My DD+ Bridal Lingerie: Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond Review

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review

Choosing my bridal lingerie was a pretty significant part of my wedding day. Once all the big preparations for things like the venue, food and dress were done, I immediately turned my attention to lingerie. It seems a little bit silly considering it’s something that barely anyone would even know I was wearing, but to me, it was very important. I actually ended up gathering a bit of a bridal trousseau of lingerie by the time it reached the big day, but I knew I wanted something very special for the actual wedding.

I had a few specifications for my wedding day lingerie:

  • Even though I didn’t need a bra to wear under my dress, I wanted a matching set. I planned to wear this to get ready in, under a robe, and to wear the knickers themselves during the day.
  • As such, I wanted my set of choice to be available in DD+ sizing, preferably G+. I didn’t need this, as it wasn’t like I needed the support while getting ready, but as a bra fit addict who wears a 28GG/30G, it was important to me.
  • I wanted, no, desired, a set made of a luxury material and with carefully designed details – something I wouldn’t usually wear for a normal day; something a lot more special.
  • I ideally wanted to support a brand that was UK based and that I’d longed to own something from for a long time.

These are some pretty exacting guidelines for my wedding day lingerie, but fortunately there was a set that answered all my prayers: the Eleanor Almond by Harlow & Fox.

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review

Harlow & Fox first came onto my radar back just before they launched in 2013, and ever since then, I’ve wanted to own something from them – specifically the Eleanor Almond French Knickers which were first featured in our 2015 Black Friday article. Spoiler alert: I actually ended up buying a pair shortly after the wedding to match the set! Unfortunately, a little someone has stopped me wearing them lately so any images featuring them might take a while!

This won’t be a full review breakdown like my usual reviews, mostly because I wasn’t really thinking about all the technical fit side of things while wearing this set for the wedding – I was simply enjoying it! And like the French knickers, I haven’t really had a chance to rewear the set properly since. Nevertheless, I wanted to show off a few photos because… LOOK HOW PRETTY, and also to talk a bit more about the brand I’d lusted after for so long.

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review

Harlow & Fox are UK based luxury full bust lingerie brand – one of very few, in fact! Their lingerie collections are effortlessly classic and elegant, using simple designs with intricate detailing and only the most luxurious of materials to craft exquisite pieces that are designed specifically for DD+ sizes. After launching in late 2013, they were named Full Bust Brand of the Year in the UK Lingerie Awards 2014. Any lingerie addict who wears a DD+ size will know the struggles of trying to source luxury lingerie that actually fits well, and Harlow & Fox is the answer to our prayers for this. In addition to shopping the ready to wear collections, Harlow & Fox also offer a bespoke design service that allows anything from alternative colourways for existing designs and size extensions to the current range to a completely new garment designed specifically for you. You can see a completely ethereal and stunning example of this service in real life on Sweet Nothings’ blog.

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review & Aubade garter
Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review & Aubade garter

For my wedding lingerie, I chose the Eleanor Almond Full Cup Bra in a 30G and the Eleanor Almond Classic Briefs in a size medium. This set is described on the site as the “epitome of old time elegance” which I think sums it up wonderfully. Her refined shade of soft almond complements a bridal gown excellently, and the full cup shape topped with delicate lace is sumptuous and special without being over the top.
The bra and briefs combine silk lined cups with an intricate and soft ivory eyelash lace which is produced by the same couture lacemaker as Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. This small touch of luxury adds that “something special” to a set that’s already beautifully designed. Nothing has been overlooked in crafting the Eleanor Almond, from the interior side sling for beautiful support for DD+ sizes to silk covered straps that sit softly on your shoulders. Even the briefs aren’t boring – look at the incredible keyhole detail on the back! This isn’t exactly the easiest of techniques to incorporate into such delicate materials, but it’s done so smoothly and effortlessly in this set. The front of the briefs has panels of mesh on either side which create the illusion of floating eyelash lace, and the back is decorated with a silk bow and pearl that match the gore of the bra. It’s rare to see such care and attention going into a single pair of knickers.
The set is honestly a complete delight to wear and I felt privileged to have such a gorgeous set to wear on my wedding day.

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review
Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review

The size range of Harlow & Fox is generous for a luxury brand, beginning at a 30DD and running to a 38G. I would love to see this expanded in future, but as we all know, designing for a larger bust size, particularly in luxury lingerie that needs far more put into the thought process in terms of the details and design for support, is a lot more difficult that designing for a core size range.
My 30G bra was the perfect fit – as a quick overview, I’d say the band runs slightly tighter than the usual 30 band as I wouldn’t have required a 28 band where I normally would do. This is likely due to the silk having less stretch than a normal bra, but it works out well as the 30 is the smallest band in their collection. The briefs in a medium, however, were slightly on the large side for me – I’d say they fit like a size 12-14 (as the size chart suggests) rather than the 10-12 I find most mediums to be. Lesson learnt: always trust the size chart, especially when it’s a brand that’s as niche as this! Nevertheless, they weren’t overly big – just enough that I think I could have comfortably sized down, and did so when I ordered my French knickers.

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review
Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review

In terms of pricing, yes – this seems like an expensive set on first glance at £169 for the bra and £95 for the briefs. And to many, this would be an unnecessary expense. However, for me, this was totally worth the price. It might surprise those of you who don’t obsess over lingerie like I do that this is actually towards the lower end of the luxury lingerie price scale, and considering the attention to detailing, the simply fabulous design and the opulent materials that have gone into its construction, it’s in fact wonderful value for money in my opinion if this is something you’re willing to spend your money on.

And just a quick note on the other piece of lingerie you’ll see here: my garter! I hadn’t made plans to get a garter – somehow it was something I didn’t really think about! – but lovely Claudia from Claudia May Lingerie asked for my delivery address and the Aubade A’Lamour Garter Nacre turned up on my doorstep as a surprise gift! This was the perfect finishing touch with its splash of blue acting as my “something blue” for the day, and it was certainly fun to flash it on the dancefloor later in the evening too!

Wedding Day Bridal Lingerie - Harlow & Fox Eleanor Almond review

Images via Jemma King Photography.


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