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We’re getting started on the loooong list of posts we have planned to talk about the upcoming season, which we previewed at Moda recently. Tallulah Love is one of those brands that have been on our radar for a while, but which we’ve never had the chance to see or try out in person. For a start, as soon as we came within eyesite of their stand we rushed straight over because—ALL the pretty colours! Seriously, if there’s one thing we can say about this brand and their gorgeous lingerie is the attention they give to colour. It’s subtle; it’s nuanced; it often has a vintage feel—and these are all things we totally love! Here’s an overview of some of the things we’re most excited to see in their AW16 collection, with just a couple of sneaky pieces from their current season, because we just couldn’t resist!

IMG_8034 IMG_8031

First things first—do you see what we mean about those colours?! That delicious pop of green in the first photo is the Tara in their current range, which will be coming out in Powder Puff (a kind of blush caramel) and Gunmetal. And all those beautiful vintage blushes and blues pictured?—well, we couldn’t help but liken almost every other piece to a Disney princess. Sorry, but surely you’ve come to expect such things from us by now! 🙂 And so on to the first pick, which we like to call…

The Cinderella!

tallulah 4

The Nightingale

Nooo, sadly this set isn’t ACTUALLY called the Cinderella—but that gorgeously soft blue with the antique lace pairing—how can you think of anything else?! We love the longline style, and we LOVE that thick suspender belt. I’m thinking this could be some lucky bride’s ‘something blue’ come the autumn?!

The set includes: high-waisted suspender belt; midi brief; and longline padded bra (sizes 32—36, B—DD). Arriving AW16.


The Countess

Ok, so we might be pushing the comparisons a little far when we excitedly term this set the ‘Belle’, but honestly, it all makes sense when you see the lovely little rose detailing the on the briefs! Again, it’s the colours that excite us in this set. We’re loving the antique lace look here—their pieces seem so classic and vintage inspired, but in a very wearable way. The Countess is available now in their current season, in size range 30-36 A-D.

tallulah 5


We’ll stop after this one—promise—but aren’t you thinking Rapunzel from Tangled here?! No? Just us? I’m sure we’re not alone…it was hard to pick up the exact colour on this set—a kind of vintage blush lilac combination, but again—incredibly lovely.

The range includes: midi brief; thong; soft cup balcony bra, and padded plunge bra in sizes 30—36, A—DD. It’s also closer on the horizon! Arriving May 2016.

tallulah 3

Urban Light

So it isn’t quite the infamous lace longline we saw so much of throughout Moda, which led us to declare it (rather dramatically) the ‘Year of the Lace Longline‘ in our first Moda post. But it is a lovely lace soft cup, which we saw plenty of at the show also. There seems to be a definite trend towards lace cups for AW16, and this is a fine addition to the bandwagon, in a lovely rich blue.

The range includes: short, thong, and soft cup underwired bra, in sizes 30—36, A—D. Arriving AW16.

tallulah 2


So this was a set we got very excited about, after it had been explained to us…the pattern on the pants and the suspender belt matches up! Surely this is the epitome of what is meant by a lingerie ‘set’—we think it’s a rather fantastic show piece. It’d make anyone feel like it’s a special occasion, knowing that underneath your glad rags you’re all matched up to that degree. Such a cool design! We likey.

The range includes: midi brief, thong, body, high-waisted suspender belt; soft triangle bra (sizes S, M, L) and balconette bra (sizes 30—36, B—DD). Arriving AW16.


So this is another mention for something from their current season—the Secret Seductress Slip Dress. The secret to this beauty is that it can be worn as both underwear and outerwear! It looks great on that mannequin; I’d love to see if I’d be brave enough to wear this out as a dress rather than under a dress. What do you reckon?


Just a little mention to another aspect of the Tallulah Love designs which we love: their gorgeous, thick satin straps. Now I LOVE a statement strap; I’m such a fan of off-the-shoulder tops for the reason that they’re a fab excuse to show off some fancy bra straps rather than going strapless! Check out the hummingbird embroidery on this set—absolutely gorgeous!

tallulah star

Vintage Doll Body

It’s time for our star pick! We’ll be doing this for every feature / brand / trend roundup we do in our posts from Moda. Basically, it goes to the item which makes us the most squealy. The kind of squealy that makes both of our boyfriends clutch their ears and pull faces. And we knoooow that technically we should be giving it to something from the upcoming AW16, but we both had major squeals over this body from Tallulah Love. You know how I was comparing everything to Disney Princesses before? Well, this is just BALLET for us—capital letters intended. Sian has become a big fan of the ‘body’ recently and has tried out quite a few, but I (Charley) have never reeeally got into them as an item of lingerie. What are they doing? What do they want to do? Where do they want me to wear them? And how? (These are all questions I ask my lingerie drawer daily; don’t judge.) This, however, I’d be content to do WHATEVER it wants me to do without question. We decided, at the stand, that’s probably just ‘swanning’. Here’s our definition:

Swan (verb): the attitude and action with which one must act when wearing certain items of lingerie. This includes, but is not limited to: lounging, reclining, elegantly walking, floating. The act of swanning negates any level of physical exertion. Example: she swanned about the room, her gown billowing out behind, and came to resting place upon the chaise longue. 

TMI? Probably. But we love it in colour, design, and material. And it’s available NOW in sizes small (8; cups B/C), medium (10; cups C/D) and large (12; cups C/D) at £85.




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  1. March 17, 2016 / 7:55 pm

    Disney Princess would look killer on those…I totally see the point of you girls comparisons…I would have done them too! Love those 3 sets, so romantic, so lacey…

    Tara color is superb…so rich! <3

    I laughed by butt off with the "swan" hahaha :p Some pieces exist just for pleasure…nothing more 😉 Lingerie lovers will get it :p

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

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