Heart Themed Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

I know, I know – it barely feels like Christmas is over yet, doesn’t it? But in the world of fashion, things move fast! Our favourite stores been inundated with gorgeous Valentine’s themed lingerie for weeks. And if you’re wanting a piece of made-to-order lingerie – as so many gorgeous pieces are nowadays – you need to act quickly to get it in time for the big day!

We’ve said before how neither of us are huge fans of Valentine’s. Personally, I never really do anything all that special for it, aside from maybe a dine-in meal from the supermarket and a favourite murder mystery. Romantic, I know!

However, despite my reservations about celebrating Valentine’s traditionally, I’m in no way averse to scoping out all the best lingerie that’s launched around this time of year. There are often fantastic offers and deals around Valentine’s to entice other-halves to purchase lingerie, and brands tend to release some pretty awesome collections at this time of year too.

So whether you’re buying lingerie for your other half or yourself (like me!) or you just want to look at some pretties, we’ve got the Valentine’s lingerie list for you. And this year, it’s got a bit of a theme: hearts! They’re everywhere right now, so we’ve picked out a few of the best (the vast majority from Etsy, actually – possibly because that’s where people tend to get most creative!):

And a few more!





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