Guest Cup: Cleo by Panache Kali Bra Review – 30D

Kali balconette bra review Cleo Panache

Kali balconette bra review Cleo Panache

Hello, my name is Izzy and I am the youngest sister of your beloved bra blogger Char. As a woman of 19, I’m always on the look out for the cool, hip trends which will also make me feel confident and fierce. Since surviving through puberty, I’ve almost finally become comfortable in my body and mind, which we all know goes through many turbulent years during the teens. My idol is Beyonce, and ever since ‘Lemonade’ dropped, I’ve truly been “feelin myself” these past few months.  Similarly to my Queen Bey, I like to think that I’m a winner in the backside department (which is a gift that runs in our family), so when it comes to clothes, I usually go for tight around the bum and thighs, and then reasonably fitted, but also comfy and slouchy on top. Now, unlike the bum, I have rather small boobies. This is also something that seems to run in the females of our family. So, in terms of underwear, I’ve never paid much attention – mainly because I only realised recently that underwear isn’t just something you have to wear when you hit secondary school…

Kali balconette bra review Cleo PanacheKali balconette bra review Cleo PanacheKali balconette bra review Cleo Panache

When Char started to take an interest in bras, I regrettably didn’t care too much. However, after a trip to a fancy bra shop to be measured with our mum, I found out that a well fitted, well made, and pretty bra can really boost your confidence, just like a good old tight pair of jeans. After a few Christmas presents where Char has unsubtly measured me, I was finally given permission by Big Cup and Little Cup to choose MY OWN BRA to try.

Kali balconette bra review Cleo PanacheKali balconette bra review Cleo PanacheKali balconette bra review Cleo Panache

Onto the boobies; I own a practical pair of 30Ds, with one booby extraordinarily bigger than the other which is funny for my sister to laugh at. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I like clothes that make me feel confident – I aim for a less expensive, age appropriate Kim K (say what you will about her, she’s doing what she wants, and she’s looking great). I also like clothes that are a bit different and will make people say “Ooh that’s cool, I’ve never seen that”. I’m quite vague. Anyway, all these pointers led me to pick a delightful bra called the ‘Kali Balconette Bra’ by Cleo by Panache in the Figleaves sale via Love the Sales. This bra is bright orange and has really nice heart details and a kind of soft mesh material on the cup. Of course, the orange colour made it an automatic winner in my eyes, which screams “look at my cool and different fashion choices, even though you can’t see it”. It is super comfortable, and even my little boobies feel supported in it. I also like the nice detail under the cup saying “crafted for fit. Styled for fun”; they couldn’t be more correct. It has certainly fitted well, and this bra is fun all over. Look at that colour, those patterns, that risqué yet youthful shape! If you have a similar taste in clothes to myself, then this bra really is perfect. Even the straps stay secure on my shoulders, which has been a problem for me in all the other bras I own. Overall, this bra has not only made me feel like I’m keeping my boobies healthy, but it is also making me feel like the queen I am.

Kali balconette bra review Cleo PanacheKali balconette bra review Cleo Panache


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