Gossard Lola Bra Review: 30G

Gossard Lola bra review 30G

Gossard is a brand I’ve loved and lusted after for a long time. I actually owned a Gossard plunge bra back in the early days of learning my proper bra size in a 30F, but that was long ago now and that bra was, sadly, gone before the blog was even started. Charley has done a Little Cup review of the Gossard French Fancy in a 32B and also has THE most gorgeous set from the Retrolution collection (I will try to persuade her to do a review of that one soon!), but strangely, I hadn’t purchased any Gossard in the last couple of years.
A few weeks ago, Ben’s sister came to visit and the topic turned to bras (as it so often does around me!) – one thing led to another, and I had my measuring tape out at the dinner table. I won’t go sharing any details on her sizing yet (I’m planning to persuade a Guest Cup out of her!), but she was slightly surprised at the size I recommended for her. So when it came to Christmas and we needed another present for her, a bra in her size was just the answer! I trawled the realms of bras trying to find one I thought might fit her shape and size, then stumbled upon the Gossard Lola…and there was also one available in what I approximated to be my current Gossard size – it was fate, okay?!

Gossard Lola bra review 30G Gossard Lola bra review 30G

Gossard Lola bra review 30GGossard Lola bra review 30G Gossard Lola bra review 30G

Appearance & Shape

The Gossard Lola is yet another gorgeous bra – I wonder how many times I’ve said that in the course of this blog! Well, I would only choose pieces I really love, wouldn’t I? The colour is just as bright as you can see in these photos – somewhere between a bright pink and orange, a very luminous coral one might say. It’s then decorated with a beautiful scalloped design over the whole cup, with a contrasting blue ribbon running through the top of the cup and blue bow at the gore, which is actually slightly unusual in that it sits lower, being on the middle of the bridge. The other outstanding feature of this bra is the gateway back – the gateway back! This is a feature I have longed after for a long time – it’s so simple but just adds that extra something to the bra that I love. It also has gold rings and sliders on the straps and blue bows at the back too.
The shape of the bra when worn is fairly natural I would say. It’s definitely not a strongly supporting bra and doesn’t give a particularly rounded shape, but it’s one I’ve been veering towards a lot lately and have found myself picking up this bra a lot over the past couple of weeks.

Gossard Lola bra review 30G Gossard Lola bra review 30G Gossard Lola bra review 30G

Sizing, fit & comfort

I decided to go for a 30G in the Gossard Lola bra. My usual size at the moment is a 28GG, but I’m usually quite comfortable to size up in the band to a 30 in most brands if no 28 is available, as the case is with Gossard. To be honest, I’m glad they don’t currently make a 28 in this bra as the 30 runs pretty tight and I feel like a size smaller in it would have been too small. I wonder if this could be due to the elastic strapping used for the back band of the bra as it’s what I would normally think of as strap elastic rather than underarm and band elastic which has a little more stretch – this is probably to counter the fact that there is no mesh or fabric between the elastic pieces so that it holds its structure better. As you might be able to tell, the very “opening” at the back of the bra does pull outwards a little on me, probably due to the strain of heavier breasts on it – I can imagine why they don’t make this style for bigger sizes, but it’s sad because it’s so pretty!
The cups are a pretty good fit for me, although I do experience a little wrinkling and rippling on the seam in the upper cup – I’m wondering whether this is because the seam across the middle is slightly too tight as I feel a size smaller in the cup would cause quadboobing. As it is though, the top edge of the cup lays nice and flat to my breast tissue. The cup is a 3 part one, with the outer lower cup acting as a “sling” to pull tissue inwards and support it.
I find the wires to be slightly too wide in the 30G on me – not so much that they’re uncomfortable, but they do sit slightly away from my root under the arm. The height of the cup under the arm is nice though as it contains all the tissue while not rubbing.
The gore is quite average for a balcony bra – it isn’t too high and I don’t find that it digs at all or is noticeable. My version of this bra is the balcony, but there also seems to be a plunge version available too in limited smaller sizes.
It’s also nice to note too that the straps in the Gossard Lola are fully adjustable. I usually find I need to keep my straps fairly long, but for this I needed them a little tighter than usual, so it will be helpful to many that they’re fully adjustable.

Gossard Lola bra review

The Gossard Lola bra is currently available to buy at Amazon (where I bought it) for £9.60 to £12.95 depending on size in 30-36 D-G. You can also buy it at Figleaves, Bra Stop, ASOS, JD Williams and Simply Be. It has also been reviewed by:
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  1. SC
    January 10, 2016 / 6:07 am

    Ohh I LOVE that back as well ever since I saw it on a vintage bra! I don’t think the outward pull is due to your cup size – I got my Freya Minx in the mail today (32FF) and the “gateway back” stays put. I’m guessing the reason is that the back straps are shorter and thicker than the Lola bra. It’s still a pretty bra regardless and you look lovely 🙂

    • admin
      January 11, 2016 / 9:11 am

      It just adds that extra little detail to it I think 🙂 Ooh, I bet it was gorgeous on the vintage bra! Ah, that’s interesting – it could be true that it’s because the back straps are not quite as strong. The fastenings only being two hook/eyes rather than three may also contribute to it. To be honest though, I didn’t even realise it until I saw the pictures – it’s obviously not something I can see behind my back, and I can’t feel it either. Thank you!

  2. February 23, 2016 / 3:22 am

    There is definately a lot to know about this topic. I love all
    of the points you made.

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