Cybele Review: White Padded & Blue Floral Underwired Bras in 30D

Cybele white padded bra review

Cybele Underwired Non-Padded bra review

Little Cup here today with a review of a new brand to us — Cybele.

Cybele got in touch with us with a kind offer to review a few of their different designs from their new spring summer collection. Today I’m taking a closer look at one of their underwired soft cups as well as their basic, padded bra, both in my standard 30D, with briefs in a size 12.

You can find both of these styles online directly from Cybele, and even better news—they’re both currently reduced! You can get the white padded bra (also available in black and beige) at the discounted price of £20.40 (originally £25.50) and the underwired blue floral bra at £23.20 (usually £29). Both sets of briefs are also in the sale at the moment, so now’s the time to grab a Spring bargain!

White Padded Bra in 30D

I’ve come to depend on my padded bra from Cybele as something of essential piece. I have so many amazing, intricate, and colourful pieces of lingerie come my way because of this blog (thank you Big Cup Little Cup!!), but often I find myself searching through my drawers of excitement for a simple, staple piece that can be worn underneath a neutral or slim fitting top. Cybele’s padded bra certainly fits the bill!

Simple in design, with a standard padded shape and moulded cups. The white option features a subtle amount of detailing which goes the distance in making this bra feel a little more special than a t-shirt option, but doesn’t show through under snug fitting tops (which is starting to get more important as the weather warms up!) The scalloped lace overlapping the bottom of the band is lovely detail, and I love how it comes up and over the gore in between the cups.  There’s also a cute embellishment on the gore—a kind of swirling heart pattern in silver with a little gem in the middle.

The cups are made in a single piece, and are on the fuller side of coverage. I’d usually tend to opt for a half cup or balcony bra in a moulded cup, as I do find that my predominant problem in fitting is getting a little gape towards the tops of the cups—however, the D in this design fits beautifully! It provides a smooth, snugly fitted look with a good amount of support. The band is fairly tight but totally comfortable. A perfect prefect 30D fit for me from this design. The straps are also fully adjustable, and the band fastens with three sets of two hooks and eyes.

Underwired blue floral bra in 30D

On first unwrapping the underwired option from Cybele, I was surprised by just how pretty it was in person! I think it far outstrips the photographs of this design on the website (I think maybe because it’s slightly over style with that enormous necklace on that tiny model?!) Anyway—website photos aside—I think this is SUCH pretty bra for such a reasonable price! I love the deeper blue that makes up the majority of the design, and coupled with the mesh/lace floral overlay, it makes for a subtly spring themed style! Perfect to transition with, especially as we seem to be facing one week of winter weather followed by record high temperatures the next week in the UK at the moment…our wardrobes are in crisis! My knitwear doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.

I had such high hopes for the fit of this bra. As regular BCLC readers will know, I’m the first to complain that my boobs just-don’t-fit soft cup styles! I’ve managed to find a couple of favourites over the years: one from Avocado and another from Curvy Kate, but in all the years I’ve been writing and reviewing lingerie, those are the only two that come to mind as perfect fits.

This underwired design comes so close to being perfect, but just slightly misses out in the cups. For once, my problem isn’t gaping, it’s pulling! The mid part of fabric cups here seems to come in a little tight on me, giving a slightly compressed impression of chest and pulling down into a bit of a weird shape. The band fits beautifully, cups cut across at the perfect level for me, but unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be quite enough fabric for me to fill across the cup—rather an usual complaint from this side of the blog! The straps are also fully adjustable, and the band fastens with three sets of two hooks and eyes.

There has been a perfect fit for this bra though…it just wasn’t me! Luckily (for me or for her?!) my mum and I still have very similar bra sizes, and when something doesn’t fit me, I’ll always try it out on her. She generally prefers a slightly looser band than a 30 (although 30s totally fit her), so would ordinarily opt for a 32C or B. This bra, however, she LOVES. I think she feels a wee bit trendy in it. Again, like me, she struggles to find a perfect fit in soft cups (plus she prefers the addition coverage of a moulded cup having breastfed 3 babies through the years!). The Cybele underwired bra seems to give her enough coverage to feel comfortable, which I think probably has something to do with the darker fabric (she usually goes for whites / nudes). As her breasts have become less dense over the years, the cups give her enough volume, and it looks AMAZING on her.

There are plenty of upsides from having a lingerie blogger for a daughter, especially their boobs have been inherited!

If I can convince her to take some photos, we’ll show them off to you on our instagram…

Overall I’m super impressed with the sets from Cybele! Although their materials and fabrics aren’t luxury quality, the designs are fabulous, and these pieces offer fantastic value for money. The fits are great, and I would totally recommend trying them out for an everyday style.

A quick nod to the briefs—which are WONDERFUL! Both sets pair really beautifully with their bras, but what I love most are the designs. Perfect coverage, zero-wedgie score (you have to know we’ll mention it!!), and super flattering. If I could wear them every day, I would. But occasionally they have to be washed. If you’re investing in a bra from this brand, then definitely splash out to complete the set: you will not be disappointed!

Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of Big Cup Cybele reviews coming up soon too!



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