Getting keen with the Curvy Kate blogger competition

When we saw Curvy Kate was running a blogger competition (comment here to vote for us,  number 2 Big Cup Little Cup please and/or simply like this instagram!) to win tickets to the UK lingerie awards, we couldn’t resist … Especially when they included those dangerous words: ‘be as creative as you like!’

Oh Curvy Kate, thou knowest not what thou does …
So we interpreted this suggestion literally. We got very creative with this. Some might say too creative …

If either of us was even slightly sane, we may not have found ourselves outside, in the dark, in -1 degrees, in our underwear. We would certainly not be dancing (we should probably say jiggling, I’m not sure you can’t accurately describe what we were doing as ‘dancing’. NB: it’s incredibly disillusioning to actually see oneself dancing. You’re suddenly hit with the realisation of how ridiculous you actually look to the outside world.) And we also wouldn’t have found ourselves lighting smoke pellets; all the while holding our breath in attempts to not inhale the noxious fog.

No. If either of us were even slightly sane, then one of us would have said “do you think we may be going a little far for a 15 second review video of which most people will probably just be doing a talking selfie?”; too which the other would have replied, “Yes, you’re probably right.” And then we would have put our clothes on.

But apparently we’re both as mental as each other, and that was the ridiculous situation we found ourselves in. God know what the neighbours thought…

So here’s our 15 second Curvy Kate review (by way of a story) which features Sian acting the part of the girl who wears a badly fitted bra and feels terrible about herself before a night out. But lo and behold! The Curvy Kate Fairy Godmother magically appears to save the day and the boobs. Enjoy …

[hilariously, we couldn’t even fit the scantily-clad-fog-footage into the 15 seconds]

And since we’d worked so hard on our outdoor antics, we made a full length version just for us. And for you. So enjoy the full story, WITH the happy ending (happy ending here denotes dancing outside in front of car headlights in your underwear. Obviously. Cos that’s what you do when you feel like a sexy lady … Haven’t you ever done that?!)

(Apologies for the low quality – apparently our video would show Youtube up with its amazingness, so it will only load it in low quality)

Charley is wearing: Smoothie Blush 28D* / Sian is wearing: Tease Me (Purple/Ivory) 28G.

The whole experience has been great fun, if a little chilly at times. We’re going to make our creative little video reviews a regular feature for the blog too- so watch this space for more recorded hilarity! Don’t worry- we’re well aware of the fact that you’re probably laughing at us, not with us…

And if you enjoyed our video, please visit the Curvy Kate site and vote for us by commenting (number 2 – Big Cup Little Cup)! Or just go to the instagram here and like it! If we’re lucky enough to make it to the lingerie awards, we’ll definitely make it worth your while and give you a wealth of bloggy updates. It’ll be just like you were there yourself. Except you won’t have your hair done nicely and be dressed all fancy and having loads of fun, you’ll probably just be reading about it in your jimjams. But hey, you can’t have it all 😉



  1. Paul
    November 25, 2013 / 5:42 pm

    Congratulations on your great new blog Charley & Sian. your first couple of articles have been really good looking forward to reading more in the weeks to come. Loved your Vine Curvy Kate and the extended version that you have above and of course have voted you on the Curvy Kate

    • admin
      November 25, 2013 / 6:26 pm

      Thanks Paul! 🙂

  2. Eve
    November 25, 2013 / 8:44 pm

    You girlies are amazing! Your videos blew the other competition out of the water, if you don’t win it will be a travesty!! You give a whole new meaning to the word ‘creative’!

  3. November 26, 2013 / 11:13 am

    Great video! Really made me smile!! Congrats x

    • admin
      November 26, 2013 / 1:56 pm

      That’s always our aim 😉 Lovely to know that people are enjoying it!

    • admin
      November 26, 2013 / 1:55 pm


  4. November 26, 2013 / 12:49 pm

    Fabulous video! Good luck in the competition!

  5. Caroline N
    November 26, 2013 / 7:20 pm

    What a great blog and fab video, especially the bit at the end, what brave girls you are! Good luck in the competition.

  6. Samantha J.
    December 3, 2013 / 9:59 pm

    Awesome! Definitely a winner.

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