Comexim Tropical Garden Review: 65J

Comexim Tropical Garden review

I reviewed a Comexim bra via Zathiya on the blog last year, and after getting on so well with it, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I ended up owning more of them. When I finally came to make my order, I went back and forth on choosing which ones to go for and this one made the cut because of the gorgeous updated tap pant style briefs that went with it in the product listing.
Unfortunately when this set, along with the other I ordered arrived, I was surprised to discover that I’d actually received the thong version. While this was really pretty in itself, I was really disappointed because it was the shorts I’d mainly ordered this set for. I got in touch with Anna at Comexim who explained that the English translation of the page hadn’t worked properly and that there are two versions of the briefs which is much more obvious if you look at the page in Polish and I’d be wanting the “Szorto-stringi” rather than the “Stringi”. Luckily she was only too happy to send me out the short version free of charge due to the mix up and these arrived quickly afterwards.
My original order took around 3 weeks from purchase to delivery which isn’t too bad really considering that they are made to order and come from Poland. The shorts must have been pushed forward after that as they arrived more quickly – great customer service there!

Comexim Tropical Garden review Comexim Tropical Garden review

Appearance & Shape

The Comexim Tropical Garden bra and briefs are a bright coloured floral set with a mix of green leaves, red, pink & blue flowers on a black background. The bra is split into 3 foam cup parts, with the upper cup section in solid black and the floral lower cup part split into 2 with a vertical seam. When I ordered, I actually thought the cup fabric was that shiny, satin-like fabric, but in fact both the floral and black are a stretch mesh overlaid on foam. I was surprised by this but I still really lovely the design – the solid black panel gives it a much more updated look than all over floral would do.
The bra has a large ribbon bow at the centre gore, then the straps and band are all in black.
The briefs are made of the same stretch floral mesh with a smaller bow at the front centre. I really love this set together, but I’m still a little disappointed in the briefs as they don’t look quite the same as the product photo – they sit a lot higher up on the model’s waist and appear wider. I do like the way they look as they are, but the shape on the model seems a lot more vintage and what I was going for.
The bra style is a typical Comexim plunge which gives some pretty awesome cleavage, as you can see! Apparently the Tropical Garden style has cups that are lowered around 1.5cm from their other plunge bras so that you get a more revealing look.
The straps on this bra are fully adjustable and the band fastens with 4 rows of 3 sets of hook and eyes – 1 more row than the usual bra which means it has more room for adjustment, yay!

Comexim Tropical Garden review

Comexim Tropical Garden review

Sizing, fit & comfort

I chose the 65J in the Tropical Garden, which is the same as my Irish Coffee bra that fits me well. This is equivalent to around a 30G or 28GG in UK sizes – I tend to find Polish 65 bands to be on the tighter side of a 30 band, more of a 29 band if such a thing existed! The 65J is an ideal fit for me in this, woop!
It’s in fact a much better fit than my Irish Coffee and I think this is probably due to the slightly lowered top edge of the cup and the fact that it doesn’t have the edge angled in quite so much. The Irish Coffee has a ribbon finish on the top cup edge whereas the Tropical Garden simply has the foam edge covered with the black fabric, meaning it isn’t quite as closed, allowing room for my more full on top and tall rooted shape.
The wires seem to be ideal for me – narrower than most English brands but not quite as narrow as ones like my Avocado Reglisse which I can only just get away with.
The band also seems to be spot on too. I’m currently wearing it on the loosest hooks and it’s snug enough to stay in place while still being very comfortable.
I chose the briefs in a size medium for a comfortable fit and these seem just right to me.

The Tropical Garden bra is available to buy from Comexim in 60D-K up to a 95D, with up to sister sizes of the 60 band cup sizes, for 120zl (currently around £23). The briefs are available in sizes S to XXL.
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  1. Isis
    November 20, 2016 / 12:58 am

    Hi I was wondering if you kept your usual size. I’m Comexim I wear L/XL in szorty or figi, but in stringi I wear M bc my hip bone is 38″ and my bum is 42″ so I don’t know if u should go with my stringi size or my szorty size

    • admin
      November 20, 2016 / 4:10 pm

      Hi Isis, I did go for my usual size – I normally wear a size 10 (UK) in briefs and a size medium, and I chose a medium in these 🙂 My hip bone measurement is around 33″, and widest part of hips is about 38″ if that helps!

      • Isis
        November 23, 2016 / 12:58 am

        Thanks for the reply. I think you are right a L for my 43″ is the right choice since these aren’t like the pic. I just use M for actual thongs bc they are soo stretchy and come up too far.

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