Guest Cup Review: Rosa Faia BEAUTYFULL Scarlett Bra

Guest Cup #desperatelyseeking

Hello BigCupLittle Cup lovers, as introduced recently by Sian (BC) and Charley (LC), my name is Fran and I shall be your GuestCup today! I’ve known the two beauties behind BigCupLittleCup for years and have been the voice of support and admiration for this marvellous blog from its original conception…it is therefore not a surprise that myself and my Cups would one day make an appearance!

I would probably describe myself as a ‘Large Cup’; I’m 5ft11, a UK size 16 and have a pretty generous chest! Until this delightful duo began to explore the lingerie world, I had honestly never given much thought to my breasts and the bras I choose to wear. Up until recently, I had been wearing a variety of 36D/38C bras, and had embarrassingly only ever been fitted for a bra twice in my life at Marks & Spencer! But this all changed when BigCupLittleCup got their hands on my boobs – literally!

BigCupLittleCup re-measured me, and to confirm this, I took myself off to Debenhams for what I thought would be a magical bra-fitting experience! Alas, it was probably the worst fitting I have ever had (even though I’d only had two before!). I was faced with a rather disengaged employee who looked like she neither had the time nor the skills to measure me; ‘Just pick whichever one feels best for you!’ was the response I got, not that helpful when I didn’t know what exactly was meant to feel best! I needed someone with confidence, someone who I could trust with their expert boob-eye, but on that day, it was not meant to be! I did however try a few bras on, and to me, a 38E seemed to do the trick; I had no bulging or over-spill, I had done my ‘scoop and swoop’ test as directed by BigCupLittleCup and I was happy with the shape and support!

In a strange coincidence, or perhaps a lovely remedy to my poor bra fitting, that evening Big Cup emailed me to ask whether I would like to do a bra review for them. After much careful deliberation (approximately 2 seconds) I said YES PLEASE! I chose to review the Underwired Scarlett Bra in black.

I had identified the top three things I was desperately seeking in a bra; Support, a Beautiful Design, and Shape. The Scarlett bra is described as a ‘Young-style range with loving attention to detail featuring stretch bow embroidery on tulle’…this description seemed to fit my desires for the perfect bra…that’s right I said PERFECT! I’m undoubtedly a perfectionist in all aspects of my life, so why would I not seek perfection in a bra! I deserve perfection (as does every other woman), or as close to it as I can possibly get!

When I first set my eyes on the Scarlett bra I had chosen, I instantly fell in some sort of love! I was having some pre-choir dinner with BigCupLittleCup when they excitedly presented me with the ROSA FAIA box! Of course, after much excitable insistence from LittleCup I had to try the bra on right there and then! It was lovely, it seemed to be a perfect fit and above all it was pretty; I had not been conned by idealistic images on a website, here it was in the flesh and it was BEAUTYFULL, as promised!

And so now, I take you back my three key desirables in my perfect bra to see how the ROSA FAIA Scarlett matches up;

  1. Support

This for me is the most important quality in a bra, if I don’t have support, well, quite frankly, what’s the point! Luckily, the Scarlett Bra offers plenty of support; the combination of the underwiring, the three-hook back support and the thick straps provide confidence and comfort; no back-aches or riding up from this bra! The cup itself fit beautifully, I had no over-spill or four-boob syndrome going on! Perhaps one slight, and I mean slight issue with this bra if the size of the straps; they are approximately 2.5cm wide. This does ensure that the appropriate support is given, however if wearing a strappy top, the straps are probably a little on the large size in relation to the dimensions of the rest of the bra, but in terms of support, this Scarlett bra was pretty near perfection – yes I said it!

rosa faia

  1. Beautiful Design

For me, this is vital in choosing my bras! I have a variety of simple t-shirt bras, and a selection of what I would call ‘pretty to look at’ bras! I personally love a bit of lace, or delicate embroidery (in moderation!) and the Scarlett bra, for me, has got it spot on! The underwiring has a delicate pattern that runs all the way around the bra, definitely providing the ‘loving attention to detail’ promised. However, after sitting down for a while, I did realise that this does have a tendency to ‘dig-in’ after a while, and so can be a little uncomfortable. The Cup itself was what caught my eye when selecting a bra; the bottom of the cup is a luxurious-feeling soft material, almost like satin. This section traces up the cup at a slight diagonal, ensuring that modesty is upheld (no nipple is on show!). The upper section is gorgeous, a slightly transparent tulle section, decorated with sublime ‘bow’ embroidery – Yes, your breasts are decorated with bows, like a present! The straps also have a delicate flower embroidery design and upon closer inspection, a small black bow features at the junction of cup-strap. Overall, this bra is beautiful, for me personally, it is just what I look for in a bra to make me feel pretty!

 rosa faiarosa faia

  1. Shape

I normally wear moulded or full-cup bras that provide a small amount of padding, as I prefer the shape that these bras provide underneath clothes and I find them more comfortable. It did take a while for me to adjust to the slight change in shape provided by the Scarlett bra, I did feel that I had a slightly pointed-triangular-80sMadonna look going on, and I have to say, I do still prefer the rounded shape you get from a moulded bra. But the gorgeous design of this bra more than compensates for the change in shape!

rosa faia

rosa faia

The Scarlett is a beautiful Full Cup Bra, and I particularly love wearing it under an LBD on a night out with the girls, as the delicate embroidery and stain-feel of the material make me feel like a million dollars! It is pretty close to being the perfect bra for me, and I have to thank BigCupLittleCup and ROSA FAIA for that!

I hope you beautiful variety of Cups have enjoyed reading all about my experience with the ROSA FAIA Scarlett bra! I’ll now hand you and your boobs back into the lovely hands of Sian & Charley! Keep supporting BigCupLittleCup, and if you have any questions, would like to GuestCup, or have a Lingerie Lust, tweet Sian & Charley @BigCupLilCup.

Love, Fran xx


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