Janay Bare Bamboo Emilie Body: Review

Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body

If you’re a regular BCLC reader, you’ll probably know that I’m a massive fan of bodysuits – when I’m browsing a lingerie site for the first time, I’ll click straight through to the bodysuit section. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I just think they look so elegant and pretty. The problem is that they’re not often easy to wear as they can be annoying under daily clothing, but I still can’t resist!
When I saw that Janay, one of the British lingerie brands that we have admired the most in the past, had launched a bamboo range called Bare, I knew I would be making a purchase. It took me a long time to decide which piece I would buy from the collection, but I kept coming back to the original piece I’d clicked on: the Emilie – a backless, high necked bodysuit. And that was the one I finally decided on.

Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body

Char and I both love bamboo fabrics already – Char actually introduced me to clothing made from bamboo fabric from BAM a couple of years ago (although it took me a while to make my first purchase from them!). Everything I’ve bought previously made of bamboo has been soft and so comfortable to wear, and the Emilie bodysuit is no different. It feels almost silky soft against the skin yet is sturdy and well fitting at the same time.
The benefits of wearing bamboo go beyond how soft it is though – it’s also a naturally breathable material, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. To be honest, I’m not looking to feel warm in a backless bodysuit, but it’s nice to know it’s breathable. It is also very economical to produce as it grows at three times the rate of cotton and doesn’t use pesticides to harvest – kind of awesome!
Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body

I chose the Beige Gray colour choice in the Emilie bodysuit and I’m really pleased with that decision. I like that it has that casual feel to it that I find grey jersey to give. In terms of appearance, I think it’s gorgeous. I love the visible elastic around the waistband, and the delicacy of the whole piece reminds me of a ballet leotard. Being an ex-ballerina (okay, I did ballet from 4 to about 13 – that counts, right?!), that’s definitely got good connotations for me. I also love the label on the front with the brand and collection name on it. It’s very “on trend” at the moment to have your branding shown off on the elastic (think Calvin Klein) and I feel like this is a slightly more tasteful way to go about it.
The open back is a beautiful feature on the bodysuit. I love design features on the back of clothing, so I think that’s why this one appealed to me so much.

Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body

I went for the size 10 in the bodysuit. I usually wear a size 8 to 10 (UK), and I went for the larger of my two usual sizes to make sure there was ample chest room! I needn’t have worried as the bamboo has plenty of stretch (and it bounces back from stretch remarkably well too) so there’s no strain across the chest area at all. I’m actually wearing it with one of those stick-on bras underneath here because the fabric is very lightweight and so is pretty see through on the boobs, so didn’t want to be showing everything off! There is little to no support in the bodysuit, but there are darts at the chest to provide a little more shaping. It’s a good fit on my waist, although the elastic does sit a little lower than my waistline, but I have a high waist.
It fastens at the crotch with a couple of poppers which aren’t uncomfortable as some can be. It also has fairly high rise legs which give a flattering fit to my figure, and this is also on trend too (think Kim Kardashian!). Personally, I’m glad this is a trend again as I like the style, but some might fit it cuts in a bit for them.

Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Bare bamboo bodysuit and I’m currently deciding what next to purchase from the collection – I think might go for the triangle bra and the brazilian briefs but can’t decide on colour this time! I know that Char is also considering making a purchase too, so keep your eyes peeled for more! I’m also really impressed that it was only £35 – it’s made of an amazing fabric, is of high quality manufacture and is British made, so for only £35, that seems really good to me.
And finally, have an outtake! I was going to delete this photo but I thought it was so funny I couldn’t not share – I was using the camera on self timer (as Char wasn’t around and I couldn’t force the partner into photo taking) and it stopped half-way through a set then started again, hence the angry and confused face XD

Janay Bare Bamboo - Emilie Body



  1. November 16, 2016 / 9:43 am

    An excellent and through review of this bodysuit and I actually like the backless feature. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ariel
    April 28, 2017 / 10:33 pm

    What stick-on bra brand are you wearing in this? I have trouble finding one that works with my 28FF (eek!) boobs.

    • admin
      June 22, 2017 / 1:19 pm

      It was a really cheap brand I found at T K Maxx, so unfortunately I couldn’t tell you! I know I picked up the D cup size 🙂 It doesn’t exactly give me much support or coverage (very little actually!) but it does give a little lift!

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