Freya Patsy Bra Review 28D from Large Cup Lingerie

Freya Patsy Review 28D

When Sian told me that I would be receiving a package from ‘Large Cup Lingerie’, I laughed in her face. Quite literally, laughed in her face. (Disclaimer: it wasn’t actually literally in her face, it was in e-mail form. Please read below, for your enjoyment.)

From Sian:
 “Also, the woman who owns this site is reaaally lovely: I told her we were looking around for 28D/30Cs for you and she said that even though she doesn’t have any in at the moment, she can order them in for you and get them sent over 🙂
Freya bands run massive, so I’m pretty certain you would need a 28 – I wear the 28s on the tightest hook with them. And the cups also run a bit small….”


My response:

“Sian AS IF you just sent me an email asking me to pick a bra from a site called LARGE CUP lingerie. I have TINY BOOBS and it isn’t nice for you to mock me by trying to get me into a bra that will only emphasise my TINY BOOBS. Stop flaunting your MASSIVE BOOBS in my face the whole time. Geez.”
5 minutes later:
“PS – I like this one

(Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Sian-Charley emails. They happen about 10 times a day, often don’t make sense to anyone but us, and contain far too many capital letters and hyperboles. I sometimes hope that Google is monitoring them, just for the funsies of thinking about some geeky-tech-guy reading them in some crazy e-mail-monitoring-lab-place and seeing BOOBIES in every other sentence…)

Sian then accidentally forwarded me the e-mail thread between herself and the lovely Cha of Large Cup Lingerie, in which they discussed my woeful ignorance, and plotted behind my back (or should I say, behind my band) to get me into a size that I had specifically not agreed upon. I had demanded, with menaces, a 30C. Tops.

This was what I read:


(Sian to Cha)

“I had her in a 28D Curvy Kate Smoothie the other day, and while I think the back fitted perfectly, she thought it was a little tight (but she might not be used to it yet after wearing 32s and 34s). And the cup was also too small – she won’t believe me, but when I get her into one that fits, maybe she will!”

Betrayed. I felt betrayed.

But prejudices and mega e-mail related tangents aside, I shall now get on to the actual review of the Freya Patsy Half Cup* in a 28D…

Freya Patsy Review 28D

When the set turned up, I had already decided it wouldn’t fit, but then I opened it up and it was just … so pretty!! (Cue girlish squealing). Seriously – the pictures of this set don’t do it justice at all. It’s simple enough to wear every day, but fancy enough to feel like you’re wearing something a little special (every day).

Freya Patsy Review 28D

The 28 band on the Freya Patsy fit perfectly; much better than the only other 28 I had tried previously (which – despite Sian’s protestations – leaves me with red welts by the end of the day. YOU DON’T KNOW SIAN – YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WEARING IT!)

I often find the balcony / half-cup bras fit me better (I assume I have some kind of weird breast tissue distribution, being fuller lower down rather than higher up … this is really hard to phrase elegantly, by the way. Oh the woes of lingerie blogging). This was definitely the case with the bra – if the cups had gone any higher, then it would have gaped, but sitting where it does it just about fits. It could do with being a little bit smaller, but obviously it isn’t much of an issue since it’s barely been off my boobs since I got it …

Most of all, it’s comfortable. Really comfortable. And it gives a really nice shape without employing any kind of bean bag, fish wire, or fillet (there’s a pleasant image for you).

Freya Patsy Review 28D

So the moral of this story is don’t be stubborn. The realm of Large Cup Lingerie isn’t, in fact, just for the Sians of this world. Don’t be scared off by the site name, because there are some beautiful pieces at really decent prices for little cups as well. FYI, I am sized into a 32B in most shops, and occasionally a 34A, so if you’re reading this and thinking ‘Oh well, she’s probably just over-egging her wee breasties – she’s obviously got massive ones really’ – it’s not true!

Freya Patsy Review 28D

The Freya Patsy padded half cup is available in sizes 28 D-GG, 30 D-H, 32-36 B-H and 38 B-G. Large Cup Lingerie have a limited amount of sizes in at the moment, but as we found out, just ask to find out if they can get hold of your size!

And if you’re still not sure, just go check out the site or even drop Cha an e-mail about sizing. What we can absolutely say with confidence in this review, is that she’s lingerie’s loveliest saleslady!

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