoon later in the year. I feel like I say this all the time right now, but keep your eyes peeled for that wishlist!

So when Eva Lingerie got in touch to offer us some lingerie to review and I realised I was sized out of their lingerie range, I decided to take a look at what else they had to offer and spotted this piece of art. Because, look at it – if this isn’t a work of art, I don’t know what is!

For me, I like a robe to be swishy and flowy; lightweight and soft; delicate and pretty. And this robe ticks every box for me.

I’m not really the traditional bride – while I’ve tended to veer towards white or ivory lingerie for bridal guides, I’ve also had my eyes open for pieces with splashes of colour. This watercolour print is exactly what I wanted and what I had envisioned wearing during my wedding morning.

The length of the robe that reaches just below my knees was ideal for all the visitors and guests we had that morning, meaning I could sit under my hairdresser’s machine and in the make up artist’s chair without worrying that I was flashing everyone. It also makes for a very swishable robe.

The Eva Lingerie Bohemian Chic robe is available in sizes XS to XXL on the Eva Lingerie website for £126. For me, this is a piece of loungewear that’s totally worth that price, as I considered buying robes for the wedding 3 or 4 times that price!

I’ll leave it there for now as you’ll hopefully see more of it when some more photos come back, but seriously, new favourite piece of lingerie loungewear right here!

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review
Literally not a clue why this image has black boxes on it! It seems to have got corrupted when exporting – will try to fix and update, but at least you can see the lingerie!

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Vivisense Jasmine Bra – Appearance & Shape

Speaking of new favourites, here’s another! I first had the chance to try a Vivisence bra from Other Eden with the Kate backless bra earlier this year which makes for an excellent “solution” piece of underwear. I really liked what that bra offered for the price, so I was only too happy when they asked me to review another. This time I picked the Vivisence Jasmine bra and briefs so I could review an everyday set that could also double up as bridal lingerie.

The Jasmine bra is a semi-padded shape, meaning that the lower half of the cup, which is split into two sections with a vertical seam, has foam padding, whereas the upper piece is constructed out of lace. While the padded part of the cup is technically a half-cup, the full bra provides full coverage and a very uplifted shape.

I personally think the bra is pretty, particularly for an everyday bra. Bras with lace can so easily tumble into the realm of “granny”, but this one manages to avoid that and looks minimalistically modern.

The bra fastens at the back with 3 sets of 2 rows of hooks and eyes. The straps are fully adjustable.

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra reviewEva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Size, fit & comfort

I chose the Vivisence Jasmine in a 32G (equivalent to a UK 32FF) and the matching briefs in a size 12.

With my previous Vivisence bra, I tried a 32F. This wasn’t a terrible fit for a piece of solution lingerie, but I could have done with a larger cup size, which is why I chose to go up in the cup for this one. They don’t have a FF cup, so this was the next size up.

The 32G is a good fit – the cups are absolutely perfect, I literally can’t say a single bad thing about the fit of these. I would even go so far as to say that this is the best fitting full coverage bra I’ve tried and currently own. The wires are typical of a Polish brand, being significantly narrower than British brands, meaning that it has more depth and coverage that much better suits my breast shape.

The band, however, is definitely on the large side – I do have to fasten it on the tightest hooks. I did suspect as much as I normally wear a 28GG or 30G, so ideally I could do with a band size down, however this doesn’t put me off wearing it in the slightest. In fact, it’s so comfortable and I love the fit of the cups so much that I wear it very frequently – in fact, I wanted to keep it unworn for as long as possible for my bridal trousseau and totally failed!

The cup fabric and main body of the bra and briefs are made from a soft and smooth microfibre which makes the set extremely comfortable to wear against the skin. I really love details like this that make a set so much more wearable everyday. Speaking of the briefs, these too are a good fit. I would describe them as mid-rise and they’re very comfortable – they don’t ride up or fall down at all. They’re one pair that I grab frequently from my knicker drawer because of this!

The Vivisence Jasmine bra is available to buy on the Other Eden website for £14.96-£15.86, which I think is a fantastic price for a full bust bra. I’m definitely an advocate of Vivisence’s affordable pricing and very good quality right now! There are only limited sizes left on their site, but you can buy more sizes of this bra on Amazon, from 32-44 D-H (with no double letters included).

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review

Eva Lingerie bridal robe with Vivisence Jasmine bra review



  1. Sonia
    June 25, 2018 / 2:32 am

    It looks like you are absolutely glowing, basking in the joy of marriage. Your lingerie choice looks fantastic and it agrees with your curvaceous body.

  2. Dom
    August 14, 2018 / 8:44 am

    So missing your posts on lingerie….hurry back


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