Dita Von Teese Black Dahlia Review: 30D

Dita von Teese Figleaves Valentine's Day sale

Valentine’s Day can be controversial celebration these days, but in my opinion it remains the PERFECT excuse to treat yo’ self. When the lovely folk at Figleaves offered to send us a little Valentine treat, I decided to go all out with this incredible Dita Von Teese set. Dita is a brand that has frequently featured on Sian and I’s wishlists and lingerie lusts, but we’ve never actually tried them out.

Harness styles and suspender belts aren’t normally my go-to look in lingerie, but with V-Day right around corner, I figured it was perfect excuse to step out of my comfort zone and try out something a little more risqué. And I’m SO glad that I did. It can become so easy to stick to the same tried and tested old favourites, even when you’re a lingerie blogger! I often imagine that sets like the Dahlia, with all their extra frills and fastenings, might be less comfortable than my usual favourites, but I’m delighted to say that that is definitely not the case.

Inspired by her burlesque origins, Dita Von Teese sets are sumptuous and intricate in design, and utterly sublime in the execution of their details. This set makes me feel more than a little Liza Minnelli a la Cabaret; and I LOVE IT.

This full set is reduced by 30% in the Figleaves Valentine’s sale, originally it would have cost you £137, now the full set is just £95.90Dita Von Teese Black Dahlia Balconette Bra is available in sizes 30B to 38D for £42 in the sale at Figleaves. The matching bikini briefs are available in sizes 8 to 16 for £24.50 in the sale at Figleaves, and the suspender belt in sizes 10 to 18 for £29.40.

Shape and Appearance

There’s so much to love in this set: it could almost be too much, but the set seems to combine all it’s elements into one seamless, beautiful design that doesn’t overwhelm as a whole. The strapping detail, overlapping lace, metal fixtures and velvet accents combine to make a truly stunning set that feels the absolute epitome of luxury. It honestly makes me feel a little bit like a superhero when I wear it; as though this is set is the costume I can take on the world in. Maybe that’s the point. Although mostly I’ll be keeping a layer on top of it and not showing off my costume too many people at a time…

First thing’s first, the fabrics on this set are utterly gorgeous. Occasionally you come across items that look like a luxury design in photographs, but in person feel a little flimsy. The fabrics used in this set are absolutely beautiful and incredibly well put together. It’s such a sturdy design (that doesn’t sound like the right word to use to describe such a beautiful set of lingerie, but it’s the best way I can think to put it!), and feels like it could last a lifetime, even after several washes.

The black lace which overlays the front part of the bra is so intricate and beautifully made. I love the largeness of the flower design, which I haven’t often found in lingerie. Mostly I encounter smaller floral patterns, and the boldness of this lace really contributes to the epic look of the set overall. The black lace overlaps a layer of black mesh, and then another layer of nude fabric. All those fabrics stack up to a beautiful impression overall: it’s almost impossible to tell that so much as gone into it until you really closely. My favourite design element here is probably the precisely crafted lace overlapping on the top and bottom of the cups: not too much, not too little—just enough to showcase that beautiful fabric against the skin!

And that’s before we even get on to the strapping details, which are beautifully executed in a thick elasticated velvet, with small bows adorning the point at which the straps meet. These straps are fairly tight, which I like, but I do think could potentially be a little too tight on a bust that is heavier on top. All the fixtures on the set, including the hoops on the bra and the beautifully designed strap adjusters on the suspender belt (I’ve never seen any as delightfully vintage-looking!) are crafted from real metal, which really contribute to feel of luxury.

I find the wires on this design slightly narrower than in other brands, but not to the extend that I find bothersome. The cups are lightly padded, and are split into three parts, with the lower part of the cup separated into two by a vertical seam.

I don’t get much uplift from this bra, which I appreciate given the tightness of the straps above the cups. I think the black straps give enough accenting and emphasis without the need for a large cleavage—in fact, I think it would probably detract from the overall affect. The cups are very slightly large on me, especially given that this is a balconette style. It sits rather higher on the cups than other balconettes I’ve tried, but the (admittedly very slight) amount of gaping that I get at the top of the cups is covered by the overlapping lace.

Both the bra and suspender belt fasten with three sets of two hooks and eyes, and the straps are partially adjustable (only partial because of the lovely harness style detailing where the straps meet the band.

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

I chose my usual 30D in this set, with a size 10 suspender belt and size 12 bikini briefs. The bra fits pretty much perfectly, with only a slight hint of gaping towards the top of the cups. I think this primarily happens because it’s slightly fuller than the average balconette design, but the straps above the cups do assist in pulling it all in, and together!

Although I wouldn’t normally choose to sport such an intricate design on a daily basis, this style is surprisingly comfortable! The straps don’t rub or tickle, and although I wouldn’t necessarily wear the full set, including stockings and suspender belt, for a full day out and about, there’s nothing stopping me from doing so in terms of comfort! I think I could have sized down in the suspender belt to a size 8 (I have quite dramatic difference in waist to hip ratio, and I reckon a size 8 belt and size 12 briefs would have been the perfect combo for me…I know for next time!!). Occasionally I can feel the belt slipping around and am already wearing it on the tightest setting.

The briefs in this set are so comfortable and well designed. The straps sit at such a flattering angle on your hips, and…most importantly…they remain wedgie free throughout the day! Gold dust.

Ultimately, I was delightedly surprised by how secure and comfortable this set is for such an intricate, luxurious design. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something a little more daring, a little burlesque inspired, and more than a little comfortable! It makes me feel like Wonder Woman, and I hope it will make YOU feel like that too. So…treat yo’self. And please do share your Wonder Woman pose with us when you do…


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