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Comexim Irish Coffee bra & briefs

Comexim Irish Coffee ZathiyaAt Big Cup Little Cup, we’re always looking to support new and emerging brands, whether they’re independent designers (like our Bosom Galore post the other day) or stores looking to stock our old favourites, so when Zathiya got in touch to introduce their site earlier this year, we were really pleased. We’ve now been working with the site for over a month (spot the banner in our sidebar where you can get free shipping on your order to anywhere in the world using our code!), and the lovely owner, Aisha, also wondered if I’d be interested in reviewing an item for them, mentioning that they were soon to be stocking Comexim, I couldn’t say no!
I’ve tried Polish bras before in the form of Ewa Michalak and been very impressed. While I don’t necessarily need the narrower wires that Polish bras tend to offer, the depth of the cups can be very helpful for me, plus they just seem to do a larger range of sizes in their standard lines, and their bras are just generally more beautiful than a lot of British brands! I’ve heard a lot about Comexim, in particular about how they can create a custom bra for you, reducing cup height, extending the gore etc. I wanted to give a Comexim bra a chance in its “natural state”, and since I don’t tend to have issues with cup height or anything usually, I don’t really need that anyway, but it’s nice to have the option to be able to suit a lot more breast shapes with one bra.
Aisha let me know a few of the styles she was planning to stock, and I picked the Irish Coffee* from these. The harder part though was deciding on a size! The bras follow the Polish system, but this is different to the one Ewa Michalak uses as their are no double letters aside from HH (for some reason!). It’s usually recommended with Comexim to just use your usual size (so I guess counting along the letters to figure it out), but I followed the size chart to find mine (more on that below), and came out with 65J.
Aisha got that on order for me, and from it being dispatched (from Poland for me) to arriving in the UK only took about 4 days for me – pretty good I’d say! So how did I get on with the set itself?

Appearance & Shape

Comexim Irish Coffee bra 65J

Comexim Irish Coffee


Comexim Irish Coffee set

Comexim Irish Coffee briefs
And yet another gorgeous bra! Well, I wouldn’t be choosing something I didn’t like the look of, would I?! The blurb on Zathiya’s page for this set describes it as being like a cup coffee with a thin layer of cream of the top, yet to be stirred in, and I’d say this is an excellent description for it. It has a pretty cream colour laced covering the cups and body of the bra as well as the front section of the briefs, and a darker brown colour underneath. It’s a bra that could work as a more detailed “nude” coloured one for some women.
One thing I really love about this set is the bows – I’m not hugely for or against bows being used in underwear, but I like to have the choice to have them with or without, as I don’t think they always need to be hugely feminine, but here they’re a lovely addition in a salmon pink. The ones on the briefs are my favourite as they give an illusion of almost being suspender straps.
This is a moulded cup, but has a slightly different shape to most of the moulded cups I usually wear in that it’s slightly more closed along the top edge and angles in slightly (more on how this affects the fit in a minute). The cup is in three parts and gives a pushed into the middle cleavage rather than a pushed upwards “cakes on a plate” look.

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

Comexim Irish Coffee

Comexim bra

Comexim Irish Coffee review

Comexim Irish Coffee bra


I chose to get the Comexim Irish Coffee bra in a size 65J, which I believe is approximately a 30G/GG. I’m identifying as a 28GG/H at the moment, so is about right cup-wise. I decided to choose my size in this based on the size chart here – I measure around 67-68cm underbust at the moment, and 97cm overbust which stuck me right onto the border of 65J/K. Aisha was warned by Comexim that the bands are true to size in cm (ie. a 65 band would only stretch to 65cm), but to honest, I don’t find this to be the case. The 65 band fits me just about right on the loosest hooks at the moment, but I could easily go tighter without any discomfort and could probably get away with a 60 band (technically a 28). I’d say to go with what you usually wear (ie. 28=60, 30=65, 32=70 etc.) with Comexim’s bands.
Cup wise, the size is just about right for me, although the shape is a very slight mismatch – in some of the above photos, you might notice a very slight quadboob creeping in. This usually suggests that the cup is too small, but here I think it’s more a case of the edges of the cup being angled in slightly too sharply for my full on top, tall rooted shape, so going up a cup size wouldn’t necessarily help with this. It’s not too severe with the cutting in though, so I can definitely still get away with it (and I do, this is on very regular rotation for me at the moment!).
Wires wise, they’re just on the too-narrow side for me, but only just, again, not so much that I feel uncomfortable wearing it. Comexim are known for more narrow wires though, and I’m okay with average wires at the moment, so I knew it was possible they might be too narrow for me.
The straps are fully adjustable on the Irish Coffee, always a plus, and the band has 3 rows of 3 hooks – again, another plus! I find it very comfortable to wear on a day to day basis (although not on consecutive days – wear your bras wisely, ladies!).
And a quick note on the briefs, I normally wear a UK size 10 briefs, whereas I wear a UK size 8 in general – I size up in briefs since I don’t like the “squish” you can get from knicker elastic! I got these in a size medium and they are a perfect fit – they have just the right amount of coverage and fit really nicely. I really like the shape of them too.

The Comexim Irish Coffee bra is, of course, available to buy at Comexim in a 60 D-N, 65 B-M, 70 A-L, 75 A-K, 80 A-J, 85 B-HH, 90 C-G. You can also buy it at Zathiya in various sizes for $50 with free worldwide shipping (using our code in the sidebar, BCLCFSHP). The briefs are available in XS to XXL for $18.
The Comexim Arabella is also available to buy at Zathiya at the moment too.

Have you tried Comexim before? And have you ever ordered from Zathiya? We’ve been very impressed with their service and the fact that they’re a US store stocking Comexim!



  1. kai
    October 20, 2015 / 6:46 pm

    hi. i want to buy my first comexim bra but i dont know what size to get. i think we are about the same size boobs. just want to compare. what is your underbust measurement? overbust – leaning over? overbust – standing with bra?

    • admin
      November 2, 2015 / 3:18 pm

      Hi there – sorry it’s taken so long to respond to this, I had to redo my measurements and find a tape measure for it! My underbust tends to fluctuate but is mostly around 27″. Overbust leaning over is around 37″ and standing with a bra around 35.5″ (without is about 36.5″).
      Hope that helps!

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