Knickerocker Fox Face Knickers Review – medium

Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review

Continuing my Black Friday lingerie purchase reviews that stalled after my Twisted Lingerie review in December, I’m back with a more casual but just as fun and exciting lingerie review: the Fox Face knickers from Knickerocker. These knickers have been on my radar for a really long time. I can’t remember when I first spotted them, but I know I’ve wanted to get my hands on a pair for at least a couple of years.

Knickerocker is an independent UK based lingerie brand who sell their designs on Etsy. In fact, it’s a one woman operation, Nichola, who designs each and every piece of lingerie to order. The designs are all super unique (although really sadly they’ve been copied by big brands over time), and the fox face design is just one of these – she also has unicorns, cats, pigs, pandas, rainbows and more!

Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review

Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review

On Black Friday 2017, Knickerocker offered 30% off her designs and I knew immediately which pair I was going for – and I got a matching pair for my sister for Christmas too! I’ve always been drawn to foxes, as has my sister.

The fox face knickers are pretty much exactly as they sound! The main fabric is an orange cotton lycra – the front is plain, but the back features this super cute fox face with black eyes and a black nose, a white snout and floppy ears attached to the top of the briefs. I’d wondered whether the ears would be able to stand up alone, but they don’t – they’re made out of the same fabric as the briefs with no padding or support inside. In terms of wearability, this makes them much easier to wear as I personally don’t want ears stuck out the back of my jeans! They can be tucked down and hidden away.

Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review

I chose the medium for me (I normally wear a size 10-12) in briefs and a large for my sister (she normally wears a size 14 in briefs). The fabric is quite stretchy and the elastic is a comfortable picot elastic, so I think I could have got away with a size small to be honest and my sister a size medium, but they are very comfortable – no wedgies in sight!

They go up to a size XL which I think would fit up to a UK size 18-20 potentially, based on the size of my and my sister’s knickers. It’s worth noting that Nichola can offer custom sizing, even making the crotch wider for men to wear them more comfortably, so it’s always worth asking!

Even though the store is UK based, the prices seem to be in dollars then converted into GBP. Originally the knickers were $44 (~£32), but the discount took them down to $30.80 (£22). At first glance, this might seem a little expensive for a pair of knickers, however I want to dispute this. Considering that these are such unique designs, made-to-order by a single seamstress in the UK, I think that’s a pretty awesome price. Plus the designs are really pretty detailed – take a look at the seams inside:

Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review

There has clearly been lots of attention to detail where the thread colour is different for the different elements of the design – for example, the black nose and eyes use black thread and the white fabric onto orange uses orange thread. It would be easy to take a shortcut here and use the same colour thread throughout, so I really appreciate this detail.

Due to the knickers being handmade to order, I wondered if I might be in for a long wait for them to arrive, but fortunately they arrived quite quickly – I purchased them on the 24th November and they were shipped on the 2nd December. It’s worth noting that depending on how many orders Nichola has, your order may take longer, but I was really pleased with how quickly mine got to me.

The only teeny tiny issue I have with these knickers is that they need to be handwashed in cool water, I’m assuming because of the white fabric used alongside the orange, they don’t want the colours to run. As a lingerie blogger, I do have a lot of handwash only garments, but I tend not to wear these too frequently. However these knickers are SO cute and SO comfortable that I want to wear them A LOT, but I don’t want to handwash them every day! #firstworldproblems

And another first world problem? I really really want the matching Fox Face Crop Top now. And the Fox Face bodysuit (with tail!). And the Fox Face dress. I need a complete set, okay?!

Knickerocker Fox Face knickers review



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