Lingerie Trend Alert: 10 Tattoo Effect Lingerie Looks

Our last trend alert looked at lingerie skirts – how gorgeously floaty, feminine and twirly they were. Today’s lingerie trend is a little bit different: tattoo effect lingerie. What I love about these two trends is how well they both contrast and complement each other. Who’s to say that a lingerie skirt is ladylike where a tattoo effect bra isn’t?

These tattoo effect lingerie pieces are works of art in themselves. They merge flawless design skills with delicate fabrics to create something that’s entirely unique and one of a kind. Just like a real tattoo, brandished on the skin, these lingerie designs are difficult to replicate, meaning that the designers have really got their work cut out for them.

They’re intricate, combining lace, embroidery and sheer fabrics so that the design looks almost as if it were printed directly onto the skin. This natural look is very popular in lingerie right now, without the need for push ups or additional padding. Have you tried a tattoo effect piece of lingerie yet?



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