The Cinderella Bra: Masquerade Alice Plunge Bra Review 28FF

Masquerade Alice Lingerie Set

Alice Bra by Masquerade 28FF

As you might know by now, I’m a big fan of plunge bras. I think it’s the conditioning that we all get from advertising, magazines, the world around us, that bras should be something to push your boobs inwards and upwards for fantastic cleavage. A bit unfortunate really because that kind of cleavage usually comes from poorly fitting bras (I’m looking at you Victoria’s Secret Angels!), so I was “conditioned” to achieve that look with bras back before I knew how they should fit, meaning I still try to get that look today. Luckily I’ve got a fairly rounded shape naturally, so all I need is a good plunge bra to push them into the middle and I’m set.
When My Curves and Me contacted us to ask if we’d be interested in reviewing anything for them, I jumped on this bra straight away; it was everything I wanted in a bra. The Alice plunge bra by Masquerade* is, well, a plunge with the most beautiful mint colour and floral embroidery: perfect in my eyes. Before this bra and the Masquerade Hestia Basque I reviewed recently, I’d never tried anything from Panache’s Masquerade line, thinking it was a bit sultry and over the top, much preferring their Cleo line. Well, now I’ve moved away from Cleo bras and am preferring the styles created by Masquerade, particularly their vertical seaming and seductive charms. This bra is a 28FF.

Cinderella Bra Masquerade Alice 28FF Masquerade Alice Bra Masquerade Alice Bra Review


Now is it just us that compares bras to Disney all the time?! So far we’ve had a Jasmine inspired bra reviewed by Charley and I’ve reviewed a Curvy Kate bra that I compared to mermaids, in particular, Ariel. And now we give you:
The Cinderella Bra
What do you think? Well, we, being Disney enthusiasts to say the least, decided to go with it and themed a little bit of a shoot around it, including Charley’s sparkly “glass” slippers and tiara, set in front the fireplace (full of cinders?!). So appearance is fairly obvious: frosty green blue with a lacey embroidered overlay, an oversized satin bow on the gore and a plunge cup. The cups are also vertically seamed meaning you get a lovely pushed up shape (which is very difficult to find in my size!).
I also got the matching knickers (in a size 10) which are absolutely gorgeous. They have the same bow and embroidered floral design on the front, and the side panels and back are in that frosty mint satin material. It’s difficult to tell, but they have a lovely shape.

Masquerade Alice 28 Band Masquerade Alice Knickers

Sizing, fit and comfort

I went for a 28FF in this bra after reading reviews on Bratabase of it saying that the cups ran slightly large. I’m generally a 28G now and initially went for the 28G, but then changed my mind and ordered the 28FF instead. It is actually slightly too small in the cup I’d say – I do get a bit of spillage after an hour or so’s wear, but not enough to make it uncomfortable or unattractive – in fact, I’ve got that cleavage I was talking about earlier! So I would be better in a 28G, and if I were to order from Masquerade again, that’s definitely the size I would go for – my normal size.
The band is about spot on for me – I can wear it comfortably on the loosest hooks, although it won’t be long until I’m onto the tighter ones as I run a little closer to a 26 band (although that’s kind of out of reach in general at the moment!). The band has, as usual, 3 rows of 2 hooks.
The straps are only partially adjustable which may be an issue for some, but I’m above average height and have lower set breasts, so that’s okay for me.
And the wire width is about right for me too – slightly wider than Freya I’d say. I need wide-ish wires anyway, so that’s good.
Overall, it’s very comfortable for everyday wear, especially if I need cleavage! The only issue I have with it is that the detailing might show through thinner or tighter clothes, but I don’t think I tend to wear things like that much so it’s not too much of a problem. It’s now one of my favourite bras!

Cinderella Lingerie Masquerade Alice

The Masquerade Alice Plunge Bra is available from My Curves and Me for only £20 (reduced from £40 and definitely worth it!) in sizes 28-38 D-G. I’ve also found it on Amazon in black for £12 to £17 (depending on the size) in a range of sizes and at Figleaves for £33 (but I much prefer the minty colour). And there’s also a cup sized slip version available too at Figleaves in black.



  1. annoyingbranerd
    March 28, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    Your links to shopsense made my virus alert go crazy.

  2. Marie Cherry.
    September 19, 2014 / 5:24 pm

    Hi, yes I’d like to buy that bra but am not too sure on plung bra, I think they don’t suit my boobs, which are set a bit apart and heavier on the bottom (I think balconnette suits me best), also usually plunge bras go to high and the bit where the cup get togehter with the straps annoy me near the armpits.. you think this one is different though? For example I can wear the Freya Deco without problem.. thanks!

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