Little Cup Valentine Wishlist

So I’m not renowned as the world’s most romantic person (especially on Valentine’s Day) BUT who doesn’t love an excuse to look at lots of lovely lingerie?! And what I AM a big fan of is theming. I think it’s the Disney fan in me speaking here, but I definitely love dressing up for different occasions. Pastels for Spring? Go on then. Red and green for Christmas? Oh, if I must. A pumpkin bra for Halloween you say?? Definitely.

So you get the picture. Valentines a coming, and whether you’ll be cuddling up in front of the fire, going it solo, or just making dinner as you would be every night, it’s always nice to feel a little special. And for any male readers who might have accidentally stumbled over this on some frantic google search for the perfect gift—don’t worry; we’ve got you covered (or not, as the case may be—WAHAY.)

lindie bra nude/black

Agent Provocateur Lindie Bra Nude/Black — £125

‘Naughty but deceptively nice’… AP said it, not me! I love this delicately floral design for Valentine’s. It’s sexy but infinitely simple. It’s pricey, but it’s definitely a winner for a special, romantic occasion!


Black or white gathered babydoll dress with deep decollete from Fl*sh you&me—€49

I’ve always been a big fan of the babydoll, and I think for occasions like Valentine’s Day it’s beautifully designed nightwear and loungewear really comes into it’s own. Maybe it’s the ballerina in me that’s lusting after this one, but I think this is just beautiful.

L2090 Vivien French Knickers

L2090 Vivien French Knickers from What Katie Did — £39.50

Although Sian recently found the real deal, some of us are still searching for those perfect vintage french knickers—and these come pretty close! They’re sheer, and they have that gorgeous triangle. What a treat. YUM.

 Celine Balcony Bra

Celine Balcony Bra from Ann Summers — £24

Ok, so it only starts at a 32 band, which means that technically neither Sian nor I can fit into this, but a valentine’s wishlist wouldn’t be complete without a raunchy red number. This Ann Summers bra ticks all those boxes, and at a very reasonable price as well!

No.4 High Rise Bra No.4 High Rise Bra

No.4 High Rise Bra from Janay — £125

So Janay has only recently come to our attention but WOW how beautiful is this bra?! I couldn’t resist including pictures of both the front and the back, because how beautiful is that back?! And HOW many rhetorical questions can I type when saying just HOW beautiful this bra is?! Ok, so you probably get the message by now—I think this is one stunner. I love that distinctive high gore; the intricate lace curve on the back; and that delicate pink tone (and I don’t even like pink. Normally.)

Ethereal knicker

Ethereal Knickers from Janay — £110

I couldn’t resist spotlighting another item from Janay—this time a pair of knickers. I mean, they’re named ‘ethereal’—this brand couldn’t do very much more to appeal to me. These high-waisted beauties are just perfection.

Penelope Gold Eyelash Lace Teddy

Playful Promises Penelope Gold Eyelash Lace Teddy—£45

I love the 1920s look to this teddy. The gold and the black and the satin and oh my it’s just so Great Gatsby. And those red nails and red lipstick? Winner winner…(chicken dinner…)

Ivory White Floral Lace Lingerie Set. Bralette and Matching French Knickers

Ivory White Floral Lace Lingerie Set, Bralette and Matching French Knickers by Brighton Lace via—£45

We’re back onto the pretty delicate lace numbers—apparently that’s what I like when I think of Valentine’s Day?! I couldn’t resist featuring this lovely combo from an independent boutique. And it comes in loads of different colours.

Songbird in Gold Satin with Tulip Lace from Vollers — £275

So this weighs in at the BIG TREAT end of the Valentine’s Treat scale, but I couldn’t resist adding in this beautiful black lace and gold satin corset from Vollers. It’s beautifully classy, and endlessly sultry. Sian and I have been lucky enough to review Vollers in the past, and the songbird is rather similar to Sian’s boudoir corset here. What I love about this one, though, is that plunge neck. Gorgeous!

Ava Silk And Lace Bra

Ava Silk And Lace Bra by Iris London via Not On The — £80

Sadly, the beautiful champagne colour of the silk on this bra isn’t really showing too well on this image. But it is gorgeous, and something just a little special for a little special occasion! AND there are some gorgeous french knickers to match.


Augusta Scarlet Bra from Harlow & Fox — £165

This is a valentine’s wishlist, so I’d better end on a knockout valentine style look—what says cupid more than the classic black and red look! This Deep red and black lace set from Harlow & Fox is a gorgeous classic with just a taster of something unique in that wonderful fringed suspender belt.

Happy Valentine’s Day from us! <3


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