Gossard Retrolution Staylo Plunge & Waist Cincher Review—30D

Gossard Retrolution

Appearance & Shape

This set had been on my radar for a while, before I became a very lucky girl and received it for my birthday last year. What had appealed to me was the incredible vintage aesthetic; what looked to be the promise of waist cinching second only to those musicals starlets of the 1940s and 50s (my ultimate inspirations in all things in life). It also seemed—on the pictures, at least—to give a really good cleavage. Long time readers of BCLC will know of my chest’s tenuous relationship with cleavage. Even bras that promise to be ‘the world’s most incredible uplifting, fully padded, push-up, pull-up, tie them round your neck and hoist them up cleavage creators’…well, even those seemed to do very little in the face of—me.

The shape that the Gossard Retrolunge Staylo Plunge gives a dramatic push-up. The super low ‘V’ plunge, along with some pretty adequate padding, provides some serious cleavage that doesn’t shift. I wouldn’t say this is a day-to-day sort of bra; the dramatic uplift can make tops sit a little funny if they have a higher neck-line.

It’s delicate and detailed without becoming fussy or girly. The nude(ish), vintage-pink blush colour is a beautiful alternative to a beige-nude—but really difficult to show in photos! We’ve tried to get as close as we can with lighting and fiddling with colours, but nothing can quite imitate what it looks like in the flesh! I was initially tempted by the black colourway, but figured that due to the large amount of coverage  (pretty much a full body suit once you add the waist cinching knickers along with the bra) it would be better to chose a tone that could hide away under more colours of outwear.

The longline silhouette is another gorgeous factor that adds to that retro aesthetic. The satin and lace pair perfectly in proportion; the gore is finished with a lovely organza bow; and our favourite detail has to go to the rose gold components and the ‘gossard’ signature on the straps!

Gossard Retrolution Gossard Retrolution Gossard Retrolution

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

The 30D fits perfectly as my normal sizing. The fit is great for a shallow breast type, pulling out all the stops with both padding and a plunge to create that cleavage effect. On a different breast type or a bigger size, it would probably be a very different (read: much more dramatic) cleavage, but for me it gives something fairly subtle in the grand scheme of cleavages. It isn’t over padded (I have had some less fortunate experiences with padded push-ups—anything from gel inserts to bean bags—and often they’ve resulted in an uncomfortable fit with some bizarre breast lumps.) This bra is beautifully constructed and well-made. Some seriously sturdy straps and finishes; it’s been through several washes in the past year (all of them hand washes though, as it is a special favourite!) and has come through in pretty much perfect condition.

A little side note to the waist cinching briefs—probably my favourite part of the ensemble! Can we all take a moment to think of Doris Day in Calamity Jane? THAT WAIST. Kickass cowgirl with a twenty inch waist. She’s awesome. (Disclaimer: I have no reason to believe Doris Day’s waist was 20 inches in that film, I made up that number for creative copy…) But cowgirls aside—although the waist cincher won’t give you as a dramatic a waist reduction as a corset, it is certainly a feasible alternative for when you’re not feeling up to getting fully laced-in. It smooths away any lumps and bumps beautifully, and does give an added ‘pinch’ at the waistline. I wear a size small, which feels appropriate as my normal size 10 equivalent.

They’re also super comfortable, thanks to the beautifully soft and silky fabric, and feature their own gorgeous lace panel. They’re certainly a very effective piece of solution lingerie that is equally beautiful in design. The suspender straps are another fantastic detail, and I do appreciate that they’re detachable. My favourite outfit to wear these under is a pair of vintage, high-waisted cigarette trousers—they do a beautiful job. The cut of the brief comes quite low at the back, so I find that they can be worn in place of a thong when wearing tighter trousers that can display a VPL. A small point to note—but I have to say, I find it one of the most useful aspects of the set!

Now I’m just waiting to try that slip version 😀

Gossard Retrolution Gossard Retrolution Gossard Retrolution

Gossard Retrolution

The Gossard Retrolution Staylo Plunge Bra (pictured in 30D) is available from Gossard in all colourways, and  figleaves in black—both priced at £42.

The waist cincher (pictured in a small) is available from figleaves at £40, also in black. The only place I can find one in blush is direct from Gossard , although there is only one size available (XS), but it IS on sale at only £12!!


Check out more waist cinchers below we’d love to try!


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  1. February 10, 2016 / 10:58 pm

    Oh, I love the retro feel about these pieces! <3 So romantic and vintage inspired!

    I'm curious about the cleavage I'll get with that super-V shape…hmmm

    I would love to try this line from Gossard as well! I have nothing similar in my wardrobe…maybe I should ask it for my anniversary…wait…that's only December! *bummer* hahaha 😉

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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