Little Cup Spring Wishlist

I’m afraid I’m fairly stereotypical when I come to styling for Spring—nothing does it more for me than some delicate florals, pastel colours, and perhaps a gamboling lamb or two. Sadly, I haven’t yet come across any sheep inspired bras, but there are plenty of the former two categories! Here are a few of my favourites on the old Spring Wishlist for 2016.



Liberty Print Floral Handmade Longline Bra by Iris London at—£65

This pretty longline is so cute I would almost be tempted to wear it as a top with some highwaisted jeans! Perhaps it’s a good thing that it’s out of my price range, otherwise the general public might be getting too much of an eyeful overshare from me…but still. It’s SO delicate and adorable, and screams SPRING for me.


panache tango

‘Tango’ in Grey Mix from Panache£27 from SimplyBe

I wouldn’t normally associate grey with a Spring feeling, but this is a lovely, delicate, minky hue that I absolutely love for it’s subtlety; perfectly paired with those peachy / orange accents. I’m a big fan of the Panache fit too—so it’s an easier wishlist winner for me.


panache_georgia_balconnet_bra_8001_short_8004_blush_blue_f_t-1Georgia Balconnet Bra in blue / blush from Panache

Another Spring/Summer 2016 offering from Panache. I love the delicacy of the baby blue and blush colourings here.




Yes, it’s ANOTHER pick from this company for me! I can’t help it. I pretty much love everything they have. And I also have a sneaking suspicion that I am *this close* to swinging a present from the old boyfriend from here. So maybe just one more blog post hint…

On the actual side of things—I’m loving this bodysuit for it’s nudeness (colour, that is; not nakedness), polkadots (they’re springlike, right?) and that wonderful open back. It’s lingerie, and it is definitely viable as an actual piece of clothing too.



Garden Party Pink Girdle Skirt ($125) & Bra ($125) from Dottie’s Delights

We’ve sort of fallen head over heels for Dottie’s Delights after Sian’s incredible Grease inspired babydoll. And this is probably my pick of the picks for my spring wishlist. I can’t quite decide which I’m lusting after more—THAT girdle skirt, or THAT bra!  Both are too delicious for words, and I have a feeling it’s the pairing that works so well. I love the vintage feel to the ensemble, and the green / pink colour combination. I’ve never tried a girdle skirt but would love to after the resounding success of my favourite waist cincher from Gossard. This set, though, is just beautiful; a springtime dream!



‘Patricia’ in powder blue, from Affinitas

Something a little more for the everyday! I’m loving the various shades of powder blue I’m seeing in the SS16 season, and this has to be one of my favourite everyday sets. Half cup styles are always a good fit for me, and the lace overlay is gorgeous.


Gossard Entice

Entice Plunge Bra in Black Print from Gossard—£34

I was feeling the need for something a little bolder in this list, and this plunge bra from Gossard fits the bill perfectly! It’s still got that springtime floral print, but in some gorgeously bright inks and blue. I also LOVE the way that the bold print continues along the straps of this bra—would be a fantastic pop of colour underneath a vest top!


harlow pastel bra

Harlow Pastel Bralet by Iris London from—£40

Annnnnd it’s right back to the pastels 🙂 Again, I’m a big fan of the blush / blue colour combo, and the subtle nod to the harness trend in that band. I’m thinking this would be a comfortable but pretty bralet for loungeworthy days!




This one’s a REAL treat at the more expensive end of my list! But it’s so pretty I couldn’t help but include it, and looks like a real luxury in that silky pink fabric.


Kiss Me Triangle Bra from Mimi Holliday—£55

Yep, it’s another one from Mimi Holliday! It’s hard not spot more than one thing for a wishlist when you’re browsing that site. This could easily have featured on my Valentine’s Wishlist as well, with the way that one was heading, but I’m glad I kept this by for the Springtime spotlight. I think it could possibly be as close as I’m going to get to ‘gambolling lambs’ inspired…fleece as white as snow, anyone?


Sophia Lightly Lined Balconette (in deep sea & lemongrass) from Love Claudette—currently on sale at $19.99!

So this isn’t strictly from the SS16 season, and is actually currently on sale from a previous season—but isn’t that an even better reason to include it?! Every wishlist needs a bargain! It’s also amps up the colour with a bolder tone of blue paired with that gorgeous lemon. I love the slightly retro vibe that this set gives off, and I have to say—I think I like those high-waisted briefs just as much as the bra!


Utopia White Longline Bra from Freya—prices from £36

It just makes sense to end on something that pulls out all the stops when it comes to Springtime feeling! What I love about this set is how well it’ll transition from Spring into Summer—those florals can look tropical and also delicate all in one go. I absolutely love the design of this print, and the bright colours popping from the whiteness of the fabric. Also—who doesn’t want a lovely longline from Freya as part of their Spring Bradrobe?!


Take a look at some more of our Springtime inspirations below!


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