Calvin Klein Vixen Plunge Review: 32C

When Figleaves got in touch with us to tell us all about their amazing Valentine’s Day offer (there’s still time to make a last minute order!!) I decided to go a pick a couple of wild card choices, and one which was a little more in keeping with what I generally buy / wear. Valentine’s lingerie feels like one of those occasions to do that: I went all out with the incredibly Dita Von Teese that I reviewed last week, and there’s still another mystery card to come!

On the Monday before before Valentine’s Day, however, I’m playing it slightly safer with a romantic twist on my usual style. It’s a Calvin Klein set and I LOVE it. It’s lace details and colour make it special enough for a gift / a wear on the 14th, but it’s something that could (and will!) wear every single day.

The Calvin Klein Vixen Plunge Lightly Lined is (currently!) available in sizes 30D, 34A, 34C, and 36A for £51 at Figleaves, however it is 30% off at £35.70 in the Valentine’s sale. The matching thong is available in size large at £25.00 at Figleaves, but 30% off at £17.50 for Valentine’s!

Shape and Appearance

The description for this set describes a ‘delicate leopard patterned lace’, which I don’t think I would have got looking at it on my own, but I totally see now! I’m a bit of secret leopard print lover, so this subtle take on the leopard print (which can be a bit full on in other designs, I’ll admit) is amazing for me. That lace also extends over the band of the bra (and in the thongs) to a gorgeous eyelash overlapping. The colour, described as ‘brazen’, is a gorgeous, muted Burgundy tone red. I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘brazen’ myself—that puts me more in mind of a bold orange-red—but I love the shade.

The design of this bra is really beautifully crafted, with the lovely look of the triangle style extending up into the straps, but with a little support from the plunge style in the ‘lightly lined’ cups—and it’s good to note, here, that when they say ‘lightly’, it is indeed very lightly lined! This isn’t necessarily a bra I’ll be recommending to Sian anytime soon, but it more than does the job for me. The stripes / lines up along the edges of the cups lend a little bit of an athletic feel to this design, which I really like.

Unfortunately, the cups on this style don’t fit me completely perfectly. Whilst the triangle style often works well for my fuller on the bottom breast type, I actually find in this style that the cups are very slightly too shallow for me, and can result in a little overflow…Also, at the edge of the cups under the armpits, I occasionally get a little bit gaping / folding in the fabric. I’m not certain why that happens, and it isn’t enough to bother me, but is enough to make a note of!

The bra fastens with three sets of two hooks and eyes and the straps are fully adjustable.

Sizing, Fit and Comfort

I first tried this bra in my usual 30D, but found that the bra was incredibly tight, and so sized up to my sister size of 32C—although, to be honest, I think I could have gotten away with a 32D. Although the 30 band did technically fit (at least, it did up) I’m not a fan of over-tight bands, and prefer a slightly looser fit for comfort. I think that tightness in probably exacerbated in style like this, where the band and straps are more narrow than I’m used to, and so the pressure is increased on a smaller area. If you’re between band sizes, or prefer a more comfortable fit around the band, I would certainly recommend sizing up in this style.

Similarly with the cups, which I found to be slightly shallow, I think I could probably have done with a size up. It isn’t enough to get that annoying quad-boobing, but is enough to notice if you look closely (and in case you haven’t already noticed on this blog I have a best friend looking VERY CLOSELY 😉

In the 32C I found I very comfortable fit which I’ll happily wear for a full day out and about! The thong, in a medium, is also potentially the most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn! I’d usually go for a Brazilian brief or boy short to match, but this set only came with the thong option, and I’m so glad it did! Incredibly comfortable, and a very pretty match.


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