Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex Bra & Suspender Briefs Review: 30G

Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G

Hi Big Cup Little Cup-ians! (…I feel we should have a community name for you lovely followers) It’s been a little while! Char and I have been having a crazy time recently – I’ve been to Florida, she’s been to New York and India, we’ve had all sorts of work commitments…but you’re not here for that, you’re here for the bra reviews!

I received this beautiful set from Gossard a few months ago, so it’s taken me a while to get round to reviewing it, but don’t worry because in that time it’s gone on sale pretty much everywhere, so if you like it, now is the time to buy. They also have a few different bras in this same high apex plunge style, so the review is applicable to those too – I’ll link to where you can buy the bra and others in the same style at the end of the post.
This is the Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra in a 30G with matching suspender briefs in a size small.

Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G

Shape & Appearance

I was massively drawn to this set by the name – Olympia is Greek inspired and appeals to the Classicist in me! But also by the delicate high apex lace on the bra. I always love styles like this as they’re, strangely enough, rare to find in the DD+ world – not sure why as larger sizes often err more on the side of more coverage, so you would have thought this would be a common thing.

The lace covers the whole cup, with a couple of darts to make sure it fits smoothly, and goes right up to the shoulder where it joins the strap. The cup itself is moulded and covered with a satin-feel sultry turquoise fabric. The effect of black lace covering the turquoise cup is super gorgeous – very sophisticated and elegant. What you can’t tell until you look up close is that the lace has a few black diamantes scattered across it which catch the light. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of these, but they’re barely noticeable so don’t bother me. The lace continues onto the bridge of the bra, disappears on the wings (which are made out of power net) then reappears on the band on either side of the fastening.
The moulded cup is fairly stiff so is great for a very rounded and uplifted shape, but wouldn’t be ideal for those who have tissue that they find it difficult to fit into moulded cups.

The bra has some lovely details, such as the findings (hooks, eyes, rings & sliders) being made from a rose gold metal which really complements the sophisticated and sultry appeal of the bra. It also has a small bow at the gore; the gore itself is lovely and low which I love finding in plunge bras as not many in DD+ sizes are true plunges.

The straps are half adjustable and the bra fastens at the back with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes.

Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra with suspender briefs review - 30G

Size, fit & comfort

I picked the Olympia VIP bra in a 30G since Gossard don’t make a 28GG. I usually wear either of these sizes, but given the choice, I would go for the smaller band. The bra is a good fit though – ever so slightly too large on the band, but not so much that it’s a problem or uncomfortable (in fact, it means it’s more comfortable on more bloated days!).
The cups are a good fit for me – I’m lucky because I have a naturally rounded shape that fits well into moulded cups. The wires are a little too wide, as many are for me in English brands (Polish are usually my best fit). I’d say it’s a pretty true to size 30G bra.

To be honest, I haven’t worn this one a huge amount. I find that the moulding in the cups is fairly stiff so it can feel a little bit inflexible for all day wear, but that may just be because at the moment, I’m reaching for soft cup bras thanks to the warmer weather in an effort to keep a little cooler, plus I like the more relaxed feel of them. So it’s probably less of a fault of the bra and more of me! Nevertheless, it’s perfect for when you want to show off your lingerie-as-outerwear a little under tops with a wider scoop neck or straps and I’ve worn it comfortably all day long in this way a few times.

I also got sent the suspender briefs to match the bra and I haven’t actually had a chance to wear them as they’re meant to be – with stockings – yet, again thanks to the weather! They are a good fit though – they don’t dig at the sides and are comfortable to wear. They have (what I think is called) a “cheeky fit” at the back, which means they’re sort of half way between briefs and a thong (Brazilian cut I’ve heard before too?!). It means that they’re lovely and flattering on the behind, although they do ride up a little.
Personally I prefer more straps on my suspenders, just to make them a little more sturdy and to appeal to the vintage lover in me. I worry that these might be a little flimsy with only the thin front and back straps to hold up any stockings so I’d definitely be wary of wearing them on a daily basis. However they’re probably only intended for bedroom or lounge wear, so it’s probably not an issue for most!


The Gossard Olympia VIP High Apex bra is available in sizes 30 D to G, 32-34 A to G, 36 A to FF and 38 B to F. You can buy it directly from Gossard for £25.20 or shop the sales and find it cheaper at Figleaves, Belle Lingerie & Amazon.
The Gossard Olympia VIP Suspender Briefs are available in sizes XS to XL. You can buy these directly from Gossard for £18.

PS: The black lace robe is by a brand called Gaspe and I found it in a small local shop (that has sadly stopped selling lingerie now!).



  1. Dom
    July 7, 2017 / 10:21 am

    Gorgeous bra, it looks as if it was made to measure.
    Adore Gossard, maybe model some more of their range?

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