Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee: Dottie’s Delights Babydoll

Dottie's Delights Babydoll - Grease 1950s nightie

When Black Friday 2015 came around, I knew there was only one thing I wanted to buy, and that was a piece of lingerie. After our giant Black Friday lingerie post, I was being pulled in different directions by all the gorgeous lingerie pieces I’d seen at mouth dropping prices but there was just one I kept returning to over and over: this stunningly beautiful Love Letters babydoll and high waisted briefs set from Dottie’s Delights. It caught my eye many months ago, but I’d stopped myself from heading towards checkout many times, so I finally allowed myself to purchase when the price dropped.
I waited somewhat impatiently for the order, as it was coming from America and often pieces are handmade to order from Dottie’s Delights as a small independent company. Fortunately, the wait wasn’t too long, although I did end up with the dreaded customs import duty to pay, and I managed to pick up my eagerly awaited parcel on the very day we finished work for Christmas. Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was tear into the package, although very carefully as it was beautifully wrapped with a handwritten note included – a major plus point in my eyes. And as soon as I set my eyes on it, I realised why I’d so badly wanted it: it was a double for the gorgeous 1950s and 1960s babydoll sets I’ve lusted over in Grease for many, many years in the “Sandra Dee” scene:

And so, an idea was born – this post! Then I spotted one of my favourite lingerie bloggers, Ellie from Thigh Highs and Glitter, chatting to others about the possibility of doing a post featuring the “after” Sandy look on Twitter, I knew I just had to butt my way in and mention the post we were planning. And here you arrive at this mini-collaboration we decided to do, both posting Grease-inspired lingerie looks today!

Dottie's Delights Babydoll - Grease 1950s nightie Dottie's Delights Babydoll - Grease 1950s nightie
My look is focused on Marty who wears a delicate pink babydoll peignoir set, but the 50s look overall is inspired by various characters, including the parody of Sandy that the song is centred on. We went for two different hair looks – one is the flicked outwards “too pure to be pink” Sandy look, the other, with Charley’s outstanding hairstyling skills (ie. 10 times better than mine at least!), is inspired by Marty’s pin curls and scarf tied around her hair.
And the babydoll fit the picture exactly in the end. It’s so perfectly 50s with its sheer and super soft mesh tulle and ruffles on the collar. The light pink is also very reminiscent of ballet (post for another day?!).
Anyway, we just had to get some of the typical Marty poses from Grease in here – it took a lot of effort and while I’m not quite there with the poses (I just can’t do the shocked, disbelief face, okay?!), it was just too much fun not to share them!

marty grease Grease Marty pose

Grease babydoll

So sizing was a bit of a query for me – I usually wear a size small in most clothing as I’m around a UK 8-10 but like a tight fit, but in underwear and briefs, I often size up to a medium or a 10 because I don’t like when elastic digs. The sizing for the babydoll and briefs at Dottie’s Delights is XS to XXL. The sizing on the babydoll is almost irrelevant really, as it’s such a loose flowing fit anyway, so as long as the top edge isn’t too tight, it’s generally always going to be okay, but I decided to go with a medium to be safe. The briefs are very typically vintage high waisted, as in, they properly hit on the waist rather than just below as many modern high waists do. I decided that medium would definitely be the best option as it has a wide elastic band on the waist (this is a feature I actually LOVE!) and elastic around the leg openings which could potentially be quite tight. And fortunately, it’s the perfect fit!
In addition to the thick elastic waistband being a detail I just adore, I also love the fact that it’s plush back elastic with a scalloped edge, decorated with a tiny ribbon bow that also features on the top edge of the babydoll. The other ever gorgeous feature is the ruffling of the mesh along the top edge which can be pushed upwards or downwards over the shoulder for a different look. I actually prefer to wear the babydoll slipped slightly off the shoulder as it gives me a more flattering look I think, but others may prefer it worn properly on the shoulders.

Dottie's Delights Babydoll review Dottie's Delights babydoll Dottie's Delights babydoll briefs

Dottie's Delights babydoll set

So this is actually my first ever loose fit babydoll like this! I’ve owned cup size ones before, and fitted basques, but not a non-fitted one. I’ve always thought they’d be unflattering on me due to my larger bust size as it would cause it to flare out more, but actually it’s completely the opposite – the high quality of manufacture and the sheer fabric means that I find it very effective and I love it, in fact, so much so that I just want to wear it all the time! See the bottom of the post for other pieces similar in style to this.
I don’t own a lot of pieces of non-functional lingerie at all really, but this year I’m hoping to indulge in a few pieces like this one that aren’t necessarily for the everyday and I’m looking forward to it, especially supporting more independent designers, brands and boutiques, and locally if I can manage it too!
And now, make sure you pop over to Thigh Highs and Glitter to take a look at her Grease inspired post today!

Dottie's Delights Love Letter babydoll Dottie's Delights Love Letter babydoll Dottie's Delights Love Letter babydoll


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