Fantasie Rebecca Bra Review: 30G

Fantasie Rebecca bra review

First things first – technically this bra is labelled as “nude” by Fantasie, but I prefer to call it beige as what is usually named nude in the bra world is really only a suitable nude for some Caucasian women. As two rather pale ladies, Charley and I aren’t hugely qualified to talk about this issue, but we thought it was worth throwing into the ring when talking about it. If you’re interested in more background info on the subject, The Lingerie Addict has written at length about it, Sweet Nothings has listed some ideas of what else we can call shades of nude, and Bras & Body Image has detailed nude bras for women of colour in SS16.
But on with the review! Today’s bra is a sensible one – it may not be the prettiest, but it certainly fills a gap in my bra-drobe. I talked back in December about how I’m sorely lacking in a bra that I can wear invisibly under clothing since my Freya Deco in a 28FF just isn’t cutting it size-wise any more. So when Clara Olivia asked us to pick something to review, I knew I should be sensible and steer clear of all the pretties I normally veer towards and choose something that’s less represented in my lingerie drawer. I decided upon the Fantasie Rebecca bra in a 30G, not only because I needed something sensible, but for research – that’s my excuse for all the bras I buy, by the way πŸ˜‰ I’ve often suggested the Rebecca as another option to women who don’t fit the Deco shape but want something basic and moulded, so I wanted to try the very thing I was suggesting!
Before we get on with the review, Clara Olivia have very kindly offered 15% off to our readers with the code: SCLC15. Make sure to use it if you’re planning a purchase!
Here’s how I got on:

Fantasie Rebecca bra review Fantasie Rebecca bra review Fantasie Rebecca bra review

Shape & Appearance

As I mentioned already, the Fantasie Rebecca is not a super pretty bra but is an ideal basic with a couple of touches that elevate it slightly, such as the delicate diamond shaped lace/embroidery along the edge of the bridge, the bows on the gore and straps, and the detailing on the straps.
The cups are an entirely different thing altogether to what I’m used to. They are moulded, but rather than the usual stiff moulding that holds itself up (for example, in the Deco), or the kind of cut and sew foam that’s put together with seams (example, Ewa Michalak CHPs), it’s called Spacer foam. This is a more lightweight type of foam that kind of reminds me of memory foam in the way that it squashes (although don’t squash it too hard as it’s quite delicate!). It felt a little strange at first because it has the lightness of a soft cup but a seam free shape. The spacer foam has the weird effect of being both smooth but not entirely forgiving as I’d imagine it shows up any fitting issues through the cup fabric. After I’d got used to the feel of the fabric though, I realised it’s really quite comfortable. It gives a very natural tear drop shape on me.
This is most definitely a full cup – only my second ever proper one! It’s interesting to note that though many people think that fuller busts can only wear full cups (or that these are the only options out there), I’ve never had to turn to a fuller cup and pick them up by choice occasionally. They’re not my first choice as I prefer a more pushed up shape usually, and if I want a natural shape, I want to wear something super pretty. The effect of this bra is also entirely separated – my breasts do not touch at all in this bra, which feels a little strange to me! So this is entirely different to my usual choices.
The bra fastens with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes in this size and the straps are half adjustable.

Fantasie Rebecca bra review Fantasie Rebecca bra review

Size, fit & comfort

I chose a 30G in the Fantasie Rebecca as, though  my usual size is a 28GG, the sizing only starts at a 30 band, so I took my sister size. I do find the band to be a little on the larger size – as you can see in the back view, I’m experiencing an ever so slight riding up of the band, but could move onto tighter hooks to stop this. The band fit is comfortable though and perfect for days where my ribs are a little sore (from costochondritis).
The cup size seems to fit well for me. The wire width is just ever so slightly too wide, but narrower than most UK brands, and not so much so that it’s uncomfortable to wear at all. The only issue I have with cup fit is that at the very top of the cup where it meets the straps, I experience a very small amount of gaping. This is interesting as I have an even to full on top shape, so don’t often have gaping at the top of the cup, but I imagine it’s due to the full cup shape which continues above where my breast tissue naturally ends when it’s allowed to sit naturally. Most bras I wear have some sort of lifting effect, whether from the sides or below, but the Rebecca has very little to none of this, meaning that where my tissue is normally lifted upwards, it isn’t here, so leaves tiny gaps.
I do find the wires at the gore sit slightly on the tissue at my cleavage as my breasts are fairly close set at this point and the shape of the bra (as a separated full cup) pushes them outward and apart. It’s not a shape I’d usually pick, but would be good for those who like separation, especially if you experience irritation due to heat, humidity or skin on skin.
Comfort-wise, it does pretty well most of the time, but I do have one problem with it – the edge of the hook and eye tape, strangely enough! For some reason, the edge of the fastening where it joins the band is quite “sharp” and irritates my skin – so much so that I actually had to take it off while cooking tea the other night – not something I’d usually do! It’s sort of itchy and stabby at the same time. It’s not a major problem, and I wouldn’t think it’s a consistent issue with all Fantasie Rebecca bras (has anyone else experienced it?) as I think it’s just one of those minor construction errors, but it’s worth checking if you purchase one to make sure yours doesn’t have the same just in case it irritates you too.
But overall, the bra fits its purpose in my drawer – it’s seamless in the cups and matches my skin tone quite well, making it invisible under tight white tops (which yes, even though I’m super clumsy, I do own). It’s not my favourite shape, but it works, and it’s most definitely sensible.

The Fantasie Rebecca is available in sizes 30-36 D to GG, 38 D to G, 40 D to FF. It is available to buy in black, white and beige from Clara Olivia for £37.75 (but don’t forget your 15% off code with SCLC15), as well as Bravissimo, Figleaves (also in Denim, Honeysuckle and Teal), Amazon and Brastop. It has also been reviewed by:
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  1. Margaret
    March 4, 2016 / 3:02 am

    I rub a nail file along the edge of that sharp scratchy bit when I get a bra like that. It softens and smoothes it enough to relieve the issue.

    • admin
      March 4, 2016 / 8:49 am

      That’s a brilliant idea – never thought of that! I’ll give it a go, thank you πŸ™‚

  2. March 17, 2016 / 8:02 pm

    I think the natural shape it gives you, though different than usual, looks great and will probably fit awesomely under tight clothing! πŸ™‚ I’m not a fan of these kind of spacer bras either (I tried Cari, from Panache, here: and didn’t become a fan…), but they sure are comfortable!!! πŸ˜‰

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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