How you can help support lingerie bloggers in 2018

NK iMODE Victoire silk long gown review in shell

Hi lovely BCLC readers! Hopefully you read our post yesterday all about our Patreon (you can sign up here!), but we wanted to get a little more personal and in depth about it.

Char & I have been running and writing Big Cup Little Cup for 3.5 years now, creating all the content ourselves, managing the site and social media, keeping up to date with the industry. There have occasionally been gaps in our posting because we both work full time and lead busy lives outside the world of lingerie too. But we’re so happy that we have this platform where we’re able to provide useful and helpful content to you guys, our readers, whenever we like.

We love writing at Big Cup Little Cup, and we know you guys love our posts too. We’re so grateful every time someone chooses to read our reviews, engage with us, follow us on social media or share our content. It makes a huge difference to who sees our posts. And we’re never more filled with joy than when a reader tells us that our review has helped them or that they’re so much more comfortable in their bras after they’ve realised that there’s life beyond a D cup.

We’ve been so lucky over the years to have worked with lots of brands on the blog. Most frequently these collaborations are to review a piece of lingerie – sometimes from a new collection, sometimes to try out a brand’s service, sometimes to feature in an editorial we’re creating. For these reviews, we do not accept payment. We want to keep our reviews impartial and not let a fee sway our opinion of the brand, nor do we want our readers to think that payment has swayed our opinion.

Receiving items to review is one way that we can keep the blog running with regular content. I’m sure all you other lingerie addicts out there know how expensive a lingerie habit can be!

We regularly put in hours of work to this blog – photoshoots, editing, writing and more. We’ve invested in lingerie to share with you, camera equipment and props for photos, let alone the time we put into it. And we do this out of our own pockets because we love to write about lingerie! So we’re also beginning to offer more advertising packages to brands and to think more about advertising on this space. If we have the opportunity to earn more of an income from this blog, we can put more time and money back into it.

We don’t want to promote just any old thing. We want to promote brands that are relevant in the industry and ones that we know our readers will love. Some of my favourite brands have actually come from ads I’ve spotted on other lingerie blogs!

Unfortunately, some ad networks see our content as too adult to offer to their advertisers. There was one platform that was very keen to work with us, telling us our site was very well put together, the content very relevant and high quality, but sadly the majority of their advertisers turned it down since they exclusively offer PG ads.

It’s such a shame because there was a big push in the lingerie industry a few years ago to promote the fact that lingerie is not porn, and the battle is still ongoing. There’s not a huge amount of difference between the images we post and those that fashion and fitness bloggers do, wearing swimwear, showing off underwear products. But with our focus being on lingerie, that means we’re not eligible for many programmes.

So here’s where we’re turning to you – hi! We’re working hard behind the scenes to make the content the best that it can be, but with your support, we can make it even better.

And that’s why we’ve launched our Patreon. This is a service that allows you to donate to our blog – that may be a tiny amount, just a single dollar, or it may be more. And we’ll give you something in return! There will be exclusive content for everyone who donates anything at all, and even more to offer to those who donate higher amounts. We’ll be sending out retro lingerie hand-signed postcards, blooper reels of our lingerie shoots, and exclusive BCLC merchandise, eek! Head over to Patreon here to find out more about the exclusive offers we have for our readers!

The merchandise will also soon be available to buy separately too. Stay tuned for an announcement on that!

And there are other ways to support us that don’t cost you a penny but would mean the world to us! Here are a few:

  • Buy your lingerie through our links. If you like something you see here enough to want to buy it, purchasing through our links to do so would be amazing. We sometimes use affiliate links in posts – these are links which give us a tiny bit of commission for referring you to the site but cost nothing extra to you. (You can read more about how affiliate links work here). In fact, sometimes our links might even get you an exclusive BCLC discount, like in this Wellfitting post. Even if they’re not affiliate links, the brand will see that you’ve headed over to their site via our link – every little helps!
  • Follow us on social media. Every bit of support means everything to us!
  • Share our posts. Whether you send them to friends and family who might find them interesting or useful, or you share them on your social media – the more eyes they’re in front of, the better.

Any of these ways of supporting the blog can make a huge difference to us and will mean that we can invest even more back into it. After all, if it wasn’t for you guys, the lovely BCLC readers, we wouldn’t be here!

Here’s to another year of lingerie at Big Cup Little Cup and a HUGE thank you to you all!

And resume normal service: look out for some exciting new reviews coming up in the next couple of weeks and some very cool and inspired wishlists!




  1. February 20, 2018 / 9:58 pm

    I’m so glad you wrote all this, and I’m excited to support your Patreon.

  2. earnmoneyexpert
    March 5, 2018 / 4:11 pm

    I feel you . I also believe building a following on someone elses platform is generally not good. For me, Patreon is an exception for a few reasons. First, I get patrons email addresses so if things ever went horribly wrong on or with the platform, I have a way to communicate to my patrons outside of it. The second is the fuzzier thing you mentioned: being part of an artist community that encourages us to support each other. You dont get that with a DIY contribution plug-in/app/website. Ive tried on my site too and have yet to get anything close to the following on my own server that I get on Patreon. Patreon is not just the back end system, but it is also a discovery mechanism for people who want to support independent artists. Also, theres an overhead to any subscription model and the % Patreon takes is worth me not having to setup and maintain all the back end stuff.

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