Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

I’ve been lucky even though I have a tricky size in that finding nursing bras hasn’t been too much of a trial for me. Being immersed in the lingerie world as I am with friends across the industry, I’ve had plenty of recommendations and some gifted products to try, meaning that I’ve uncovered some excellent styles that work for me at the moment. I have maternity bras that are pretty, one that looks like a “real” bra with flexi-wires and proper cups, another that’s stretchy and super comfortable across a range of sizes.

The challenge I’ve had though is finding maternity lingerie that’s fun. I’ve climbed a mountain while pregnant; my body is growing a tiny human all on its own. Pregnancy makes me feel like Superwoman! But my lingerie has been somewhat…uninspiring. Until now!

Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

I had a huge number of recommendations for a brand called Molke. Based in Scotland, they’re a small company started by a lovely lady called Kirsty who, after the birth of her baby in 2011, decided to start sewing her own cloth nappies and soon branched out in bras for breastfeeding women. She’s now joined forces with her fellow baby wearing friend, Ros, and together they produce bright, colourful and fun underwear for women who want to feel like super heroes.

Having read this story and seen the huge smiles of the Molke-wearing women on Instagram, I knew I needed to own a piece of Molke for myself. The only problem was choosing just one set to buy – they’re all so cute! I was torn between going for a plain and simple set or something patterned and fun. In the end, I decided the only way to go was Wonder Woman – something that matched the way I feel inside right now on the outside.

The Power Bra (£32-34) and Power Pants (£15) are available to buy on the Molke website in sizes XS-2XL Stellar to Thunder (see below for more info on sizing).

Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Shape & Appearance

What can I really say about the appearance of this set except for LOOK AT IT! I’m Wonder Woman!! The main fabric is a bright, bold red outlined in a contrasting yellow binding around the edges. This isn’t a bra to hide away in!

The bra is a simple crossover wrap crop top style in a strong cotton jersey. It has stretch but not a huge amount, which is very necessary for it to hold those heavy pregnancy and breastfeeding boobs! The website rates it as a “level two” in terms of support, which is described as great support for everyday wear.

While this isn’t a “standard” bra with cups, the lack of seaming means that it’s very comfortable, especially for breast tissue and nipples that are going through a particularly sensitive time. The fabric across the cups provides a high level of coverage, with wide straps over the shoulder and a wide band at the back. Apparently the cups are excellent for holding breast pads in place and to be pulled aside for breastfeeding which is good to know. This isn’t a style that provides the same shape as a normal bra – when worn under clothes, it’s a fairly minimised look, but the level of support is good – it pushes my tissue upwards and into the centre where the fabric crosses over.

There are no hooks, fastenings or adjustments on the straps or the back of the bra meaning that it looks very simple and uncluttered but needs to be pulled on over the head – something you don’t find a lot in full bust lingerie.

The knickers are unusual for a matching set in that they only “match” in terms of the yellow binding round the edges – the main fabric is blue with white stars. And this is what really makes this a Wonder Woman inspired set! The fabric is the same strong but soft cotton jersey at the bra which has stretch but not a high level. They sit at mid-waist level – it feels a little strange as it’s not a place I’m used to briefs sitting, but right now, it works quite well for me as they’re perfect for below my bump but provide a good level of coverage.

Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Size, fit & comfort

Choosing a size for the Molke bra was a bit of a challenge – I waited until late-pregnancy before purchasing because of this. I wanted a bra that would be comfortable for me in late pregnancy but that would also fit me once I’ve given birth.

I’d definitely recommend checking out their size chart as it’s unlike any others. Basically, you choose a size from XS to 2XL based on your underbust measurement, then Stellar to Thunder based on your full bust. Each size covers 2 band sizes and up to 3 cup sizes. Luckily there’s a calculator for if you’re struggling as well as a size chart.

Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Based on the measurements I put into the calculator (32″ underbust, 42″ full bust), the sizes I’m currently wearing (32H or 34H based on brand) and the size I anticipate post-pregnancy, I picked a size Small Super. The calculator suggested I wear a 32GG or Medium Cosmic, but I decided to sister size based on how the medium covers 32-34, whereas the Small covers 30 (and I imagine 32 bands) based on the size chart and I think I’ll end up back around this size rather than a 32-34. I “sister sized” into the Super in cup sizes as I was at the top of the Cosmic range and wanted to make sure I had room to grow afterwards.

After all this working out, I’m very pleased with the size I chose – Small Super. The band is a liiiittle on the tighter side for me right now, but it’s not at all uncomfortable. In fact, it provides a good level of support. In the cups, I have a little bit of room to grow thanks to the high level of coverage and the small amount of stretch.

I have to admit, putting the bra on is quite tricky! Due to the difference in measurement between my underbust and full bust, and since the band needs to remain quite firm, pulling it over my breasts takes a bit of work! Added to this is that the straps seem quite short, so it needs a good tug to get it below my breast tissue, then a good scoop and sweep to make sure everything is in and not getting squashed under the band. Since the straps can’t be adjusted, this might be an issue if you have particularly low breast tissue, although I’d say the bottom crease of my breasts sits fairly low as I have a very rounded shape, and I can manage.

For the briefs, I chose a size medium which is the equivalent of a size 12/14. I wasn’t sure whether these would work while pregnant since they appear to sit at mid-belly on most people – I worried they might be too tight there for me at the height of my bump but too big across the back. Fortunately they sit below bump, around my hips, and feel very comfortable. I’d say they’re potentially a little big around the back for me as I’m more of a 10-12 pre-pregnancy, but they work for me well right now.

Overall, I’m SUPER pleased with this set for making me feel like the Wonder Woman am I during pregnancy, and I’m excited to see how well it continues to work for me post-pregnancy too.



  1. Shay
    February 13, 2019 / 12:18 am

    Just so you know, it can be easier to get your boobs in the bra if you pull it down as far as it will easily go, then pull your boobs up into the bra, then swoop and scoop 🙂 I’m currently breastfeeding and somewhere in the neighborhood of 32/34 kk/l/m

    • admin
      February 13, 2019 / 1:42 pm

      Thanks, Shay! That’s what I’ve been trying to do – it’s a bit of an effort but works well and keeps it in place all day 🙂

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