Guest Cup: B-Wow-d Push Up Bra from B’Tempted

Happy Mother’s Day!! As it’s a special day, we’ve treated one of our Mums to a guest cup 😉



I have some fairly typical 52-year-old Mum style issues when it comes to the bra department. I have a drawer full of ancient , plain, beige-coloured undies; I hate anything frilly or tickly, and I can’t be doing with thinking about what colour to wear under what top—hence all the beige! I also prefer a padded bra (for discretion), and size in at around a 32C. I’ve lived for years in the t-shirt bras of M&S and it’s only after Sian and Charley set off on their blog mission that I’ve realised how badly most of those fit…I’ve had 3 pregnancies and spent 3+ years of my life breastfeeding, and those things definitely take a toll on the boobs. Where once I could have picked something up off the shelf and found a pretty easy fit, things aren’t quite so easy these days! Given the natural traumas of life, I’ve ended up with a slightly uneven breast shape; probably just about a cup’s difference between the sides.

Charley and Sian took all my comments and requests into account (Editor’s note: there were quite a few!!), and decided to try me out with the B-Wow-d Push Up Bra from B’Tempted in a 32C.

B-Wow-d Push Up Bra

Shape & Appearance

Although they tried to talk me into a more exciting colourway, I had to go for the AuNatural Candy (or, in my language, beige.) As far as nudes go, this is a really pretty beige with some pink details and a lovely scalloped edge along the cup. That scallop edge gives an incredibly smooth finish under clothes and results in an almost invisible look, even under tight tops. It gives a fairly natural, rounded shape.

The plunge style, chosen to fit my fuller-on-bottom breast type, does give a of cleavage as there is a good amount of padding in there! It does feel very padded before you put it on, but whilst wearing it feels light and supportive.

B-Wow-d Push Up Bra B-Wow-d Push Up Bra B-Wow-d Push Up Bra

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

The 32C fits very well on one side, and not so well on the other, predictably! It is probably fairly true to size on a more even breast type. The band is lovely, thick and comfortable, but I am already wearing it on the tightest setting already. According to the girls, this means that the band is ‘too big for me’, as a technicality, but I’m finding it comfortable nonetheless. On the smaller side, there is a fair amount of gaping, which is unfortunate as the other cup fits almost perfectly. (Another note from the editing team—maybe we need to try her in a size that has removable padding?!)

There are three sets of hooks and the straps are fully adjustable. Interestingly, the straps are also fully removable, but I’m not sure I could use this as a strapless option!

Overall, this style fits very comfortably. It’s incredibly smooth and lightweight on—almost as though I’m not wearing a bra at all, which is fantastic for me. And it’s definitely a new take on my usual selection—I would never have chosen this for myself with all the fanciness of the pink and scalloping, but it is definitely pretty and a lovely change!

B-Wow-d Push Up Bra B-Wow-d Push Up Bra B-Wow-d Push Up Bra


The B-Wow-d Push Up Bra is available from Clara Olivia in AuNatural Candy, Cappuccino Natural and Night Animal Accent at £37.80. It’s available in sizes 30—36 B to DD. And don’t forget! Clara Olivia have very kindly offered 15% off to our readers with the code: SCLC15. Make sure to use it if you’re planning a purchase! You can also find it at Figleaves, Amazon and Her Room.



  1. Sam Larson
    December 18, 2016 / 5:54 pm

    Hi,Lovely lace accents this wonderfully smoothing style by Maidenform. The Smooth Push Up Bra gives you the support you need.

  2. Miss Sid
    July 30, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    You can always buy cookies separately! I prefer the silicone ones as they are far more realistically shape, but can’t be safety pinned in like the fabric ones. There is even a huge variety of them in shape and size, it can be hard to pick which one would suit you best! And I certainly couldn’t tell that your breasts were uneven from the pictures! It’s probably far more visible to you than any one else! She definitely needs a 30D too, that band is waaaayyy to big for her! Here are some links below:
    It was actually pretty difficult for me to find the non-silicone ones, but I found some nice ones. XD I remember when finding silicone ones were difficult.

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